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The Zerg on Chrysamere

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Some of our hardest and best fights on Chrysamere has been against Ebonheart Pact. A sudden huge influx of Daggerfall Covenant players on our campaign has sadly ruined a lot of the fun we have had over the past few weeks with very decent and balanced numbers.


As per usual, Ginnunga tries to stay away from our own zerg and fight our own battles, which at times proves difficult when the opposing side gathers too large of a number.


This time, they were not many enough.



Continue reading for videos and some whining...

VR10 Templar + friends versus The Red Zerg™

We have been very careful when picking our home campaign. We tried to ensure that there were max one or two other PvP guilds on our home campaign, because we know the impact we sometimes have on the battlefield. It is very hard especially in the beginning of a game, for pickup groups to go up against organize PvP guilds.


For the sake of realm balance and to keep everyone interested in PvP, we have made sure that we do not stockpile scrolls, we do not take too many keeps - we try to keep the scoreboard balanced and just go for nice fights as often as we can.


Early on in our campaign Chrysameres history, just after launch, the Aldmeri Dominion took most of the map and we let it be for more than a week while we engaged the PvE and storyline. No rush really, but we did feel a bit of a preassure since the lead was climbing.


When most of us were Veterans we decided enough is enough and did what we could to reduce the lead and it worked great. Awesome fights and great fun, but the opposition was not yet strong enough to fight back properly. So we applied our careful tactic, to make sure the little ones grew up to be formidable opponents.


The elves were getting cocky so they needed to be taught that their ears look best in necklaces around our necks.

After a while, a huge group of VR10 Ebonheart Pact arrived on the battlefield and they quickly turned us into a puddle of chocolate milk on the ground, so we went back to continue with our PvE, since the scoreboard was now more even.


Few days later we came back with us now also in the high veteran ranks and the awesome fighting began for real. It stayed steady and awesome like this for a week or two, but then suddenly prior to this weekend, Daggerfall Covenant was completely invaded by people, which has quite frankly made the balance in the campaign a huge mess.


While we still get nice fights and try to avoid helping our own realm take keeps to even things out, the huge zergs that now roam Chrysamere are causing lag and ruining the balance. To even further combat this we have stopped utilizing zone chat to aid our own side, in hopes of the reds and the yellows to build more morale.


We still want to fight. We will fight every day, but we will not kick someone when they are down. This did not stop us from trying to take on the entire Ebonass Pact though!


A tide of red washes away the kings best men

We are truly hoping the balance gets better and the lag gets fixed by either campaign caps or backend tweaks. Until then, we will keep on fighting.


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