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  1. Ernesto

    New PC

    That looks great Nexi - I have never heard of that power supply, but all the rest looks great to me - I would check the exact serial for the RAM and check the QVL list for that specific motherboard to make sure they work well together. That will be a beastly PC, that is for sure! For gaming - today - The 5600x might be a better buy, but I am gonna get the 5900x as well, so who am I to advice in the saving money department 😛
  2. lian li o11, one of those is what i would get today, just because new. cube is cool as hell though
  3. Finally, the return of the Sith. So nice with competition
  4. What a fucking epic project!
  5. I am taking the time to finish D:OS2 first ,since they released the "Definite Edition" since I played last. Tip from the coach on that game: Reduce mouse polling rate to ~100 if you have a gaming mouse to remove/reduce stutter
  6. It seems to deliver rock steady 1950mhz constantly, maxing out at 66c. No overclock or anything touched or done yet. Will tinker when I get the block. It is significantly louder than the old cards, but those used two 120mm AIO coolers at very low fan speeds. But only loud in comparation of course, I would guess this card is pretty quiet compared to most, but just guessing here hehe. I have the same case as Kunasha, the enormous Enthoo Primo, so not the best airflow. A smaller case more created for air cooling would give the card extra power I would think. Control, which is very heavy to run, was constantly above 60, sniffing 100s, with all the bells and whistles turned on, no DLSS fake ass crap.
  7. Now I need a cable trench and a mouse with more than 12 minute batterylife
  8. Pete calls it his maggot suit
  9. Since i can't do SLI anymore, this is the only way to be more e-peen than Kunasha. Also, no 3080 was available, 3080 strix was like january for me and only 600 euro cheaper so mjeh. Havent spent any money for like a year since I bought my last suit and it made me happy. 10% more FPS for €600 happy.
  10. You can talk for 10 hours about duckfat
  11. I am just jelly because your computer room is not also doubling as a closet. On the other hand, I am constantly Suit Ready (tm) - Just an arms length away
  12. Imagine that setup Sammer, and then imagine being as handsome as me while using it
  13. Neh, it would look stupid.
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