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  2. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/19648597 all stock 16822 17421 GPU, 14081 CPU
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  4. I'll sort it out properly when I get a gpu block. Leaving it running like this overnight now
  5. Just here to flex 💪 got my first ever lvl 100 and 40/40 challenges. Was a great league! looking forward to the next.
  6. Happy B-day to you indeed! #JellyAF
  7. Well, that arrived earlier than expected, and I didn't pay the extra for a Saturday delivery either EDIT: Happy Birthday to me!
  8. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    i still play a few time a week, and ginnunga is still active.
  9. Sinful

    The Division 2

    70gb download, holy moly. Oh well, downloading and will check it out. At 8€ it's worth a run through of the DLC at the very least
  10. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    I still have it installed and did pick up the expansion at some point too
  11. Sinful

    The Division 2

    Anyone played this recently? Having just played Outriders, which unfortunately turned out to be a steaming pile of shit after a pretty nice campaign, I kinda got the itch for a looter shooter. I liked this at launch, but end game and builds was a mess. It's been quite a while, it had an expansion, so anyone have any first hand experience? Reading on the reddit it seems to be in a pretty nice spot. The expansion can be picked up very cheap, like 8€, so think I'll give it a whirl.
  12. I got impatient and just saw a 5950X in stock. A bit more than a 5900X, but oh well it will arrive on Monday with some RAM, a Mobo, and a waterblock
  13. Haven't arrived yet! Got pushed again, to 15th of April now 😃
  14. @Ernestoyour 5900x arrive yet? I think I will get one too now that AMD are supposed to be manufacturing 20% more from Q2
  15. Game Pass is just adding value, I'm wondering when Microsoft will rebrand it. Make it a subsidiary, ditch the "Xbox", partner with Sony and voilá, one subscription to rule them all. Could still make titles exclusive to either console even if it's the same subscription service, but PC master race gets to scoop it all up once ported
  16. and it's now available through game pass. I had to uniinstall EA Desktop and follow these instructions to link it properly
  17. never played so long... hit lvl 98. best char i ever made. SO TANKY and MILLIONS OF FUN DAMAGE 37/40 the feared down. Now that is a fight
  18. Gromk

    "Well" -Cogency

  19. Metro 2033 free this weekend on Steam
  20. What an AWESOME league that's currently running! First time I got a char past 95. First time I got three separete chars/builds to 95. First time I spent 40+ ex on a single build. First time I did 36/40 (and was rewarded with a Hideout) So many fun additions this league. Feel like I'm done now that I hit 36/40, but kinda already looking forward to next league If anyone is still playing, aiming for 36/40 or something, I have a fair bit of currency, maps etc to share. Just holler.
  21. Mining rigs, shortage, floodings, covid. Its everything. hehe
  22. It’s all the mining rigs being built isn’t it.
  23. As pasrt of the transfer they are handing out free game passes to those who don't have one to move: https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/News/Detail?groupContentNo=378
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