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  1. What a fucking epic project!
  2. I am taking the time to finish D:OS2 first ,since they released the "Definite Edition" since I played last. Tip from the coach on that game: Reduce mouse polling rate to ~100 if you have a gaming mouse to remove/reduce stutter
  3. It seems to deliver rock steady 1950mhz constantly, maxing out at 66c. No overclock or anything touched or done yet. Will tinker when I get the block. It is significantly louder than the old cards, but those used two 120mm AIO coolers at very low fan speeds. But only loud in comparation of course, I would guess this card is pretty quiet compared to most, but just guessing here hehe. I have the same case as Kunasha, the enormous Enthoo Primo, so not the best airflow. A smaller case more created for air cooling would give the card extra power I would think. Control, which is very heavy to run, was constantly above 60, sniffing 100s, with all the bells and whistles turned on, no DLSS fake ass crap.
  4. Now I need a cable trench and a mouse with more than 12 minute batterylife
  5. Pete calls it his maggot suit
  6. Since i can't do SLI anymore, this is the only way to be more e-peen than Kunasha. Also, no 3080 was available, 3080 strix was like january for me and only 600 euro cheaper so mjeh. Havent spent any money for like a year since I bought my last suit and it made me happy. 10% more FPS for €600 happy.
  7. You can talk for 10 hours about duckfat
  8. I am just jelly because your computer room is not also doubling as a closet. On the other hand, I am constantly Suit Ready (tm) - Just an arms length away
  9. Imagine that setup Sammer, and then imagine being as handsome as me while using it
  10. Neh, it would look stupid.
  11. This new computer is becoming expensive
  12. Since when you go IPS, you never go back, I am stuck with the more expensive ones unfortunately, if I was on TNs, moving to that would be awesome I am sure. On the other hand, there is quite a big selection of 1440 ultrawide VA panels, so hard to pick there. I think I personally would lean on a more reputable brand for a little longer until they have established a more firm brand reputation
  13. Yeah, last two years they are making nice moves into the gaming market, this years lineup is spectacular. Shame SLI has been killed, else running Kunashas monitor in surround would have been appealing
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