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    • Such disappointment¬†ūüėĒ j/k, thanks for the write up, Nexi! And yes, it's been out in both Asia and Russia quite a while afaik, maybe more places? I mean if it's only $25 this seems like a solid buy. No idea how it will hold up endgame etc, but if it's a good, fun experience until max lvl and a bit beyond that's more than fair for the price and if it turns out to have longevity it's a bonus!¬†
    • I played this alpha¬†and it was nice. I did only PvE main quest stuff since PvP arenas were locked for 50 lvl char.¬† PvE Combat was fast and fluid with nice skills variety and customisation at higer levels. There was decent mob and boss variety but they kinda die too fast for it to matter to me.¬†I never read anything about this game before alpha but from what I saw there might be alot of content there to keep players busy. I did hit 47 level and felt like I didn't even see half¬†of the things game have to offer. As I understand this is not new¬†game have been out in asia for years¬†now so content should be there. With other mmo games¬†that realese this year¬†looking quite boring and with barely any¬†content It's¬†definitely mmo I'm most¬†interested in this year¬†after playing this alpha. PS. I should have probably linked alpha sign up here at the same time I singed up so people had better chance of getting key. I will do better next time.
    • Because you broke it? 25$ for the base game looks friendly.¬†
    • Test is over for now.¬†
    • Have not received an invite yet. Nexi promised me I would get one. Much disappointment.¬†
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