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  1. Ernesto

    Ashes of Creation

    I am thinking that 2045 would be a decent year for me to start playing like its 1999 again. Let's have a release then
  2. Awesome! If your uber thing fails I have two spare shrouds and fans from my 980tis. Not sure they fit, but they are here!
  3. The original sin games were amazing
  4. You are such a baldy lover Lyngs
  5. Has some promise.I mean,it's still Start Trek, so it's always gonna be mediocre at it's core, but Stewart with his Shakespearian presence is of course always pretty damn cool. It's slower and more old fashioned than Discovery but I am sure it will provide some entertainment over the season!
  6. Felt like a mix of Xena Warrior Princess and Twilight, with a few "fuck" thrown in to try to be edgy. It was very corny.
  7. Ernesto

    WoW: Classic

    We have forums , teamspeak and Discord. If people wanna give it a go, I am sure someone can make a poll if we have enough to get started, then set up forum section, etc. All it takes is stepping up!
  8. Ernesto

    WoW: Classic

    Should go Alliance since most played Horde before
  9. It will be back! Hope AMD getsvtheir shit together soon with GPUs so we can have some nice competition again. It was awesome to buy two midrange cards for less than top card price and get more performance. Guess only good for the Ern and not great for AMD and nVidia
  10. If you are not using the lower drivecage, I would stick it there, to further increase positive pressure, perhaps.
  11. You sure that back fan gives you any benefit?
  12. You will always get a little dust even with positive air pressure. The fters let's things in and vortexes will suck dust through other openings. Just blow it with air, or be a baller like me, risk it with a vaccum!
  13. There are still 4 case fans and the 4 radiator fans, just 3 less case fans. It's the Enthoo Primo. Can't buy a 2080ti since it performs the same as these fuckers. Would suck to pay 1300 euro for nothing at all hehe.
  14. When running SLI, especially with aftermarket coolers that are not of the blower design, the top card tends to run very hot, unless you have an ATX-E style motherboard with more x16 PCI-e slots so you can space the cards out further. This means, that even using cards with great coolers, like the Asus Strix series, the cards hit thermal throttling, pretty much no matter what you do - The air between the cards simply will not move enough. I have fought against that by adding fans on the side that with brute force pushes the air in between the cards ever since I first started using SLI in 2006. In 2017(?), NZXT released an update to their solution on how to mount AIO coolers on graphics cards, the NZXT Kraken G12 (Update from the G10) with an improved mounting solution. I was gonna do this back then, but since lazy, I never bothered. Thanks to Sinful gifting me a gift card at a computer store, I went for it. I was able to keep the backplate and the strengthening bracket. Idle temp went down a few degrees in a cold system, and load temps went from 83c (Throttle max) to ~49-50c. Since there is no residual heat in the case anymore, every component is now cooler, and I removed 3 case fans. Only downside currently, is that I am using stock fans, both for the GPU bracket as well as the radiators, and the 92mm fans on the gpu brackets run at 100% all the time. Yeah, there is no build log. Here is the result on my Asus 980TI Strix cards:
  15. Ernesto

    Grim Dawn

    Chimp made me buy this game so we could play coop. The game was in early access. We bought it. Expensive, like $49. Downloaded it, waited, Installed it. Ok Chimp, time to play! Game did not yet have multiplayer enabled....
  16. Ernesto

    Warhammer Online

    I was uncertain if the demise of the Ove was greatly exaggerated or not. It would seem to me that creatures all around the cosmos should still fear for their lives.
  17. Ernesto

    The Division 2

    Those are buddies of Rellic I believe
  18. Ernesto

    Apex Legends

    Best burgers but rubbish fries
  19. Ernesto

    Apex Legends

    My colleague is co-owner of Tugg, and he claims it's the best, but he continously refuses to fly the office down to prove himself, so we are settling with Barrels here, and each time we go, we claim it's better, so. Anyhow, I shall tell him you guys like the place!
  20. I would presume turning on HTTPS enabled PWA automatically and the forum software has the bad taste to spam with that request instead of making it a toggle function on notification settings.
  21. Ernesto

    The Division 2

    Division one was not uber, but I am in for any of them every fourth february 29th
  22. Hey there fyra! I am unsure if DAoC holds all that much interest, at least not for myself - The really hardcore fans of DAoC that would be interested, seems to be cleaning their house and shopping groceries instead of roaming the realms of Midgard with a fellow Troll, unfortunately. However, I didn't even know this existed, so thanks a lot for sharing!
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