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  1. Looks a bit cheap for a Pete-Machine to be honest. Low mid range CPU, mid range motherboard?
  2. I have a fire blanket in the kitchen and extinguisher in the bedroom. The one i have is powder i think, gotta buy a new one i think, this one might be expired. My smoke alarms always go off when i have steak night. Goid thing they are 3,6 meters up so I cannot temporarily turn them off....
  3. Good thing nothing else caught fire!
  4. Finished it today, 50 hours of fun. Great game
  5. I have a new x570 waiting for it's 5900x that might be sent 30th dec, if all stars align
  6. But yeah, I was about to skip, but then I found a motherboard at 100e off, so I figured if i save 100e on motherboard, I can spend 1000 on processor and RAM
  7. I don't _need_ another cup of coffee either!
  8. While waiting for new processor, everything still running at stock (Poor processor is getting old and I want it to live until I get a new one) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-6700K Processor,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. MAXIMUS VIII HERO (3dmark.com) Look at that sweet average temperature! Go go gadget waterblock!
  9. Ernesto

    New PC

    3600mhz at cl16 is pretty much the sweet spot though when it comes to price/performance to be honest. The RAM has to run in a 1:1 ratio with the infinity fabric for maximum performance, and the default speed of the infinity fabric is 1800mhz (3600mhz memory is dual blabla, so it's actually 1800mhz, so perfect fit). Most Ryzen 5xxx can, on a solid motherboard, run the infinity fabric at 1900mhz, but that means a hassle overclocking, and you'd need QVL memory that can run at 3800mhz for sure, which means dipping a lot deeper into the wallet for ~5% performance increase, if even that. AMD has claimed new BIOS will help overclocking the infinity fabric to 2000mhz, but that is not yet tested or proven. Almost no chips can run at 2k at the moment. Running, for example 3800mhz memory, while not overclocking the infinity fabric speed, is actually significantly slower, than running 3600mhz memory at 1:1 ratio. It's back to the old days of FSB overclocking hehe. So, to conclude, 3600mhz is what you want. CL16 is good for that speed, anything faster than that will start costing you an arm and a leg. I have put in order for Motherboard, 5900x and some RAM, and I went with 3600mhz CL16
  10. Ernesto

    New PC

    That looks great Nexi - I have never heard of that power supply, but all the rest looks great to me - I would check the exact serial for the RAM and check the QVL list for that specific motherboard to make sure they work well together. That will be a beastly PC, that is for sure! For gaming - today - The 5600x might be a better buy, but I am gonna get the 5900x as well, so who am I to advice in the saving money department 😛
  11. lian li o11, one of those is what i would get today, just because new. cube is cool as hell though
  12. Finally, the return of the Sith. So nice with competition
  13. What a fucking epic project!
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