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The Melody of Obvilion

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What would you think, if a first episode of the serie would contain big breast girl, who happens to be horny and is clinging to a guy saying she wants to celebrate at their house?

I would probably say this is awesome sausace and keep watching the show!


Unfortunately you perverts reading this will be disappointed. After 2 episodes the show went absolutely shit and the guy ran off chasing some imaginary girl who lives far, far away... The what? I would have at least chose to fuck the girl first before leaving... AAARGH


Having not realized how crap this series truly is, I continue to watch it further and to my surprise, this show is even more fucked up that Evangelion ever is or will be. Half of the show past episode 4 is like the mind fucking scenes from evangelions end before they tried to explain what was happening in reality.


This show is absolute garbage. It's supposed to be fighting etc. but the attacks and styles are absolutely rubbish and I can't but feel how frustrated I am for watching over 10 episodes of this...


So, stay away from it. It's horrible


I'd give 0 stars if I could, but since 1 star is the minimum, I give it for the first 2 episodes breast girl.

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