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  1. Haven't arrived yet! Got pushed again, to 15th of April now 😃
  2. Awesome! - It's funny that we have a 200 liter case or something like that, and there is STILL a huge cable mess in the back!
  3. Deliver of my 5900x I ordered in November is expected to arrive in April! Good thing old CPU is still working
  4. My 3090 is €590 more expensive now, and the price I paid is €550 more than the 3080 is now, as suspected, so not as catasrophically bad deal
  5. Looks a bit cheap for a Pete-Machine to be honest. Low mid range CPU, mid range motherboard?
  6. I have a fire blanket in the kitchen and extinguisher in the bedroom. The one i have is powder i think, gotta buy a new one i think, this one might be expired. My smoke alarms always go off when i have steak night. Goid thing they are 3,6 meters up so I cannot temporarily turn them off....
  7. Good thing nothing else caught fire!
  8. Finished it today, 50 hours of fun. Great game
  9. I have a new x570 waiting for it's 5900x that might be sent 30th dec, if all stars align
  10. But yeah, I was about to skip, but then I found a motherboard at 100e off, so I figured if i save 100e on motherboard, I can spend 1000 on processor and RAM
  11. I don't _need_ another cup of coffee either!
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