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Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

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Enter the Chaos-infested Caligari Sector and purge the unclean with the most powerful agents of the Imperium of Man.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is a grim Action-RPG featuring multiple classes of the Inquisition who will carry out the will of the Emperor even in the darkest reaches of the Imperium!




Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is an ever-growing, long-lasting experience. Expansions and regular free updates will introduce new enemy factions, new terrain settings, new missions and mission types, new story-driven investigations and new gameplay features. Seasons are big, free updates that will introduce longer story arcs in which players can shape the persistent world of the Caligari sector with their actions. Daily Quests, Tiers and Power Levels ensure new challenges – there’s always something new to explore or to collect!




Forge your own playstyle with different character classes and specializations: hold your ground with the Crusader Inquisitor while enemies close in on you, bring in your finesse and cunning with the Death Cult Assassin background, or use the unspeakable powers of the Warp with the Primaris Psyker background. Choose from three specializations for each classes that fit your playstyle.




Explore the Star Map of the vast Caligari Sector, travel in different subsectors and explore an immense amount of solar systems, visit a growing number of unique points of interests: investigate on different planets with distinctive terrain conditions, fight your way through corridors of infested Void Stations, abandoned Star Forts and other diverse environments!



[li]Tactile action based RPG

[li]Open world sandbox

[li]Class types with unique specialities

[li]Destructible environments – Many objects and surroundings in the game can be destroyed including enemy cover

[li]A vast number of ways customise through skill trees, perks, passive skills and weapons

[li]Ability to craft and salvage items

[li]Local and Online Co-op Mode

[li]Single player campaigns






Crusaders are fearsome warriors that use heavy armour and weaponry on the battlefield. They act as a typical tank type class as their movement is slow but what they lose in maneuverability they make up in firepower the ability to take a hit.


Crusader Attributes – Warfare, Toughness and Virture.




Part of the Death Cult, assassins can be found in many imperial worlds. Their expertise lies in hit and run tactics and Exotic Weapons. They favour lighter weapons/armour due to their aerobatic skills and fast paced movement.


Assassin Attributes – Accuracy, Survival and Bloodlust.




Psykers are experts in harnessing the power of the Warp (a dimension consisting of pure psychic energy) in battle, they rely on their psychic powers and choose light armour over brawn and weapons attuned to their ability.


Psyker Attributes – Force, Resilience and Psychic Focus.


Trailers :



Release on June 5th 2018




Release Trailer :

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Ordo Noitavasara is up and open for business.


Search us in cabal window and apply today!


Suffer not the witch to live.

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Gameplay has improved tremendously from early access but it's still riddled with minor bugs and serious server lag.


It is very much like any ARPG. You get a decent single player story campaign but after that the game is about loot grinding.

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its pretty ok, once i sorted the massive fps lag. i like the setting, but it still have a way to go before super... but awesome for me since a map takes 10-15 minutes, and thats about what i have atm

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That's a good review but after 75 hours of playing I guess he hasn't ran into cabals and hasn't figured out you can create a party of 4 and run coops with that group.

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I’m enjoying it, I was going to say my biggest gripe is the FPS lag, how did you solve it seviathan?

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Thanks, that seems to have done the trick. Your cabal is full drakhorn, so sad....

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Word of advice about cabal ranks if you're thinking about making one.


In order to open tech tree upgrades you need to rank your cabal up.


You rank up by gaining xp from cabal directives.


Apparently (unconfirmed yet) you get xp in relation to amount of your members. Some directives give 4xp per member and some 5xp per member. This is determined at the moment the cabal receives the directive!


So from the very first directive your cabal will receive only 4 or 5 xp because there's only the grandmaster in it when the cabal is formed. I strongly suggest filling up the cabal before finishing the first directive as you could be missing almost 100 points of xp and missing your 2nd rank during the first week.


Also there's a ton of config files in game_directory\Cfg that are readable with just a notepad and they contain a ton of useful information. Don't bother trying to change the contents of them to manipulate loot quality or drop chances, that's been fixed now.


Here's how it looked like before the fix: 

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