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  1. Just in case someone wants to keep their old BDO account. Starting February 24th 2021, Black Desert Online in the European and North American regions will be serviced by Pearl Abyss. To retain access to your account and its progression, you have to transfer it to a new platform through this page. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/transfer/main After May 31 or something everything on Kakaos side will go boom. Thought it would be worth mentioning.
  2. But by then its just gonna be like another 6 months for AMDs response to Intels response!
  3. I dont even remember the last time i had anything AMD/ATI, like early to mid 2000 maybe. Pretty sure i had a PC with an athlon 64 cpu of some kind, perhaps even dual core, and like a radeon 9600 hehe.
  4. That case looks pretty sweet tbh.
  5. Guess waiting game gonna be extended a bit heh. Maybe it will be a full AMD build O.O
  6. I dunno what to get for future build.. Maybe i should just get another cube (corsair carbide air 540) and just put it on top of my old one? 😛
  7. I think i would hate that after about 1 minute sitting in a dark room trying to game...
  8. Yeah i googled a bit, found some dude that had similar issues, though his bios reset every time he rebooted, apparently he fixed it by swapping the ram sticks from 1/3 to 2/4 slots. Just checked and mine are actually in the 1 and 3 slots (B1 A1), maybe it matters somehow, but im too lazy to remove the side and change it atm. (pretty sure its recommended to use B2 A2 for two sticks though, something i apparently never bothered to check 6 years ago or so when i built this thing, but hey, it has worked long enough) Anyway, back to ultra wide screens!
  9. @Cogency Nope havent bought anything yet. Dont really want to get a new monitor before i get a new computer. That monitor looks pretty nice though, had to google a bit, never even thought about them having different curvatures and stuff... Starting to look like it might take a while before i can build a new pc though, 3080 cards and zen 3 cpus might be hard to get, guessing around christmas/new year maybe. And going totally off topic, had a 10 min power outage today and my pc lost all bios settings (oc etc) and it also feels like i lost most cookies or whatever regarding logins in chrome, was logged out of most sites. Would CMOS battery screw with chrome? O.o Anyway, shit is working again, just got me confused.
  10. Gonna check the Tumblechinamonitor a bit, but yeah that AOC looks pretty nice and its 6k swedish coronas which isnt bad. Im decently happy with my really cheap AOC 29" at home already, only complaint, other than being too small, would be that it bleeds quite a bit in the left bottom corner, only noticeable on a black screen though. Any tips on some vesa mount arm for my current monitor, something that would allow me to put it above the new one (preferably on a foot or something but table mounting should work)? Having two ultra wide next to each other would be shit, especially since they are different sizes, one curved one flat etc... Never used a mount and its really hard to judge if they are gonna be high enough to go above another monitor or not.
  11. So, any people here still in the "bang for the buck" club? Ern clearly got old and joined the "sort by highest price" club so his opinion no longer matter (I know how to find the sort button already)! Im gonna need a new monitor when i build a new pc, 34(or more)" ultra wide 21:9, no extra super mega ultra wide, preferably no more than 600ish euros cause im cheap when it comes to important shit (like monitor and bed etc), and there actually seems to be quite a few options, any (good) suggestions? Was almost two years since the last time i was thinking of upgrading so im totally out of touch with whats available and whats actually good. Sadly monitor videos and articles seem to have the same effect on me as the cpu vids now, snooze after 2 minutes, meanwhile I can watch gpus and random pc-builds all night long.
  12. I find the cpu videos too boring to watch, i feel like Homer Simpson after a minute, someone explain whats good with the new shit and what to get and why... Starting to think a new system in nov-dec might be on the table.
  13. Im too happy i didnt jump the gun earlier this year and spend 1500 on some ROG 2080ti heh (plus another ~1500 on the rest), was really close.. Ended up getting a really cheap 2060 super instead, which honestly made my 6 year old computer feel close to brand new again. Have no issues maxing out most games on the 29" ultra wide at least. But this made me itch a bit again.
  14. New nvidia 30xx series is almost looking too good to be true. RTX 3070 allegedly outperforming 2080ti at $499 for example. Almost feels like time travel, back to the time when the best cards were ~500 bucks. Ofc they have 3080 for $699 and 3090 (Titan replacer) for $1499 as well, those prices are still a lot cheaper than the 20xx series though ($2500 for RTX Titan, 12-1500 for 2080ti etc). Oh and it seems to pretty much be the final nail in the coffin for SLI (only the 3090 supports it). Will be interesting to see if AMD has any kind of response to this.
  15. Civ 6 free to get until 28th on Epic (yeah, boohoo not steam QQ whine etc. Frankly i dont see the issue at all :p). Just thought id mention it since its a game i actually never bought, even though i liked previous ones. Plus its perfect for work...
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