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Tegami Bee/ Letter Bee

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In short it's a mailman's dream anime. Go Hene!


I watched this show like 2 episodes, thinking this is absolutely rubbish. But kept going to see how it turns out, and realized the first 3 episodes were nothing but a guideline to what was about to happen. After 4th episode I was hooked!


In a world somewhere, post-dimensional universe whatever. There are government agents, Letter Bee's. Their name Letter Bee's come because they deliver letters.


It's actually quite a fun show. Lot's of shooting, pets that varies from dogs, raccoons, snakes, tigers all the way to legendary beast gods (and surprisingly our main actor has one... ). It also has a proper story how there is anti-government guys that want to steal their peoples letters, and that way destroy the current structure of the world.



Yes, any given text can't really describe this show. You have to watch the first 10 episodes or so yourself, and then decide.


But I add a picture for you all:



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