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How to install addons in ESO

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A quick guide how to install addons to use with Elder Scrolls OnlineFirst you have to download the addons that you would like. The addons come in a zip format, which basically means they have been compressed to take up a smaller size, as well as organizing it in a folder structure.


In this guide, we are presuming you know the basics of how to find files on your harddrive and we are describing it out of a Windows 8 perspective.



Before you start

Before you start you will need some addons to install! A good place to look is ESOUI. Download one or several addons to a location on your computer where you can find them again.




Step 1: Locate "My Documents"

First we have to locate "My Documents" - There is usually a shortcut to it under "This PC".


Download attachment: my-documents.png


In your "My documents" folder, you will find a folder named "Elder Scrolls Online".


In this folder, you will have one or two folders called "live" and/or "liveeu".


The "live" folder is for the NA client, and the "liveeu" is if you are using the EU client.



Download attachment: eso-liveeu.png



Step 2: Create or locate "AddOns"

If you haven't got a folder called "AddOns", one has to be created. To create a folder, you right-click in the empty white space and choose "New -> Folder". It is very important that you give it the correct name "AddOns".


Once the folder is in place, we are ready to install our addons!



Download attachment: eso-addons-folder.png



Step 3: Open the downloaded ZIP-file

Since I am lazy and prefer to drag and drop, I usually open up another explorer window, by using a keyboard shortcut (WIN+E), locate my downloaded ZIP-file, double-click it and it will expose the addons folder.



Download attachment: drag-drop-folder.png



Step 4: Install the addon

You can now do the final step in two different ways:

  • Double-click the "AddOns" folder to open it up, then switch back to the other window and drag that folder into the the addons folder that is open in the background


  • Drag and drop that folder on top of the "AddOns" folder and that will make it extract the files there.

Step 5: Launch the game and enjoy your addon!

You are now done and can log into your game. IF you did all this when you were still online, you have to refresh your addons in-game by pressing ESC and then choose Addons -> Reload.


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