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Escape from Tarkov

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Factory map can be scary. I get why people camp there. Most players die in first 30s. Probably the worst map ingame.

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All vendors are bumped to 4, all items is 99% discount, go bananas, I think we can expect wipe this week, hopefully tomorrow or latest thursday! :)

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Patch 0.10.5 is being deployed, wipe and all, lots of glorious stuff added and fixed.
Patch Notes:


Dear Escapers!

We finished the installation of the patch for the Escape From Tarkov.

You can download it through the game launcher!

If you are curious what we brought to the Tarkov this time, please check the patchnotes below.






  • Flea market. An advanced economy addition to EFT, adding the opportunity of free trading between players.
    • Now you can offer any pre-examined items for sale, and purchase any goods from other players.
    • By leveling up your own standing, you can offer more items and get more additional benefits.
    • The Flea market system includes an advanced search engine, a wish list and other convenient features for easy use with the new system
    • A new encyclopedia - handbook is available now, it shows already examined items. In future, the functionality of this feature will expand.
  • First iteration of player’s rankings
  • Animated food and meds consumption (not a final iteration, animations will be refined as well as adding new ones.)
  • Bullet hits will drain stamina by different algorithm (a quantity of stamina taken depends on bullets’ damage, a bulletproof vest presence and so on).
  • Ability to place players’ tags in containers in the stash
  • New Mechanics’ quests, “Tarkov Marksman” series (new quest mechanics also).
  • MP7A1 SMG.
  • 21х9 monitor support.
  • Blunt damage now depends on a armor class and bullet penetration ratio.
  • Ergonomics is now calculated in a different way, mods values are added to the characteristics of the weapon that they are placed on. The skills and armor penalties are still added as a percentage. The final weight of the weapon influences the characteristics of the ergonomics. Aiming speed, weapon sway, alignment of the line of sight, loudness of equipment noise when aiming depends on the characteristic of ergonomics.

New mods for Mosin rifle:

  • DELTAC Mosin Nagant Mini-Mag Muzzle Brake
  • TacFire Mosin Nagant 91/30 Bolt-On Tanker Style Muzzle
  • Mosin Nagant 91/30 Clamp On Muzzle Break
  • Mosin Nagant 91-30 Muzzle Brake
  • DELTAC Mosin Nagant Receiver Scope Mount With Bolt Handle
  • AIM Sports Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scope Mount MNG
  • AIM Sports Mosin Nagant Tri-rail MNGTM
  • 14.TacFire Mosin Nagant M44 And 91/30 Pistol Grip Black PGMN-B
  • ATI Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock Black
  • ProMag Archangel OPFOR Magazine 7.62x54R 10 Rounds Polymer Black AA762R 02
  • AIM Sports Mosin Nagant Buttpad Extension PJNG05
  • AA9130-DT - Archangel Opfor Precision Rifle Stock for Mosin-Nagant M1891 and Variants- Desert Tan

AI improvements:

An iteration of AI behavior and shooting improvements. Now AI behavior should become more realistic and eliminate most of the cases where the AI behaved strangely. This should lead to an increase in the effectiveness of their behavior as well as making it more predictable. The AI behavior will be refined based on statistics and your feedback.

  • Improved decision-making system for taking cover, shooting from a place, going backwards, bend shooting and reloading.
  • AI will try to take cover if he sees the enemy or if someone opens fire at him.
  • Improved security check cover system.
  • Improved cover sniping behavior.
  • Improved AI hearing system.
  • Improved AI behavior, while using different types of weapons. Shots with shotguns and pistols will be attempted at a close range.
  • Added an attempt to hide from a player in a dangerous situation.
  • AI frag and stun grenades throwing system has been improved.
  • Now bots will aim longer and less accurately while moving.
  • Shooting, adjustment fire, visibility, hearing, reaction and a number of other parameters are changed.
  • Fixed various bugs when the AI is running at the player.
  • Fixed. Shooting in the player at the point-blank range, while standing in a player
  • Other various bugs fixed.

Fixes to locations:

  • Interchange, AI can now see through the revolving doors of the main entrances.
  • Woods, the place where the character can get stuck is fixed (at the Sawmill, near the bench)
  • Woods, place where the character could lay under the water is fixed (near the scav resting place)
  • Woods, bunker gap is closed
  • Interchange, billboard that did not display bullet holes is fixed (IDEA market)

Visual fixes:

  • Fixed SSAO strobing effect
  • The optics image is now drawing while aiming only
  • Black line glitch for flashlight on Factory is fixed


  • A rare bug when a hit on a character could not be counted is fixed
  • One of the game crashes while map loading is fixed
  • Now the player cannot shoot, while the animated action was started from the inventory (for example, discharging, loading weapons)
  • The statistics display corrections.
  • Errors occurring while playing on the Woods map
  • Looped jump bug fixed from the third person view, whilst geometry is blocking the players’ jump above.
  • Corrected description of B-10M handguards
  • A bug with optics mode changing while shooting blind
  • The weapon icon hanging when transferring it while removing a weapon from the main weapon slot.
  • The sound of searching in various containers on the locations (it was only playing in one earpiece before)
  • A Bug that blocked interaction with weapons while changing weapons at the time of a grenade throw
  • A bug that didn’t display the pain effect, while running with broken legs with painkillers effect.
  • A bug when the status “Killed in action” was transmitted if a player deserted a raid (Exit the raid using the menu button)
  • A bug with a character stuck in the pose of “inventory opened”, from a third person view, if you discharge a weapon and start to reload it while opening the inventory


  • Quest experience amount is increased.
  • Rebalancing of weapon mods (ergonomics, recoil).
  • The prices of some items, the cost of repair is changed.
  • First person helmet ricochet sounds are fixed
  • First person dying sounds are fixed
  • The first iteration of players' nicknames censoring; we plan to improve it in future.
  • “READY” button on the screen, after location selection was added.
  • Now the action “Run” and “Hold your breath” are divided into different keys.
  • You can now change the “dispose” key assignment (DELETE by default).
  • Now it’s possible to rebolt bolt rifles later (after sending the bullet to the chamber, after firing with a sliding bolt rifles) while releasing the left mouse button or any button to which shooting is assigned: pressing - a shot, releasing the button - rebolting.
  • Now it is possible to activate several actions set to “hold”.
  • Breath holding is now appointed on the Left Alt button by a default.
  • Added a second column for key settings; now you can assign one action to several keys.
  • Added “Lazy Load” of dialogue s list for a large amount of dialogues. Increases interface performance
  • Now when a pre-order pack is upgraded, the difference in equipment will be sent via game mail, if the player already has an account.
  • In the weapons inspector, recoil info is now divided into horizontal and vertical.
  • Press packs are now equal to EoD packs
  • Fixed a lot of controls conflicts while aiming by “holding” a button. (For example, you can now use “step aside” feature while aiming down the sights by holding a button.)
  • Added an ability to assign items to the hotkeys quickly. You must hover the cursor on the item that placed in your pockets or tactical vest and press the button from 4 to 0 on the keyboard.



Edited by Muuman

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After playing 0.10.5 patch I can no longer recommend this game at it current state.


They broke more than they fixed and current ingame economy is quite broken. Desync is back, game crashes quite often. Bullets seems to not hit where you aim even at close distances where bullet drop don't count (it happens more with some scopes than other), directional sound was always bad but now it's completely broken plus often you just don't hear enemy walking next to you or with massive delay. Some silenced weapons don't make any sounds when you are like 40m+ away while being quite loud closer than 40m (sometimes you just don't hear anything but you take damage and when you take few steps toward enemy you can hear it loud and clear). AI isn't fixed at all and they can still see you through bushes and stuff. People are reporting that they broke some armor mechanics too, I'm not sure how true is that.


It is a great game when it works and I hope they fix issues in next patches but for now I don't think I will play it and I don't recommend it untill some big fixes are applied.

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And, that was it for me for this wipe around.
Until they remove the flea market, or add restrictiosn where you are not able to sell vendor-sold items on there, there's little point to play. As you can hardly even buy ammo before its gone because people put it on the fleamarket for stupid profits. Uninstalled, will take a look at it again in 0.11 or when flea market is revamped.

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And I dont see why the drama :P, Tarkov is always like this first week(s) after major patches.

As I said ingame economy suck. They tried to fix it by limiting how much you can buy ammo per restock but I don't think that did anything. Ammo from merchant was quite expensive already and now people that play alot can buy all the ammo and sell it for ridiculous prices.

Atleast they said they fixed most of the bugs I listed in previous post so thats good.

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I bring like 120 bullets in mags (if I run 30 round mags) and spare 120, so each raid I do is 240, fi i got a few bad ones, those 1000 bullets go quick

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Its 30% off for the game atm. It had nice update and full character wipe few weeks ago.

Its a good game if you don't mind losing your stuff when you die. There is still some annoying bugs around but they optymalized game performance alot lately.

Edited by Nexi

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