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  • Joining Ginnunga

    Ginnunga is a gaming community with two decades of history in dozens of games. You don't just join us for one particular game, instead we hope you will stick with us in future games too. Because of this our recruitment process is a little more involved than most other guilds, but it's worth it!

    If you have any problems submitting your application or if you don't hear back from us within 5 days, please send a PM to Calyn on the forums, or poke one of the admins or officers on Discord!

    We are currently active in the following games:

    Ginnunga - WoW Classic section


    • Play a lot. We don't mean 16 hours a day, but if you only play an hour a day, we might not be the best guild for you.
    • At least 20 years of age as we are a mature guild.
    • You need to have Teamspeak3 installed, a good working microphone, a solid connection and a good computer.
    • You enjoy playing the game and you enjoy to be committed to it and the guild.
    • Enjoy fighting, winning OR losing.
    • Maximum level character.

    General Guild Rules

    We often have game-specific rules to handle raiding, loot or PvP, but the most important rules apply to every game that we play:

    • Be on Teamspeak/Discord when you play. We prefer to get to know our members and have the most fun when we can talk to each other while killing people in PvP or dying hilariously in dungeons.
    • Read the forums before you log in. We often post important information and announcements to the forum.
    • If you are a member of Ginnunga you are not allowed to join other guilds on your alternate characters. No one outside the guild may have access to your account, ever. If you are quitting the game/taking a break, talk to a leader and they will sort things out, quitting the game does not have to mean quitting the guild.
    • No cheating, RMT, etc. If it gets you banned from the game, it's likely to get you banned from the guild, too!
    • When tagged up you represent the guild in everything you do, so we expect you to treat your guild mates as well as our enemies with respect.

    Ginnunga is and has always been a high level guild. We want adults who play a fair amount but have high communication skills and a massive love for gaming. We are looking for players who will stick around after the game is long dead and buried to play future games with us as well. So, we want more than just skills with the specific game, we want awesome, awesome people who are fun to hang with.

    We pride ourselves in being a big yet close-knit community with a family atmosphere. Due to our outstanding history in previous MMOs we receive a lot of applications for our sections, which means that unfortunately not everyone can make it into the guild. Submitting a thorough, spell-checked and honest application will increase your chances tremendously, whereas one-liners will result in immediate rejection.

    To Apply for WoW Classic:

    1. Register

    2. Send Application


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