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Fiddling around with a external GPU setup for my laptop

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So I got tired of always having to set my graphics to the lowest settings in any game i play because of my laptop that was good for like 2.5 years ago.


I'm on the move a lot so I couldn't really justify buying a brand new gaming desktop right now (though i'm gonna do it once things settles a bit) and I stumbled over the External GPU solution.


There's a company in Taiwan HWtools that sells an adapter that gives you a PCIe-slot. So what I got is :


1. A GPU (EVGA GTX460 SE v2 1GB)

2. A PSU (powersupply unit) for the graphics card. 450 watts for this one (Had a spare)

3. The adapter

4. An external monitor (Had a spare)


This cost me 2200 Swedish kroner and it plays Skyrim on ultra/high, BF3 on high and Starcraft II on the highest aswell. Unfortunately my particular GPU has a bad driver for Guild Wars 2 so I'm currently troubleshooting it and trying to fix it.


All in all this is an awesome solution for me who has to be mobile alot during the daytime and spend a few nights a week away from the apartment so i can just bring the whole thing with me.


Oh and I dont have a chassi for it cause I just finished it tonight and want to carry it with me tomorrow. So i made... a temporary solution.


I really recommend this to someone who sits on an old laptop with a decent processor and is on a budget.


EDIT: Oh and if you have you don't to go through the hassle you can just buy a ViDock at Village Instruments but only that thing costs as much as my whole setup + that I like building things like this.




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