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  2. If you remove the scrolling TIP thing at the bottom left corner, it takes away a lot of CPU usage, according to the internet.
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  4. I think it's 16 per server instance or something.. it's kinda fun trying to ninja stuff back to town, but really needs 3 or 4 of you to play it properly
  5. I really enjoy the fact that i can get "buffs" of anti social mental conditions ....
  6. Necromunda (Pre-order). 20% off. https://store.steampowered.com/app/566440/Necromunda_Underhive_Wars/
  7. Darkest Dungeon. Free weekend and 75% off. A true gem of a game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/262060/Darkest_Dungeon/
  8. Lyngs

    Darkest Dungeon

    Free weekend and 75% off. A true gem of a game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/262060/Darkest_Dungeon/
  9. Tarkov with pirates? Only three weapons and every thing is cosmetic. It is really fun just goofing around, stealing other peoples hard earned treasure and hearing them whine and shit talk. It has some awesome PvE treasure hunt riddles and stuff. Allegedly. The PvP aspect is hilarious, especially if you semi-roleplay and are a little bit tipsy.
  10. That looked pretty cool. Dont remember anything about this. Is this a MMO? or? hehe
  11. BastillaShan

    Conqueror's Blade

    Not only heard, but played it hard. Day in and out. I have several months of experience with this game a can admitly say that knowing how to farm silver is a no brainer, that's of course if you're into a more hardcore approach like I am. In Conqueror's Blade you can command an army, charge into battle and siege and more, but supplying your army is not cheap. That's where the silver farming comes in. If you're into learning how to farm, just PM me for details :)
  12. Earlier
  13. Civ 6 free to get until 28th on Epic (yeah, boohoo not steam QQ whine etc. Frankly i dont see the issue at all :p). Just thought id mention it since its a game i actually never bought, even though i liked previous ones. Plus its perfect for work...
  14. Chasin


    I'd try it if I would get in beta, But my luck in getting into beta's seem non excistent the last years.
  15. Cogency


    Got beta, played last night. And I actually enjoyed it! But then again, I like overwatch, Apex, Unreal, so combine it and big chance ill like it. To bad we have so few people playing shootsies.
  16. Square Enix Eidos Anthology is 95% off https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/14956/Square_Enix_Eidos_Anthology/ for me I could save quite a bit, but I have all I want from it anyway
  17. Howley

    Albion Online

    I bet it was the constant 20v1 fights and losing gear that made you stop. Just gotta get over it!
  18. Sammerkand

    Albion Online

    SO, next week then ?
  19. Calyn

    Albion Online

    One day, when everybody's retired and the kids are all grown up, we shall revisit DDO!
  20. Cogency

    Albion Online

    I think I went back to this game 3 or 4 times, something keeps putting me off but I forget what it is...which makes me go back again. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I did like our dungeon adventures last time though, I miss propper dungeoneering.
  21. Howley

    Albion Online

    I am playing this a bit right now. Currently in a small, non-functioning, steamer's guild... so basically I solo YZ / BZ or go group YZ BD IG: Howls
  22. Yes very enjoyable game.
  23. Alien Isolation is £1.50 today, it would be rude not to get it
  24. Lyngs

    Star Citizen!

    All we need now is blackjack, hures and working shower cabins… gold and regular. Good bye reality!
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