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    • What an AWESOME league that's currently running!  First time I got a char past 95. First time I got three separete chars/builds to 95. First time I spent 40+ ex on a single build. First time I did 36/40 (and was rewarded with a Hideout) So many fun additions this league. Feel like I'm done now that I hit 36/40, but kinda already looking forward to next league If anyone is still playing, aiming for 36/40 or something, I have a fair bit of currency, maps etc to share. Just holler. 
    • Mining rigs, shortage, floodings, covid. Its everything. hehe
    • It’s all the mining rigs being built isn’t it. 
    • As pasrt of the transfer they are handing out free game passes to those who don't have one to move: https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/News/Detail?groupContentNo=378
    • Now it's £240 more, an increase of £100 in less than a month.  The Gigabyte Eagle OC RTX3070 is slightly more expensive than what I paid for my card, and that's not just a GPU tier down, but also a model down too. GPU market is so fucked, I'm really glad I spent that time camping the OCUK website on the 3080 release date and chose a model their forum said was in stock at release with more coming week after.
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