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Wet wet wet in Rift

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"I feel it in my fingers,
i feel it in my toes.
Love is all around me,
and so the feeling grows"

Sadly the past week in Rift for Ginnunga has contained less of the awesome scottish 80's band and more of other wet activities. In preparation for Hammerknell our ever so wise leadership on Whitefall has proclaimed it necessary for all members to stock up on water resist which means water rifts. Lots and lots of water rifts. And oh, did i mention water rifts?

Ernesto did not heed the warning about standing in yellow snow...

It's like a water slide, but instead of water we get poo!

We've also been strictly instructed to get the event trinket which lets you breath water. Everyone has done their best, except some who choose to invest their hard earned seals in retarded hats instead of trinkets...

Besides the seemingly endless amount of waterfun we did a smooth GSB-clear where Lord Greenscale was promptly oneshotted. This took our members by such surprise that NEITHER that had the epic quest managed to fondle him with their sword. Score one for awesome quest mechanics!
Summer is taking tad of a toll on our MMO gaming but we're clearing what we can each week, gearing up to headbutt Alsbeth whenever we get the chance. Whitefalls oldest does not let summer, sun or children screaming for icecream get in the way of our Rift guild progress!


We're still looking to fill up our roster with a handful new members that can't wait to tear into Rifts raid content. Aside from the obvious (T2-gear or better and what not) we recommend you have ample resistance to Swedish songs being sung on teamspeak while raiding. Don't say we didn't warn you.

If you're interested please read our official recruitment post where you will find all the info you could ever ask for!
In the unlikely event that you do have questions feel free to contact Ernesto, Kunasha, Fastas or Pinchy ingame.

As for applications: Write properly. Write a lot. Spell-check. Trigger our interest - We want good and friendly people that will add to our community, not just the game!

Til next week, stay wet.

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