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Blast from the past!

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So here I was googling away tips to help someone play their class in rift. Low and behold I stumble across this mighty website.


Suddenly! A surge of nostalgia as something clicks. "I know this place!"


Thankfully, my old account was still here, so I let my self in (I could of swore the spare key's where left under the door-mat).


So a bit about me:

My first experience with Ginnunga was on Lineage 2 as the Dark Elf healer - Malbojia. I had played since the beta and was in a couple small clans in my early levels. That was until I met Ernesto and the gang. From then on it was nothing but awesome as we reigned over Oren castle. Many things happened, new alliances where forged. Things where gained and lost all over.


It was some of the best times I've had in an mmo as well as there being so many great people. :)


Sadly, I had to put down the crazy fun times hat and dawn the shackles of the broke college student with no free time. So I left, thinking I might never see or hear of it again. Till now!



So, I thought I'd say whats up and hows it going, to all the old gang.


Some screens from the old days (sadly I lost all my pre-reborn screens Sad )


#1- me writing messages on the castle grounds of Oren wile it was in the hands of an enemy clan (I glitched through the front gates)


#2- new conquests with a new alliance! that and its the closest thing to a group picture I have left Sad )


#3- Oops! I was caught this time!







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