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Warframe - 5 years in a pretty amazing F2P MMO Shooter

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For the individual, not the many... That should be your slogan if you ever go into politics :)

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I haven't played since last year, but Tennocon finished yesterday with the customary big live show/dev stream. Got me interested enough to log on and getting into it a bit again :)


  • Demo of "Empyrean" - The expansion that'll launch Railjack (flying big ships co op)
  • Empyrean will also feature linked group play. So 1 group is up in space doing stuff, needs help from 1 group down on a planet. Linked objectives. 
  • Reveal of "The Duviri Paradox" - No one is really sure what it's going to be, but there's some funky shit happening with the big space ships, when they hyperdrive the operator can get torn from their warframe and enter into some other dimension. It SEEMS to be a new open world area, like Fortuna and Planes, but afaik we got no details yet. 
  • Working on the next big story chapter "The New War". ETA Christmas. 
  • New frames ofc, 2 new ones revealed.
  • New CGI Trailer, which I think is to be linked to a reworked "New player experience". Pretty neat cinematic if nothing else. 

Here's the demo of Empyrean, and the reveal of "The Duviri Paradox" at the end. Also demo of the coming new engine. 


The new trailer/intro:


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