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  1. Ernesto

    New PC

    Hynix, 3600mhz 16-19, 64GB kit of 4 sticks G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4 3600MHz 4x16GB (F4-3600C16Q-64GTZNC) €411, incl freight, so a pretty good "budget" buy I think
  2. Ernesto

    New PC

    I have the 5950x, found it available, ordered it, day after, the 5900x I had been waiting for was being delivered, so I ended up with 2 processors, and I sort of couldn't send back the cheap one, now could I? - Sold the 5900 to a coworker since back then there was still a shortage. I also went with a little more RAM, since Kunasha was trying to have a similair performing machine, at least I can say that I spent useless money on RAM that never gets used! AND
  3. I guess the lack of dwarves turned you off
  4. Ernesto


    I've never liked Cog either @EverGlade
  5. Will be sweet. The last few Dice games look astonishing with the lighting etc, those rubbish star wars games look cinematic, and the sound has always been epic
  6. I ran OCCT an hour with neg 20 and all was fine like the rain, then I rebooted to set to 25, wouldnt boot win, up to 20, no boot, up to 17, no boot, had to go all the way back up to 10 to boot again. Very weird when it was earlier "rock stable" with 20. So to me, it seems I might not have enough voltages during light load, but heavy load is fine. LLC is currently on Auto, maybe that means, I can set a low LLC to force more droop under load, and lower load voltages that way, but keeping the neg 10 to handle low load situations.
  7. Or should I go until I crash first, and then raise and stability test? So like, try neg 30?
  8. I think I did a fresh one when I got the Skylake, the previous one had gone from Win 7 -> Win 8, but not sure to be honest, because when I bought my NVME a few months ago, I had the system transfer program disk imaging thingymabob installed already. Doesn't matter though, I think we should conclude that Windows is nowadays fucking amazing at just ripping out hardware and plugging new shit in and you don't have to do a single thing! aaaanyhow, back on track! Curve Optimizer, Negative 20, currently stability testing
  9. Undervolted with negative 20 in Curve Optimiser, GPU at stock. Unknown if it is stable for anything other than Cinebench R23 or Timespy x2 yet. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 9 5950X,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING (3dmark.com)
  10. I am still running on the key you gave me in 2015! (OR maybe even earlier, earliest "add"remove programs" entries are from 2015
  11. I refuse to reformat. It is cool to have old drivers from 2015 for your intel z170 motherboard while using a x570.
  12. Without having watched the video about it, there doesn't seem to be a simple way of undercolting the GPU, like -10 curve etc - You have to manually shuffle a stupid curve all around the place in MSI Afterburner. Maybe there is an easier way though!
  13. Ran Coretuner for Ryzen and while it gave me a 15% boost in cinebench, I was unable to get it to run stable on single core tests. The GPU clock was also not totally stable in heavy games, so brought it all back down for now - Spent a good 8 hours last night tinkering, but the results weren't that great - I am gonna explore undervolting with Curve Optimizer instead I think, the temperatures are much much nicer and I can run the computer silent, even under load, with the overclocks I get to 75+ and I start ramping up fans at 60c so they run at 100% at 80c - Not great for the atmosphere at the gaming table. FPS gains in games was neglible to be honest, it was mostly just louder and warmer - Was sure nice to dial in clocks independent of cores to utilize things to the max, but I think I am gonna head the other direction and try to reduce power - Dropping voltages even gives me some performance gains - Not as large as the proper overclocking, but more performance, cooler stuff is a better win win situation.
  14. Oooo the glorious mess at first! Now tidy! Observe how one of the spiky cooling thingies on top of the GPU backplate is crooked! I was doing it with poor lighting just going by touch, didn't notice it was off until it was too late! Helped cool down the backplate a bunch of degrees and in turn the whole GPU!
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