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  1. Yes, I got a notification, advising me to download the new beta drivers in stead.
  2. Tlithor

    [TV-Series] Awake

  3. Excellent movie, love the choice for Einaudi's music as well!
  4. Tlithor

    [TV-Series] Luck

    I still did not really get the point of the show after the third episode, so I stopped watching it.
  5. 6600 ISK (~40 Euro) per month for 100 MBit, 80 Gb datalimit overseas. Fucking Iceland.
  6. Fox wrote on Tue, 24 January 2012 14:58What if Google facebook and twitter shut down just for one day. And put a simple picture on their sites "sopa pipa&whatever" closed us down. That would get the normal people interested as well =P No, that would get normal people pissed off, defeating the point. Also, it would make them lose vast amounts of money in for example ad revenue, hurting those sites a lot.
  7. The dog is the best picture I have seen in a while.
  8. Tlithor


    Cogency wrote on Sat, 20 August 2011 20:40I just started watching this, season one episode six now.Kinda like it, although the whole girlfriend storyline annoys me, I find his girlfriend incredibly boring to watch. The girlfriend will get better
  9. I got all my stuff at Alternate. I let Sala build it though, not sure if Alternate also builds.
  10. Tlithor

    [TV-Show] TopGear

    Why is everyone skipping the Middle East one? Not the best, that one is clearly North Pole, but I think it is up there.
  11. I liked this quite a lot
  12. Tlithor

    Making donuts

    Icelandic people know what they are talking about.
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