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    I’m not even old and I don’t have time for hardcore games 😩
  3. I've played all the parts and mods, read all the books, gods, how I dream of playing it!!
  4. So I have had to back off on a couple of cores as I started pushing further. Right now I have best core at 0, 2nd best at -20, core that wouldn't go to -30 at -25, and the rest at -30. This is passing through the core cycling at the moment, but I'm still running it through for absolute stability. I think that I'm getting close to maximum undervolt now, I'm only reducing the offset by 1 at a time when cores fail
  5. Here is a comparison showing my improvement since -5 all cores https://www.3dmark.com/compare/cpu/86120/cpu/45702
  6. So I've discovered CoreCycler, which has allowed me to properly start dialing in the curves. I had been running -5 all core, as I did get the odd fatal WHEA error, which didn't give any info on which core was the issue. I've been at -5 all core for a month with no errors. CoreCycler https://github.com/sp00n/corecycler/releases The nice thing about WFH is that it's pretty easy to have this running all day while you play with offsets. So I discovered that my best core isn't stable on -5, and after adding 1 to it it will pass at -2. I've read reports that some people need 0 on there "best" core. I looked at the 4 preferred cores in Ryzen Master, made a note of them, then remembered that Ryzen Master numbers cores 1 to 16, everything else 0 to 15. For me my best and 2nd best are 0 and 3 on CCD0 and 10 and 12 on CCD1 (1, 4, 11 and 13 in Ryzen Master). While I had to reduce the offset for core 0, I added increased the offset by 5 to all the other cores, so -4 with -10, then -3 with -15. Here I decided to stop with the other "best" cores, as I've read a lot of people needed to, so went -2 on c0, stuck with -15 in c3, c10, and c11, then -20 on the rest. Then -20 became -25, then -30. From c0 became stable at -2, but 1 core (c13) didn't like -30 so I knocked it straight back to -27 which it does like. Now I'm reducing c3, c10, and c11 by 5 at a time to see how far those can be pushed, only testing those cores with CoreCycler for now. All this is with motherboard limits for PPT, TDC and EDC and 0MHz boost. Once my offsets are dialed in I'll look at increasing the boost by 25MHz a time, but the consensus is that offset is better, and if you can't get stable with the boost without dropping offset, don't do it. Each time you get stable with the boost, you need to check benchmarks to see if it is an actual increase or if clock is stretching and it's a fake benefit. The youtube video on PBO2 in the 3rd post above is VERY useful for the theory on all this. I've had CoreCycler running in the background across all cores (in turn) with no perceivable impact to gaming. If I leave my HWINFO64 running all day, then 6 or 7 cores are hitting 5000 or 5025MHz and the rest above 4900MHz. This has given me better scores in multithread and single core in cinebench, cpuid bench, and 3dmark cputest For example, in 3dmark: Total 18,074 GPU 18,521 CPU 15,901 before starting on c3, c10, and c11 Total 17,907 GPU 18,426, CPU 15,443 before GPU undervolt and with CPU at -5 all
  7. Mitxuko (Narcil)

    New World MMO

    Yo Tang come play!
  8. started playing this again, they have reworked... a lot of things since a year ago. guns actually kill things now, imagine that
  9. The new tubes came from Saint-Gobain and they've etched their labels on the tubes with a laser or something... no way to rub them off
  10. Premades. I used to have Nanoxia CF1 Cooling Fluid Pro Acid Green but now in that last picture I have Aquatuning Protect UV Green.
  11. Yes! What do you use as coolant? Distilled water or something premade?
  12. The pictures arnt working @Drakhorn
  13. OK! So after running 5 years I decided to do full maintenance for the rig. The only thing I had done before this was change the liquid once and dust off every other year or something. So I cleaned all the water blocks and radiators, changed the tubes, thermal pads and pastes. Here's what the parts looked like after 5 years if anyone wondered. CPU block was the dirtiest. I think the gunk in the fins is residue from the o-ring. GPU block and pump had barely any residue in them. The paste had turned nasty and the bracket had obvious discolorations on it. That is how it came out, I had not swiped the paste in the middle. The liquid metal had faired well it seems. It had corroded the IHS a little, just enough to make it a little coarse where it was applied. No effect on the die. Tygon tubes had changed color and the liquid itself had clearly more brownish tint than when it went in. No picture of the liquid though. After 24 hours she's back alive.
  14. Cogency


    Hello! Thank you for your invitation. Sadly the interest for this game from us old folks isnt all that much but im sure people will want to play will consider it and have a look. Thanks!
  15. Azubael


    Hi everyone, longstanding ancient member here. I played with you guys in ESO and my other friends Jezz and Mina also played in gw2/ archeage with you. Sad to learn you wont be joining as a team to New World but we are all old fucks now and life happens! I would like to formally invite anyone who wants to go hardcore in New World to Demise. Check out their really impressive recruitment post on New World Fans (Takyn's website). https://newworldfans.com/companies/186 You can contact Bigbear - twitch.tv/bigbearqt#0435 for further inquiries. I wish the best to everyone and see you in game hopefully
  16. Slight under volt on my GPU, and I broke 18000 timespy score https://www.3dmark.com/spy/21414645 Same power, less temps/volts, and a increase in performance so small I won't notice
  17. I respect your game preferences, butt I am not that progressive.
  18. you could try grinder. its a follow-up game, completely different story mode and objectives!
  19. Pfff, try Tinder. Set your characters age to 45 and game objective to woman, Intelligent, single, childless but willing to foster offspring and not above 4 crazy. GL!
  20. it is a tough game mode in a tough game
  21. This is kind of a big deal now Also, what is this?
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