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  1. Khaza

    Ashes of Creation

    They are sending a livestream on Twitch right now to test it for their upcomming events. They are showing how the game looks so far. https://www.twitch.tv/ashesofcreation
  2. Khaza

    Ashes of Creation

    If anyone is signing up, you could use this link and I get more chances to win a key. https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/khaza/
  3. And someone have used the second so could not take it.
  4. Get X-COM: UFO Defense FREE! Limited offer so get it now, 1 day left. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/xcom-ufo-defense-free-game
  5. Khaza

    Shroud of the Avatar

    Here is a post about the visit as well. http://www.ordinismortis.com/lord-british-graces-filthy-stag-tavern-ordinis-mortis/
  6. Khaza

    Shroud of the Avatar

    It was mr Garriot himself, and he popped by during the Fall to Winter Telethon which is the 12 hours event Portalarium hold 4 times a year on Twitter. The guild leader of the guild I joined on SotA knows him some and Lord British comes by every now and then at the Tavern that the guild leaders mother(Minerva) have built. That's the place where we are seated at the counter in 2 of the SS's. The guild holds an open auction third saturday each month, so 17th of december there will even be an item crafted by Lord British being sold.
  7. Khaza

    Shroud of the Avatar

    I just spent some time playing Piano for Lord British. http://imgur.com/a/0ICh7
  8. Khaza

    Shroud of the Avatar

    They still need to implement more quests and finish more areas. But I like the game so far, considering it is like 4-6 months until they release. And yep, they are using the decks.
  9. Khaza

    Shroud of the Avatar

    Am playing atm. There will be no more wipes, even though the game wont be release until Q1 2017.
  10. Hi all I clicked on a link a friend sent me on facebook. It made me send messages to my friends and install a chrome addon called "Lock It", after a couple of minutes I got tossed out from Facebook. At the moment I can't even access my Facebook account so if you get a message it isn't me. So don't click any link I send out... I am checking my computer at the moment but after checking similiar problem it seems it might be on the server end the problem is. There are people having the same problem and it doesn't matter which computer they try to log in from, and a friend even told me that there was a family where the mom clicked a link and the dad got the problem while she could still access Facebook.
  11. Khaza

    I almost died...

    Icecream is a lifesaver?
  12. Khaza

    Pokémon GO!

    The world is comming to an end... The one I didn't think would EVER play this do so, my brother who is against everything like this. But I guess it does makes his daily walk home from work a bit funnier.
  13. Price looks a bit out since it only have price from 2 parts.
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