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  1. If you immediatly cancel your subscription and renew it the next month, its €1 again. I've been doing this for past 6 months now.
  2. Downloaded it, tried it but found it too much P2W and thus a risk to my wallet Decided to play Dragon Quest of the Stars instead (also new gacha) which is much more free2play friendly and quite fun!
  3. Well, then it certainly is no different from Star Trek TNG Other then that, i'm also quite impressed with this series up till now. Plot seems really interesting and the slow pace reminds me a lot of the good old days. Cant wait for the rest, this is how Star Trek should be. Not that turd they called Discovery.
  4. I watched this with the grillfriend... we were both stunned to how bad a show with a good premise could get and finished every episode. Every character is moody AF, even the AI. Its like watching a trainwreck unfold before your very eyes, fascinating watch! TLDR; Very bad show
  5. Im kinda interested, i will think about joining this one for a bit. Gonna be insanely casual though if I do.
  6. Tildor

    Borderlands 3

    Thanks for that, really great deal, started a new Borderlands 2 character again awaiting the new DLC thats sure to land pretty soonish. If anyone want to join in on Steam, feel free to do so!
  7. Tildor

    WoW: Classic

    Never in my life would I have expected Meilink to be labeled "Mr. Negative" by anyone. Yet here we are, the world is a wonderous place.
  8. Tildor

    Grim Dawn

    lvl 14 going strong!
  9. Tildor

    Grim Dawn

    Its on sale in Steam Store right now, and play for free all weekend.
  10. Ive seen that one too, seems quite strong also. The one im running is also very OP, usually around turn 4 is GG for the opponent. Didnt know you were such an avid oldtimer with Magic. I started Magic when it just came out, still have some Alpha and Beta cards laying around in the basement. Must be worth a fortune lol. Whats your ingame name?
  11. Some cheap early decks that are fun and can get you some wins. Play matches untill you get all the standard decks, then you can supplement them with the cards needed to make these decks. Lifesteal/creature deck https://mtgarena.pro/decks/b-w-vamp-aggro-budget/ Early aggresive spell deck https://mtgarena.pro/decks/burn-them-down-2/
  12. Thanks Sinful! This is awesome, been playing almost whenever I can last couple of days. Have 2 decks that get me a winrate of around 70% now. Climbing the ladder slowly and almost at silver. Working on one of the meta-decks right now, since this is where the big boys seem to be. Really good game, Hearthstone better watch out
  13. Tildor


    I was thinking about posting this yesterday! Then I changed my mind because I didnt know if you would feel comfortable about it and here you are posting it yourself. I love you
  14. Tildor

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    Ill probably join with 1 of my alts when I hit 120 tommorow
  15. Tildor

    Lineage 2: Revolution

  16. Tildor

    Star Citizen!

    This is the first time I see you saying something optimistic! What happened..?
  17. Tildor

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    Movement speed baby! Its the shit endgame
  18. Tildor

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    lvl 75 going stronk! Love the game, cant wait for sieges tbh
  19. Tildor

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    Ken Rauhel 4 here! I think its possible to switch, so lets meet up somewhere later
  20. I decided to take a look Ever and youre right, its pretty awesome Lvl 15 guildless noob here
  21. Tildor


    This seems fun! Still playing it Muumuu?
  22. Tildor

    Secret World Legends

    You should definitly buy a laptop then
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