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I think the guild stash tab is mostly usefull in the beginning of the league, now it is just filled with junk nobody needs anymore.

We started playing as a group, that is alot of fun. We have been talking about starting a private league some day and do group self found.

Also, the video of Lyngs is outdated. it has been changed quite a bit since then, specialy the modifiers will not be applied to everything connected but you can place it on a + shape on 5 maps. So it's good to build a + shape of fragments with 3 charges to stack the modifiers on.

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New League came out friday, for those not in the loop.

Huge combat rework focused on melee. Animation cancelling is in the game, the melee skills feels "connected" now, all movement skills are A LOT smoother, scaling bla bla bla.

The new League mechanic is very fun, albeit AoE-focused. It's a bit like Breach, but you yourself chose how many/which mobs spawn. Pretty fun. It's easily skippable for those that want, and it's a big chaotic mess of mobs for those that are so inclined. Drops are sweet so far, even at my measly lvl 40 it drops an ok amount of currency and stuff.

New "Incubation" system where you enchant your items with a drop, and then after you kill XXX mobs with that item equiped it "hatches" into a drop, can be a currency, breachstone etc. Pretty nice small addition. 


Over all it seems like a good league, and I'll play it til I get bored as always :)


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