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  1. Highcharts looks promising. I just need to verify licensing isn't a problem (they have some weird stuff about internal web applications not being a single page/free license)
  2. I know there's quite a few web developers here so I hope you can share some of your knowledge. I'm looking for some library for plotting charts (mainly line + bar chart and mostly in the time domain). Other requirements: Free (must) Usable offline (must) Cross browser for desktops (optional) mobile support (very optional) I started with matplotlib + python, but that wasn't very interactive or accessible to my fellow project managers. Then switched to some webpage and considered Google Charts but it requires online access (which isn't always possible for me) and am now using Flot. Besides not liking [x,y] pair data inputs of Flot (I'm used to an array of x-values and an array of y-values) when it comes to times-series it's killing me. It's somehow fixed to UTC timezone, no matter if I specify GMT+1 or browser causing data points not to align with labels (google of full of people with the same issue). I can work around it by manually generating labels and forcing it on the x-axis but that shouldn't be necessary. Since I'm considering a rewrite to make it easier to add some functionality I'm also considering a switching charting library. I briefly considered D3, but looks like a steep learning curve and overkill for my needs. What's your golden tip? :-)
  3. THC

    Surface Book

    My mind fails to understand how the Surface Pro 4 is thicker than the Surface book. The keyboard of the Book is obviously thicker than the keyboard of the Surface Pro 4. The screen of the Book might be slightly thinner than that of the Pro 4 due to the increased size (=space to spread components), but visually measured far from to make up the difference of the keyboards. The good thing is I've been able to fence of IT all this time, who have been trying to replace my old Dell laptop for months with a new Dell laptop. I guess I'm just going suggest getting a Surface Book now
  4. THC

    Surface Book

    From just looking quickly at the Surface Pro 4 and this little movie, is the only difference power/looks? As in the Book being a high end system with a more 'solid' keyboard and the surface being more 'tablet' like?
  5. ! flash backs I'm really curious to know if the translocator is still in the game for CTF
  6. THC

    Dirty Bomb

    The latest update is again a perfect example; again it has reset all controls/settings to default (except for my mouse sensitivity) again the server browser has regression bug (servermax-1 = full server) ATI card fps issues still not resolved And obviously they focused on releasing a new character instead of fixing important bugs NGS anti cheat update crashes at times and hangs the game completely. Sparks gun still at time refusing to resurrect the dead probably shitloads more but I didn't play much lately/since the patch. ps; the game is still too much fun once you look past the issues.
  7. I have yet to see ergonomic computer equipment that doesn't first cause ergonomic problems. I sometimes have to use the ergonomic keyboards/mice of my colleagues and they nearly instantly cause pain.
  8. THC

    Dirty Bomb

    Sorry but I can hardly imagine that if you played more than an hour. The list of bugs that are none videocard related is still huge. From none working weapons (e.g. Sparks healing gun), to getting stuck on ammo crates, broken animations, objectives that cannot be returned and non-repairable EV's. Stuff that's breaking game play/objectives of the game. This is just a small grasp of what is still in the game and has been there for the past 3 months or longer. Their updates almost exclusively consists of game balancing and new characters instead of bug fixing. Also many of their updates introduce new bugs or cause regression. A good example is the server browser. Every second update the filter system would break or the information shown is incorrect. This has been so for the last 6 months. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved this game to succeed. But they've missed the opportunity to capitalize on their momentum in a time period where they were the only new FPS game on the market and lots of people looking for the new fast paced thing. By now allot of teams are disgruntled and have either returned to RtcW, CS or similar. Also with CoD:BO3 around the corner and perhaps Overwatch in the future this game is going to die out fast.
  9. THC

    Dirty Bomb

    Do expect allot of bugs though. I've been playing since closed beta and they just fix 1 bug and (re-)introduce another. It had potential but they just can't seem to fix the right things in time. e.g. people with ATI cards expect a huge memory leak requiring restart every ~3 rounds. And this bug has been there for months now
  10. Install python from www.python.org Install this file (follow the readme instructions): https://github.com/siavashg/blocket-api Download the attachment and place it on your desktop Run a command prompt and type: C:\Users\muuman\Desktop\python muuman.py nintendo sega This searches for the keyworrd ninento or sega and plays a sound when found. The search interval is 60 seconds. You can add any keyword to search for. If it's 2 words (e.g. "mega drive") you have to add quotes around them to be treated as 1. E.g. C:\Users\muuman\Desktop\python muuman.py nintendo sega "mega drive" snes Note: I did not test it because I have to register for some api key etc but it's very straight forward. 10 minutes including writing this post! --edit-- stupid forum doesn't allow me to upload a python file. Copy paste the following to a file and name it muuman.py http://pastebin.com/xG8srpM5
  11. Thnx for the videos. They were usefull
  12. One big thing I like is the fact that you can use a stylus to annotate documents on the tablet. This sounds so awesome to have for meetings I can hardly wait to try it out. IT just informed me they're willing to consider my proposal for a SurfacePro =D Now I just need to make it a good one! Some guys around me have Ultrabooks and they're 'overheating' allot, so I would rather not have one of those noisy laptops.
  13. I didn't pick the dell one for the price. My unofficial budget is €2500 excluding accessories like a docking station etc. However Dell is what the whole company uses so yeah...I tried getting a macbook and so far it didn't work out. However maybe a windows tablet like a SurfacePro might make a difference
  14. It's time to get a new work laptop. I polled a bit if I could perhaps get a tablet + keyboard combo (and docking station) and they seem to be open to it so I'm looking for experiences. Anyone worked with such a setup; what are your pro's / conns , things to keep in mind? As for usage: at max load I have maybe 2 browser windows, 2 excel sheets, 2 pdf's/word documents, 2 windows explorers, an IM client and outlook open. For something like this Dell Venue 11 Pro I doubt that should be a problem?
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