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  1. Yes, I got a notification, advising me to download the new beta drivers in stead.
  2. Tlithor

    [TV-Series] Awake

  3. Excellent movie, love the choice for Einaudi's music as well!
  4. Tlithor

    [TV-Series] Luck

    I still did not really get the point of the show after the third episode, so I stopped watching it.
  5. 6600 ISK (~40 Euro) per month for 100 MBit, 80 Gb datalimit overseas. Fucking Iceland.
  6. Fox wrote on Tue, 24 January 2012 14:58What if Google facebook and twitter shut down just for one day. And put a simple picture on their sites "sopa pipa&whatever" closed us down. That would get the normal people interested as well =P No, that would get normal people pissed off, defeating the point. Also, it would make them lose vast amounts of money in for example ad revenue, hurting those sites a lot.
  7. The dog is the best picture I have seen in a while.
  8. Tlithor


    Cogency wrote on Sat, 20 August 2011 20:40I just started watching this, season one episode six now.Kinda like it, although the whole girlfriend storyline annoys me, I find his girlfriend incredibly boring to watch. The girlfriend will get better
  9. I got all my stuff at Alternate. I let Sala build it though, not sure if Alternate also builds.
  10. Tlithor

    [TV-Show] TopGear

    Why is everyone skipping the Middle East one? Not the best, that one is clearly North Pole, but I think it is up there.
  11. I liked this quite a lot
  12. Tlithor

    Making donuts

    Icelandic people know what they are talking about.
  13. Tlithor

    NFL Playoffs.

    Fourth quarter was awesome. At least it made up for the half-time fiasco show.
  14. Tlithor

    NFL Playoffs.

    It is a pretty awesome beard, but I still think Packers will take it home.
  15. Tlithor

    NFL Playoffs.

    Argee wrote on Mon, 24 January 2011 11:35What I mean, Tlith, is that the Packers didn't play a terribly good game. Compared to the first two playoff games at least. And what I was implying is that the game was not good at all, except for maybe the 4th quarter
  16. Tlithor

    NFL Playoffs.

    Not a terribly good game he says...
  17. Tlithor

    Starcraft 2

    The oGsTop v ZeNEXByun series was pretty damn good.
  18. Tlithor

    [TV Series] Glee

    I stopped watching about the time I got a girlfriend, so not really... I might be the exception to the rule though. The novelty just wore off for me, and all I could think with every song was "Goddamn autotune".
  19. Tlithor

    NFL Playoffs.

    Salt... wound... rub...
  20. Tlithor

    NFL Playoffs.

    Both games were in fact quite disappointing.
  21. Tlithor

    NFL Playoffs.

    Yes, a bit of an upset I would say
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