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  1. Mining rigs, shortage, floodings, covid. Its everything. hehe
  2. Cogency

    New World MMO

    Aslong as the combat system is still the same, there is very little chance I will play this.
  3. Cogency

    New World MMO

    Delayed World.
  4. Cogency

    New World MMO

    Launch update Today we announced the move of New World's launch from Spring 2021 to August 31, 2021. We considered this decision very carefully but need to take the time to add new features, tune, and polish. We are committed to delivering a high quality experience. With this launch date, closed beta will begin on July 20th. Please visit our development blog at the link below to learn more about our roadmap and new features such as five-player Expeditions, the 20 vs. 20 Outpost Rush, and an additional territory, Ebonscale Reach.
  5. I would have gone for an 10700k! More cores more power more cheap!
  6. If you do so, make sure you get one that can deal with electrical fires. (there are different types) Bought one after I got the 3d printers. Also have a smaller one in the car.
  7. What died? The PSU?
  8. Do you get a bluescreen? or does it just restart? Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in the browser settings?
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