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For people starting out and wanting to get into Hearthstone I thought i'll post some cheap decks to craft if you don't have a lot of dust to spend


Warrior post-33666-0-95337800-1408602391_thumb.jpg


Rogue post-33666-0-00820000-1408602425_thumb.jpg


Warlock post-33666-0-44194600-1408602481_thumb.jpg


Shaman post-33666-0-56420100-1408602553_thumb.jpg



All those decks have gotten to legendary by streamers and gotten me to rank 10



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I posted a bunch of decks in the hearthstone Thread in the private games section.

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Lol.. I just notice I didn't even give it a name yet..

but this is the deck I play the most probably.


I get tired pretty fast playing zoolock.. but I did like the fact you can play cheap minions.. I was only missing some "spellpower" since the warlock has some nice spells.


So I tried to make a combination where you can build nice board control and you have some nice spells to clear heavy minions or clear the enemy board if needed.


A bit more of a midrange warlock.



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Was talking to Gromk and he FORCED me to put the decks on the forum!


A fun and efficcient deathrattle Palladin deck:


Mulligan for Undertaker + leper gnome or any other good early game deathrattle card.

knife juggler + haunted creeper, harvest golem and echoing ooze is also nice combo.


High winrate Druid deck:


I have been fiddeling around with the druid the last couple of days and this is a deck I came up with.

It's kind of a spin-off from the token druid and midrange druid.


I just wanted a bit more aggression and board bossyness. And I love the Force of Nature / savage roar combo.


I just finished 20 games with this deck and won 18 of them.

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So I won 10 matches in the arena using a deck built around this..


10 is my new record, previous was 9, I'm not skilled enough it seems tog et that damn 12 win!


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Sad to hear he got the money back... 


And more. HAHA


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easely countered with the new cards that came out. It's a pretty fun deck tho but gimmicky..

with this pally deck I'm having a 85% win rate so far.



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any new deck suggestions illa!? :D i am horrible and just sort of started 

a couple of months late, but yes! i`ll update tomorrow!

been without a computer for a while.

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Here is an update of the best (popular) decks of  the current meta:


Secret Paladin:


The pally got the biggest boost for sure, by far the most popular deck currently played (or a variation of it).

it's a fairly aggressive deck with some sustain and board clear and a shit ton of annoying secrets.




Midrange hunter:


The hunter has been a viable choice since the beginning, it was also my first "golden" hero.

This is the classic midrange hunter adjusted to the current meta, making it a very viable choice.

You can also google for "face hunter" to find a very aggressive hunter deck which also works good but is very aggressive.




Tempo mage:


This is my version or alteration of the tempo mage. you can google for the classic tempo mage for this meta (it's cheaper and less legendary minions), but this is my version of it.

This brings a bit more punch and fun to everything, a bit more unpredictable. But you need the legendary cards for it. (Nexus Champion Saraad, Rhonin, Dr. Boom, Emperror Thaurassin)




Midrange shaman:


This is a midrange shaman deck but also in combination with some totem magic.

A very popular deck atm, but maybe a bit of a slow starter, so you need to mulligan good or be careful against aggressive decks, but it's fun to play.

this is also my version of it, you can google for the standard midrange shaman or totem shaman.




Dragon Priest:


With this new meta they have added incredible dragon synergy. Many possible dragon decks.

But the strongest dragon deck is probably the Priest Dragon Deck. It is probably the most played deck in this meta next to the secret paladin.

You can also google for the "control priest" or zetalot priest deck" they have also become pretty strong in this meta, but the dragon priest is probably the strongest of these in the current meta.




Mid/aggro warlock:


I don't know what or how to call this deck but it's somewhat of a mix of an aggressive deck and midrange deck.

For the warlock the 2 most popular decks are the "zoolock" (aggressive) decks and their combinations and the "handlock" (control) decks and their adjustments to the meta. These dekcs have been around for some time now adjusting to each meta when an update comes. And they are still viable.


But this is my favorite version of the warlock and the deck I currently play most. It's very strong, incredible synergy and still viable against more control focussed decks. Aggro decks often lose their punch against control decks after a couple of rounds, but this deck can sustain yet bring down an enemy fast as an aggro deck would do.


The "hobgoblin" + 1 attack minion combo is INSANE.

The "Blood Knight" has become incredibly viable in this meta because of the overload of paladins and their divine shields and other classes that are playing more minions with divine shield.




Honorable mention:


The midrange druid deck for this meta is considered a tier 1 deck. I personally don't really like to play it because I find it to dependant on certain cards, but it surely can be a pain to play against. so it is certainly viable and you can google for this deck.


That is the current meta update according to me :)


if you want some info how to play a certain deck, or want to know what card you can replace if you are missing a certain card, feel free to contact me! #donk2278 or here in pm!


ps. Dr. Boom is OP!!! get that legendary, it's in almost every deck nowadays and a pain to deal with.

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It has been a while, but it's time to update some decks with the new Kharazan patch that came out.


3 of my favourite (and very viable to ladder with) decks:


Midrange Shaman:


Shaman has got a lot of love in the last few updates, and damn right it finally did. It was a class that was dwelling in anonymity for the biggest part of Hearthstone's existence.

You see a lot of aggro shamans on the ladder and people hate them because they can rip shit apart. But against the control heavy meta that is popping up lately they can die off quickly if not getting the perfect starter hand.


And that is exactly where this midrange shamans comes in, multiple burst possibilities, board control and an overall solid deck that can compete AND win against most decks. Very well balanced.

My favourite deck by far to ladder, I have a whopping 76% winrate with it!! After 2-3h of play I went from rank 20 to rank 5 with this deck.


Mulligan for the Argent squire, Rockbiter weapon, totem golem and/or Tuskarr Totemic in most cases. Stormcrack or Maelstrom portal are also good mulligan options depending on who you are facing.

Especially totem golem is hard to remove, and a turn 2 with coin Tuskarr totemic are 2 hard to deal with early plays where your opponent is going to waste his removals already.




Dragon Priest:


Also a very solid deck this meta, a more control orientated deck with great dragon synergy. The dragon decks are definitely making a rise with the new cards. (also check out dragon warrior and/or paladin) I prefer the Priest because of it's awesome board control utility with entomb, shadow word pain/death and Holy nova. And the new king of the hill Book Wyrm card.


Usually mulligan for Twilight welp and Netherspite Historian. And work on that dragon synergy. Keep board control and bring those awesome spells to good use.




Malygos Rogue:


This deck basically has the same mechanics as a classic miracle rogue but with a bigger punch and a (imho) way cooler finisher. I love playing this deck. Do keep in mind it has a higher learning curve and really needs practice for different ways to build up to your kill. This is what they call an OTK deck. (one turn kill) Basically you have to control the board until you can pop the Gadgetzan Auctioneer and cycle through your cards to build towards your OTK. meaning drop Malygos on the board and burst down your enemy in one turn with your damage spells. Not wasting too much damage spells here is key. Early on try and build board with your minions, and let the enemy focus on those and only use a portion of your damage spells on the board if really needed.






Discard Warlock - new zoolock type of deck with the new discard cards & mechanics.

Control Warrior - oldschool ctrl deck brought back to life with some new cards.

Beast Druid - Solid laddering deck that finally brought life to beast druid with new cards.

Reno decks - several "Reno Jackson" decks are being played, but not sure yet where they fit in the meta. But fun to play. Quite a few Reno mages popping up.

Tempo mage - solid laddering deck with a bunch of new card options. Still in debate what the new standard tempo mage should look like. 

Freeze mage - the classic freeze mage is also making a comeback, not sure if it will survive this meta, hard to play against the loads of aggro players.


good luck!

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New patches, new cards and a big update waiting around the corner. TIme for an update!


The paladin murlock madness:





Secret tempo mage:




the current dragon warrior:




Everfin Shammy:

adding a bloodlust is a good idea.. 






These are my favourite decks for the current meta so far.. there are some other nice decks, but I like these the most.. a good balance of fun and being competitive in the meta.

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Yes you can.


Random intarweb Gyazo img:


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Earlier it said I don't have permission to post images from that host on this community.


but it worked now it seems..


ANd this is the deck I play most on ladder:


37-4 run at the moment.



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the meta is settling down a little after the latest big patch so here are some nifty decks!


Alot has changed with many classic top cards being removed from standard and awesome new cards added. The quest cards are making a big impact.


here are a few of my favourite decks out there.




Never posted a rogue deck before I think.

But this new type of miracle rogue, I REALLY like. (also check out the quest rogue.. it's rediculous.






Mage is probably my favourite class and "Tempo mage" decks have been around for a long time.

But this tempo mage deck is probably the most fun one I played in a long time. (and a strong one)






FINALLY the priest has gotten some love where it can actually compete on the ladder.

Yes there was a strong Dragon Priest deck for a while but there also were strong dragon decks with other classes.

But now there are a few strong options with ACTUAL priest cards!!!!

this is my favourite one to play!


(also check out the N'zoth priest and purify pries)






Also a class I don't play very often, but this is something new for a druid: AGGRO druid!

Fun to play and aggressive... completely different playstyle then the usual druid decks.




honerable mentions:


Haven't had time to test these out yet :


-Hunter has gottten some new love. Check out the ne midrange and/or beast hunter. Really strong decks

-Murloc Quest Shaman

-Jade Druid

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The meta is still having hick-ups.. a lot of randomness in control decks and aggro decks mostly..


this warrior is really strong:




this is my favourite priest deck atm. I have around 75% winrate.




 and this is the new Freeze Mage. People thought I would die this season because ice lance, azure drake and some other crucial cards rotated out of standard. But hey here it is again and pretty strong. 



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