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  3. Ogdo Bogdo, damn frog but such a sense of joy once you nail him
  4. I am also enjoying this. WIth no spoliers .... It was frustrating until i realised that i could not complete each map on the 1st run through and i would need to come back when i had a wider set of skills. Once i got that, it became much more fun! and it feels like Star Wars! It looks stunning on the PC vs Xbox, Ray tracing makes a huge difference!
  5. Funny thing, the day after I get this for the PC, I get a free copy for the Xbox One X because I signed up for the All Access thing and the store did not have any non bundled consoles
  6. Kunasha

    [TV-Show] Britannia

    I've got Sky, so have this waiting in 4K/Atmos, eventually I'll get around to watching it but it requires the living room TV
  7. I binge watched season 1 & 2 over two days. Can't believe this wasn't recommended earlier. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5932548/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HX5wQsh77k
  8. Well, its pretty damn awesome. So I hope that helps
  9. I have had more than enough fail stacks for one life.
  10. You are not hyped for some failstacking?!
  11. An follow up of black desert has been revealed by Pearl Abyss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwU6pzsY9XQ edit: why is the youtube video just a link and not a video -.-
  12. I do think she has sex with the droid at some point, not sure which episode. Im not really a Katie fan
  13. If there are no boobs I will never trust you again
  14. I watched this with the grillfriend... we were both stunned to how bad a show with a good premise could get and finished every episode. Every character is moody AF, even the AI. Its like watching a trainwreck unfold before your very eyes, fascinating watch! TLDR; Very bad show
  15. Get to episode four, that ones definitely worth watching.
  16. Only season 1, stop after that.
  17. No thank you, I trust you pigs
  18. I already started watching Heroes, apparently people liked that and it's all on Netflix now
  19. Why don't you watch an episode yourself Chasin. Go on.
  20. Don't let these pigs ruin your fun tony! If you love it, you should watch episode 3!
  21. Chasin


    Well, only video I could quickly find. But the game was not actually released yet when he made that video. And yea if you want yet another copy paste of auto chess this is not the game for you. It's very much hearthstone with elements of auto chess, which I personally really enjoy.
  22. Oh well, I won't bother with episode 3 then
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