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  1. Joost


    I play this on and off. Right now its semi on and leveling is pretty easy. Through faction/crucible/vanguard packages, Iron Banner, Challenge of the Elder and Trials you get 330+ rather fast. Im at 333 right now, closing on the cap. The PVP feels balanced (after all the tweaks) and the raid was fun again after 6 month not logging in. I pre-ordered the expansion.
  2. Joost


    If people still play this, add me on PSN. (Galvalas) First time I played this, i got to lvl 20 and sorta quit... About 4 weeks ago I picked it up and I sky-rocketed to 31 with more exotic weapons than I can use. I got a solid three man group going, all of us lvl 31. I want a solid raid team now (6 people) to be able to farm the raids once a week. We're tagging along with some people I know from other groups, but its not ideal. It did get me stuff to reach lvl 32, which is nice, but I want to set up a group of my own.
  3. Joost


    Im liking it, but I have very little time to play. So I'm level 20, no light leveling done yet... Which sucks, because what you described Muuman, sounds pretty damn sweet!
  4. Joost

    Borderlands 2

    Soldier as main, also started a siren with a friend. NEED MOAR PLAY TIME PLIX
  5. Joost

    Borderlands 2

    Im level 24 Gromk, but I got a busy week with school and my PS3 is like 100km's away from me... HOPEFULLY I'll have some time to play this weekend, but Im not counting on it. I'll install TS on my phone, and we'll start getting serious loot somewhere in October!
  6. http://www.gamesforwork.com/games/play-14517-Tetris_HD-Flash _Game
  7. Joost

    Borderlands 2

    Number 2 will be teh epic. Ermergerd want.
  8. Joost

    [Movie] Ted

    It was good fun! Saw it was playing in Lisbon, so naturally, the nerd that I am (and my gf for that matter), I just had to see it. 4 hearts!
  9. They were so crap that I decided to gift you the bunny+.
  10. Always check the bottom bar, if you dont see the orbs -> none evolvable
  11. It 'll be fine. We were a nazi regime the last couple of days, but the slackers have been executed and we're all set for the next holy war. (except for the 270hp I lost, I need to start collecting again.)
  12. Fox, did you quit? Seeing you have no order and all. You should join ours. Or give your cards to me and Miesjaa if you really quit. In fact, I'll send you a trade from NinjaYoshie, just to see if you havent quit already. XD
  13. Joost


    Great show! This will also clarify a scene for you in Cougar Town. Look for it!
  14. I was at 700 halfway yesterday, but that was me spending 60hp up to that moment. Im at 2000 now after hardly using any hp and just attack when I can. I believe that with 150hp I can manage top 500 individual atleast. Especially next holywar with better atk cards. Golems collected, starting to build. XD
  15. I need 2 more succubus if you got. And of course I need mythril golems But uhm, yeah I can throw stuff at you, dont know what you want.
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