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  1. Civ 6 free to get until 28th on Epic (yeah, boohoo not steam QQ whine etc. Frankly i dont see the issue at all :p). Just thought id mention it since its a game i actually never bought, even though i liked previous ones. Plus its perfect for work...
  2. Drexa

    Good Times

    That my dude?
  3. Found some guy who uploaded saves at somewhat regular intervals, was able to get one that was pretty close to where i ended, though he didnt seem to go out of his way to find loot crates like i do. Beats having to re-do it at least, plus i wont have to poop on the game. Its entertaining enough, but i hope they make a more open sequel with more choices (species, gender, good/bad etc) and loot/tinkering/crafting that actually matters. A Red Dead Redemption 2 Star Wars with custom character/profession, id pay premium for that.
  4. Managed to play about 5 hours of Star Wars: The Last Ginger Tween, then my computer went full retard just as i started meditating, AKA saving, cause reasons. While i was able to tab out and was able to open task manager, when i tried to kill the game my task manager froze, thats a first for me, and after that nothing really worked. After trying everything i could think of, including bashing my keyboard like a monkey, i had to force reboot. Launched the game game again after boot and was greeted with the following message: "LOLOLOLOLOLOL SAEV GAYM CORRUPT TROLOLOLOL, U HAEV NO BACKUP ROFLMAO!!1 PLAES START NEW JOURNEY!!11!1". Maybe it was written slightly different, unsure. Seems there are tons of people getting it, mostly from crashing and stuff. None of the "fixes" work for me, backup is just as corrupted as the regular save. People are resorting to manually making save file backups (as in copying the file in fucking windows). Its almost fucking 2020 and a PC crash can take out the entire fucking save game on a triple A title. *somewhat heavy breathing* I guess its time for some slack and silent raging and then restart at some point, or maybe ill try to burn the game on a blueray or something so i have a physical copy to have explosive diarrhea over. Die in a fire EA. And in the next game with 200 billion different alien races and shit, let me chose what to play. Bleh!
  5. Drexa

    Borderlands 3

    According to this article it wont matter where you get it, as long as you get it on the only game device that should exist, a computer. Personally i dont care much who releases stuff, sure it would be sweet if everything was on steam (including fucking console exclusives, may they all burn in hell). https://segmentnext.com/2019/07/26/borderlands-3-epic-game-store-steam/
  6. Drexa

    Borderlands 2

    Im also a bit impressed you managed to dig this topic out of the graveyard instead of making a new one
  7. Drexa

    Borderlands 2

    Getting ready for the new one?
  8. Username still works for me though, is it just an issue for people who changed it at some point?
  9. Drexa

    Lineage 2 M

    Guess the future is us using our amazing computers to emulate a phone, so we can keep gaming
  10. Aye, ill wait and see what happens there. But im thinking if there is anything i should be willing to spend money on its a good monitor, since its eating just as much of my life as my bed is But its just not as "fun" as getting an overpriced graphics card or something, for some reason hehe. Have to slap my head into logic mode.
  11. 32:9 is a bit of a stretch.. But yeah, i guess its going to be hard to get under 1k euro for what i want.
  12. Drexa

    Lineage 2 M

    Yeah.. I hope the mobile hype will die :/ We also have Aion 2 and Blade and Soul 2, both mobile exclusives afaik, to look forward to...
  13. If you would get a 34" ultrawide, 1440p (I feel like 1080 is gonna be bad at 34 inches, while anything above 1440 is going to be way heavy on gpu), above 60hz, and not necessarily the most expensive one available, which one would you buy? Still just in the itching phase, but i really feel like i want some more vertical size on the screen and i still want to retain the 21x9 ratio..
  14. Drexa

    Fallout 76

    This looks pretty ass :/ And I was never a fan of making it online, but I guess you gotta go the online route if you want to try and milk the micro transactions or whatever.. Wish it would have just been optional co-op or something. Then at least you could fix a bunch of stuff with mods, and tweak whatever settings you wanted.
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