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  1. I would have gone for an 10700k! More cores more power more cheap!
  2. If you do so, make sure you get one that can deal with electrical fires. (there are different types) Bought one after I got the 3d printers. Also have a smaller one in the car.
  3. Do you get a bluescreen? or does it just restart? Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in the browser settings?
  4. I am really enjoying this, only started today so cant say much just that I like it. ADVENTURE TIME!
  5. I think you are extremely bottlenecked by your CPU btw. Your GPU should score alot higher. I think your mobo can handle a 9900k? They are decently priced now, plugNplay and you got 8/16 cores instead of 4/8.
  6. Wow @Ernesto that score is so cute, would be a shame if someone came and absolutely destroyed it. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/55461791? 😎
  7. What a beast, out of the box it boosts to 2070mhz and max 46c in Cyberpunk lol.
  8. This only happends if you cheat, and go mental with duping. But the cheaters can go mental now cause they upped the limit. Anyway, I had no problems at all, completed it. I was not a fan of any of the endings.
  9. Got my hands on an Aorus Xtreme with waterblock. Now just hoping it will be here before christmas so I can game. (and also the two couplings I ordered so I can put it in the loop lol)
  10. I dont really have any bugs. Sound is plopping in some area's. And I think optimization isnt fine tuned yet. I think most complaints come from the older consoles with terrible 5400rpm HD's that just cant keep up with loading textures and whatnot.
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