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  1. Yeah, could be hard but I find plenty people online from morning to late nights. I might join a random guild so i can get some stuff done. Ginnunga guild abandonned completely?
  2. I'll not a stranger to move to an oceanic server if I'll be able to do the 10-man raids, and of course, if they are good enough. Ed: Atm. I'm gearing up for Ascended armor and hopefully I'll be close to full set before the release of HoT.
  3. Activity check: anyone still playing? And is the guild still active (by someone)? I'v been playing for a few weeks and got the HoT expansion if anyone want to hook up.
  4. Isfin

    Elite Dangerous

    I miss Ernie too. Dunno if I have grown up though; depends on who you ask.
  5. Isfin

    Elite Dangerous

    A very nice game indeed. I'm in Beta too. I need rudders I guess or dual J-sticks. It was a nice surprise to find out that my old Saitek X36/X35 combo still works after all those years gathering dust.
  6. Isfin

    GW2 Performance.

    No, nothing on Guild Wars 2.
  7. To further hijack this thread: TRIM is doable on SSD RAID 0. http://www.rwlabs.com/article.php?id=672
  8. Any particular weekend events you recommend doing?
  9. Perhaps not; depends if you're ready to put a little extra work once a year or something. I have a 1,5TB 5400rpm that I use to backup all my SSD's. I can easily break my raid and make maintenance and then set it up again.
  10. 2 x Samsung 830 256GB in RAID 0 is atm both cheaper and faster than a single Samsung 830 512GB. Intel 335 240GB is released soon –
  11. It's comparable to what Coggie posted but HD Tune is not optimal to test SSD. You need tools to test both compressed and not compressed data. Another comparison. Compressed Sequential Data Read: 2 Intel 330 180 RAID 0, 894 MB/s Samsung 830 128 or 512, 503 MB/s Intel 330 180GB, 471 MB/s
  12. 2 SSD 330 180 in RAID(0) HD Tune: MARVELL Raid VD 0 Benchmark Transfer Rate Minimum : 279.7 MB/sec Transfer Rate Maximum : 477.2 MB/sec Transfer Rate Average : 402.6 MB/sec Access Time : 0.1 ms Burst Rate : 274.9 MB/sec CPU Usage : -1.0% IF it's worth it for games like GW2? Dunno, but since I can have SSD in raid I do it!
  13. I guess not many have supported Trim.
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