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    I love Chrome OS. I manage around 170 Chromebooks and our Google Apps for Education server. For work related stuff, Chrome OS is awesome. It's fast, doesn't need maintenance and is completely immune to virus and all the other crap floating around. At home I use my Chromebook for 90% of the daily computer fix. The last 10% is because the Danish government has made our ID login based on Java (The horror). Should be change during 2014 to javascript or similar. Otherwise it Netflix and Spotify works great on it. HP is making a Chromebox with a larger i7 CPU. Comes in neat colours as well. Look here With a Chromecast dongle, you can stream Netflix, YouTube and Plex to your TV. I got one of those and it works pretty well. You can also stream your current Chrome tab to the TV.
  2. SwiftKey has that in the tablet version.
  3. THC wrote on Thu, 10 May 2012 16:28I looked at the video of swift keys but I didn't see a reason to download it. I turn auto correction of because there's not a device in the world that understands how and what I want to type. It always fails in correcting me to something I didn't mean to say. Especially because it doesn't understand multiple languages I supports 3 languages at once and it's pretty damn good at autocorrecting. I suggest you give it a go.
  4. Grab the tablet version of this keyboard. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1581848 You'll have enable unknown sources, but you'll get a pop up.
  5. You can't clear that list. It's simply not a feature Samsung has included. Most the programs will "go to sleep" pretty fast. I can clear the list, but it is mostly just cosmetic and some apps simply ignore it.
  6. That is Samsungs standard video player, I really don't know much about it, to be honest. Grab BSPlayer from the market. It's free and plays everything but 1080p mkv (Last I checked). ADWLauncher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.adwfreak.l auncher&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm9yZy5 hZHdmcmVhay5sYXVuY2hlciJd You can install apps from the play store webpage, if you log in with your google account and I don't think you can sort the results, but Themes sometimes get in the way of searches, sadly. My Lenovo thinkpad can close that list, so it is possible to include it in the O/S, Samsung just hasn't done that.
  7. 1. Not really sure what your talking about. But you don't "close" apps. They are automatically put to "sleep". This feature will hit the device with ICS at som point, but I never really use it. Piont being. You don't shut stuff down, Android should handle it for you. Task killers cause more problems then they solve, so remove that again. What usually slows the device down, is either a live wallpaper or samsung touchwiz. Hit the market for "Nemus Launcher" or ADWlauncher (This one could make you feel more at home as a iOS user). 2. I really don't know what your talking about here, could you give a name of the application your using? 3. My Lenovo came with the usual 500 page manual, not sure about what samsung has. I am sure you parents will do just fine if they aren't *cough* iOS *cough* users. My 56 year old dad uses his galaxy tab with great success. hahaha
  8. I just upgraded to a celeron 530. Rawr?
  9. I've been considering it, along with the X one phone. But, I just dont see them replacing my beloved GNex. I think Ill see what the next Nexus will be like and consider it afterwards.
  10. Ernesto wrote on Fri, 04 May 2012 07:18I can already smell the failiure =( +1
  11. Mine usually last a day. Maybe needs alittle charging when I've used it alt at work. But you could have a program or two draining your battery.
  12. Think typing is pretty fast and easy with swift keyboard. Both on phone and tablet.
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