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Realm of the Mad God

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Today, myself, Ernesto, Coots and Raynolf battled against teh evil armies of the mad god on the Djinn server.


I reached level 20 without ever dying on any character and proceeded to level up my companions, who kept on dying.


We then formed a tactical blob formation and first battled the evil CUBE GOD.


Download attachment: 10674.jpg



Then I took command of the blob and directed it towards 120 other gods that we all killed.


Download attachment: 10675.jpg



Since my companions kept on dying even in the safety of the mighty blob, we took a quick detour so I could level them up again.


Download attachment: 10676.jpg


But alas, after we met up with the blob again and proceeded onwards towards the Mad God, we were caught in a Hinterhalt and we all died, myself standing heroicly until the last second. Or something like that.


Download attachment: 10677.jpg



When I died, I had fired 55430 shots with 15% accuracy, explored 329971 tiles, killed 2080 monsters, 121 gods, earned 268 boss fame, completed 3 dungeons, helped my lesser companions to achieve 298 level ups, and earned 429 total fame, to remain a legend forever.


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