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  1. Yessir, dunno when that happened..
  2. I think all the servers are clustered right? So what server you make your chars on only decides what housing zones you get? Dont think we need to be on same server for same guild etc.
  3. Well, lets see what I can remember. When it comes to artifacts you can buy everything needed for either bounty points or Atlantean Glass (which can be bought on auction or farmed). You need the artifact encounter credit and 3 scrolls, which can all be gotten for bounty points. (This at a place called Ruinerar of Atlantis, just inside of the atlantis zone in) For masterlevels you need a credit to pass it. But you can either do the encounter, or buy the credit for bounty points. Pretty much, anything can be gotten with bounty points if I remember correctly. There is also the other type of levels that we need, what the hell are they called? Champion levels! Thats it. They are somehow connected to the champion quests, which are good xp and natural to do while leveling the last couple of levels. Xp for champ levels, master levels and artifact levels can all be gotten by RvR if i remember correctly.
  4. Had to login and have a look... on mid it seems I got 2 healers, 1 warrior, 1 Spiritmaster and 1 shadowblade. At least 1 of the healers seems to be templated and good to go.. only RR5L2 though.
  5. And Drexa, its okey even without classic servers nowadays really... artifacts are just buy and forget, regular part of the templates, nothing special about 'em really... its really easily handled nowadays. No 123124 days PvE to setup.
  6. Whaaat, is this something happening now? I've been playing DaoC on and off for the last couple of years too, and I have my account setup with a bunch of chars etc.. what where when how why?
  7. Ernesto wrote on Tue, 27 December 2011 16:43 Was fine after I left for christmas Liar
  8. Some of this years photos. Not all in good quality, and naturally, most photos feature the stuff that takes most of my free time, so maybe not so much artistic quality. But its whats important to me.
  9. Marzak


    Any swede that has the Kindle? I'm somewhat curious to how it works here..
  10. I ended up with that D-Link that you linked Naicha, was the only one I could find at the local hardware store when I was there today, with money burning in the pocket. It seems nice, I hope it'll serve well
  11. Anyone got a good tip for a high quality wireless router? Preferably something that doesn't choke when you download torrents etc (big routing table, enough memory). Should also have a nice throughtput, preferably up to 50mbps or something like that. I'm off my game nowadays, not knowing what to get...
  12. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3963817/Auditor_-_Wifi_Crack ing_Linux_Distro
  13. Ernesto wrote on Tue, 05 October 2010 00:11 Overacting way to much as always. Some fun things, but mostly mediocre mainly due to the acting. Ernesto is wrong. And, god forbid, Muuman is right.
  14. Yay, home insurance covered my fried puter! Wins! Sigge: I transfered all my chars to Ywain5 server and play there with Saxo and Dreamwalker etc With the old from Kay.. both stealth and visible groups.. we can manage a fg at times.. I'll be out of it until I get this computer fixed or the insurance company buying me a new one though.
  15. Oh the irony... I get back home today and try to turn on my computer.. but apparently yesterdays powerfailure fried it... cry... need new stuffs now :-( Change of heart? I actually play some computer games Sigge.. both WoW, SC2 and some DaoC... just not as much as before..
  16. After having a look around I think I'm just gonna wait a little while and then get a new gfx-card. Doesnt feel like its worth the money to upgrade atm...
  17. If I were to buy some new computer hardware, lets say, - CPU - RAM - MB - Gfx-card What gives most value nowadays?
  18. I'm not working with public websites.
  19. Cool, You mind describing what you find are the pros and cons doing a silverlight application instead of using straight up html/js for the UI? Also, is RIA services the way to go to serve data to the silverlight application, or are there other viable solutions?
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