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    • Truth check
      * = No. No realtor. I lied.
      ** = Well, we ARE at least a group. I think. Some just call us a mistake.
      *** = Limited to almost everyone playing EVE.
      **** = We snuck in early uninvited, much like rodents.
      ***** = There are asteroids most would care more about. Really. We're that insignificant. I once had a pet asteroid named Ruben though, but that might not be pertinent.
      ******= I once had a pet fruit named... No.
      ******* = We're being ripped off. Badly. Like, my wallet physically hurts.

      This fine piece of real estate is located smack in the middle of North Providence, a mere jump away from CVA:s bustling staging system F-YH5B where fleets depart around the clock.
      For the commuters it's only a short intersystem warp to a jump bridge connecting you to B-WPLZ, which in turn is two jumps from the safety of Dital. Getting to Highsec has never been this easy!
      *lost picture*
      That's her. Old Roy. Wait, what?!
      8P9-BM is one of Providence up and coming systems and offers a plethora of activities for both young and old. There are beautiful asteroid belts to mine, scary pirates to shoot and all the gatecamps you could possibly want to ensure you'll never have a shortage of wrecks to cry over.
      The station currently sports a state of the art refining facility, perfect for crunching tasty spacerocks. For the adventurous there's a brand new medical facility prepared to hold clones and guaranteed to keep your skill points safe. And don't worry if your ships get scratched while out and about, repairing at Roys Chicken Chokin' Ranch is always free of charge!
      On a more serious note, this is Ginnunga Industries first Nullsec office and we're actually quite proud. As you may know most things in EVE is built by players, including this whole station. Work began this summer and since then industrialists of Sev3rance and Sanctuary Pact have been working around the clock to make this happen. Gathering ore, refining it into minerals, shipping minerals to production facilities where smaller components have been built which in turn have been hauled back and forth to larger industrial complexes so that the actual station could be manufactured.
      The station is the culmination of four months work.
      (That's at least three months longer than Calyn on average plays a game!)
      Many of us started out EVE as miners and it's pretty awesome realizing that the ore we mined from asteroids during spring and summer, which we sold to the alliance, have been used to build an actual station. That there are small small parts of us, of our work, in this gigantic heap of metal.
      We've helped create something that will remain in New Eden forever. Something that thousands of people will see and visit. Some will pass by quickly, not giving the station a second glanze. Some might shoot at it, trying to claim ownership. Some will simply dock up, repair and be on their way.
      And some, like us, will call it home.
      Someone very likely not named Roy choking a chicken. Because, why not.

    • Anyways, I was rerolling from my old Half-Elf bard called Herann, trying something new and fresh for the new server. Ogre Beastlord, Herann didn't sound "Ogerly" enough and I couldn't adopt my old Wood Elf name either (I think only Pyen remembers that name, Ernestos dementia should have taken care of it by now). I had no good ideas, so Seyth named him Grom, when the entire guild after a few weeks moved back to our US server, I was in love with the character, rerolled him from lvl 1 again, but apparently someone on the US sever had played Warcraft so I had to change it, the result was Gromk. That character is also probably responsible for my fetisch for pet-classes.

      How old are you?
      30 years since April
      Where do you live?
      Lund in Sweden, I do however dream of returning to the Republic of Jamtland.
      What MMO do you play at the moment?
      Marvel Heroes, main is Iron Man lvl 50-ish.. That game gets a much worse rap than it should, done 7 playthroughs of the story on different heroes, going for the 8th now and still enjoying it.
      Any other games currently?
      Well, as I'm writing this I just returned from the store, where I bought a 6-pack of Energy Drinks. The reason is that I've been awake for 36 odd hours playing Civilization V with The Gang. Grinding the trophies in Assassins Creed 3, Borderlands 2 and just patched TSW.
      What was your first computer game ever?
      I think the first game I played on my own was Arkanoid on our old old old 1986 Victor ”Laptop”. That computer was awesome, it had that type of screen that showed different shades of orange and brown. I got so good at Prince of Persia on that computer that I could beat it in a few minutes, years later when PoP Sands of Time was released for PS2 you could unlock the original game as a secret level, I still beat it at retard fast speeds.
      What was your first multiplayer online experience?
      I can not really remember, I have a early memory of using the cable for a printer to connect 2 computers to play X-Com: UFO and being amazed they were acctually linked together, but over the internet I'm thinking of Unreal or Doom 2 or such, but that seems a bit late. No idea really.
      What was your first MMO?
      EverQuest, right before Kunark Release, holy shit the feeling you get from your first MMO love, there's nothing like it. Funny side-note regarding this, I once met a random dude named David in a skateboard shop who said he was playing EQ as well and I thought that was cool, because back then these MMOs atracted more RPG geeks than the mainstream gamer as they do now and he kinda looked like someone I could hang out with outdoors.... - ish..
      Anyways, this David character proceeded doing his good old ”maybe you've heard of me, I am Laurent”, back then he wasn't AFK all the time and had some E-Fame, atleast he thought so. But Ernestos face changed so subtly in defeat when I said I had no clue about him, hillarious in retrospect.
      What is your favorite snack while gaming?
      Gods gift to mankind, snus. I don't really snack a lot at the computer, never did really, I don't like crumbs in the keyboard. But for some reason I always found it ok to enjoy full meals at the computer.
      When/How did you join Ginnunga?
      Sometime in EQ before DaoC release, no idea of the dates and such.
      Back then all the cool kids in Europe went from, exp exp exp (repeat for 6-12 months), randoms friends guild, random trash guild with a vision, random ”we can do it better guild”, to Ginnunga and up to Forsaken Realm (they were the hard-core EU guild of the server). When Ernesto had his breaks from EQ I think 96.7% of the Ginnungas went to Forsaken Realm, back in those days before we grew to be a multi-gaming comunity it kind of stood and fell only on his shoulders.
      I think my brother Boven joined a week or two before me, since he was a bit higher level and I know Seyth started playing with us around the same time but I can't remember if he acctually joined the guild, I think that was about the time he rerolled from Warrior to his infamous Nolbol mage. Now I'm just rambling like an old fart, but in guild membership terms I'm ancient by now.
      Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?
      Yeah thanks for making me choose. I loved leading the raids in the start of WoW, I was super happy when Ernesto let me be guild leader for WAR, I cried a lot when that fell a part leaving Norway, I snicker every time I think of wiping the raid at C'Thun with my pet tentacle, kiting Plane of Growth around a hill for so long my mom came and gave me water while running around, first PvP in DaoC getting sniped by Jason-Wu and it just goes on and on.

      But the most epic night in gaming history was me and Ove doing some dungeon farming after a raid night in WoW. It was insanely late so we had a hard time getting a group. We ported to town, got a group, ran to the instance and was waiting for the rest to show. Ove jumps over a ledge and I hear him go ”Uhm, I'm in a chimney here”, I say ”What? Where?” and jump over the ledge landing next to Ove. So now we have 2 characters stuck inside a chimney, we look at our Hearthstones and realise it's a 53 minute cooldown. I think we laughed constantly untill the CD was off and we could port out.
      Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.
      I had to dig really deep to think of something to write here, I'm a pretty open guy with very few secrets, so this is a hard for me. I used to lie a lot when I was growing up, I think I'm overcompensating for it now, because I can be a bit too open I guess. Therefore I'll tell you something that just about 1 person in the world knows.
      I have a wound on my wrist that I claim to everyone is a knife wound, even to you guys, but it's not. I started lying about it when I was like 12 or 13 and stuck with it ever since for some reason. Now the messed up part is that I have a bigger scar that was caused by a knife in a small brawl, but that one I claim was something else as well, also started lying about that in my teens so there wouldn't be any questions from grown-ups and in extension the local police. Because it was a friend that caused it.

      P.S. Thank you all so much for all these years of gaming, I love you all. When I joined I wasn't even old enough to drink and soon I will have been a part of Ginnunga for half of my life. D.S.

    • Sinful

      Providence Burning

      By Sinful, in Eve Online,

      This is New Eden
      Dots... So many dots.
      EVE consists of roughly 5000 solar systems in the known universe called New Eden. These are split into two distinct categories.
      Empire Space - Home of the four major NPC Empires: Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. To varying degrees these solar systems are patrolled by CONCORD (Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command), aka the NPC space police. You can attack anyone even in these systems, but CONCORD will quickly arrive to blow your ship up in return.
      Empire Space is divided into High Security space (HighSec) and Low Security space (LowSec), but that's of little importance. I mention it since the naming convention comes into play in just a few lines.
      You can't own territory anywhere in Empire Space.
      On the map above Empire Space are the solar systems colored green to orange.
      NullSec - Short for "Null Security" which well explains what goes here. There's no CONCORD. Anyone can attack anyone without NPC interference.
      NullSec is further divided into two parts, NPC NullSec and Claimable NullSec.
      NPC Nullsec has stations controlled by the four NPC factions. You're still free to attack anyone, but will at least have a place to park your ship when the going gets tough. You can't own territory here.
      Claimable Nullsec once had nothing. Every station here has been manufactured, built and placed by players. Corporations or alliances can claim sovereignty over systems, making them their own. Most of the fighting in EVE revolves around Claimable Nullsec. The motivation to own solar systems can vary, but usually boils down to money (called ISK) and/or prestige.
      On the map above NullSec are the solar systems colored red.
      Current map of sovereignty
      *lost in crash*
      Colored areas are held by players, rest by NPC.
      This map constantly changes, day by day. During the 10 years since EVE launched enormous empires have come and gone with the ebb and flow of warfare.
      Our home, Providence, is located towards the centre, on the border to Empire Space. On the map it is an orange area with the name "Curatores Veritatis Alliance" barely visible. CVA is the main alliance controlling Providence. In turn one of their close allies are "Sev3rance". In their systems lives the small alliance "Sanctuary Pact" of which Ginnunga is a part.
      It might be confusing, I fully understand, but I wanted to give just a small example of the politics in EVE. A post as brief as this can't do it justice, but it'll have to suffice.
      *lost in crash*
      Providence is unique in New Eden. Where most NullSec-alliances let no one but themselves and friends live inside their space (governed by roaming pvp-fleets shooting the living shit out of anyone not meant to be there) Providence has a NRDS policy. Not Red Don't Shoot. Red in EVE denominates enemy. Anyone that is not explicitly an enemy is thus free to live in Providence.
      There are however rules, even in Providence. Not long ago a corporation called "Of Sound Mind" lived peacefully in Providence. Or, not so peacefully as it would turn out. They had issues with how things were run and started stirring shit up. CVA reacted, declared them red and war broke out. Of Sound Mind in itself would have been a snack for CVA, but the war attracted attention. Providence was suddenly flooded by much larger alliances from all around New Eden, most intent on fighting CVA.
      Looking at the map it's obvious Providence is a rather small region. It's also for varying reasons not worth as much as other regions. Most alliances therefore doesn't give much thought about what happens there, but often swing by to pick fights.
      The war with Of Sound Mind came at a time of relative peace in many areas of New Eden. Large NullSec-alliances had time to spare and ships to blow up, so why not blow them up in Providence?
      After a few bloody days a peace treaty was made. Of Sound Mind agreed to leave Providence, and CVA let them do so peacefully. But peace never lasts in New Eden.
      Of Sound Mind looked for a new place to live and new allies. They came under the wing of Insidious Empire and Pandemic Legion, two much larger alliances. On the sovereignty-map they are located in the North East, Pandemic Legion under the tag "Brothers of Tangra".
      This somewhat leads us to last week. Red activity in Providence has been steadily increasing recently, much due to the mentioned relative peace in EVE at large. Insidious Empire and Pandemic Legion have no other major engagements and thus decided to make Providence their target, cheered on by Of Sound Mind who are severely bitter about being thrown out on their asses.
      So war once again struck Providence.
      *lost in crash*
      Look, it's a unrelated picture of spaceships!
      This time though the scale of it is larger. CVA and its allies can field upwards of 400 pilots. Yesterday the solar system 9UY4-H had a peak of 1400 players. The day before that number was 1600.
      The deployment of Pandemic Legion and Insidious Empire to Providence has stirred other NullSec-alliances. During the weekend more or less every major alliance in EVE made some form of showing. They're not going all in, but rather sending smaller fun fleets consisting of anywhere from 70 to 300 people. "Fun".
      So Providence burns. Our stations are being camped, our stargates patrolled by cloaked bombers and the skies are darkened by enemy fleets in search for blood.It's one of the best MMO experiences I've had!
      This post started with the idea of just showing a neat picture, but turned into something completely different. A monstrosity. It should probably not be allowed to live, but since I happened to write it someone might find it remotely interesting enough to read.
      Now I'll go self destruct my pod.
      Fly safe.
      P.S. All mentioned conflicts are alot more complex than described. Some creative liberties has been taken to keep it as short as possible.

    • Cogency


      By Cogency, in News,

      As the seasons slowly change a long winter has finally given way to spring. While some enjoy the warm rays of the sun a lot of Ginnungans seem to prefer the cold harsh backlight of a monitor. How surprising. To help keep us indoors we've recently found a new little game which has us mesmerized, Neverwinter. A good chunk of DDO, a half pint of WAR and a sprinkle of TERA results in a quite enjoyable experience, and it's all free.

      Depraved, Cogency, Sinful, Kunasha and Ernesto - Mighty dragonslayers!
      We're playing on the server BEHOLDER, so if you're looking for an excuse to stay out of the sun feel free to hit us up and take part in epic dungeon crawls, roleplaying and PvP!

    • So he kept on fighting. Kept on leaping into monsters. Kept on slaying and pillaging the darkest corners of the Diablo universe. Kept on pushing and pushing, until finally the 11th of april it happened.

      Eaglix became the 435th hardcore paragon level 100 character in the world and 138th in Europe. For a game that has sold over 12 000 000 copies (that's twelve MILLION children!) world wide, that's certainly something to take pride in.
      We of course caught up with our legendary barbarian for a few questions:
      When were you the closest to dying?
      I was close to dying more than once, but it's hard to say when the closest time was. In certain situations you can be close to dying with 100% hit points. It only takes getting stuck when you shouldn't. I remember getting stuck a few times when I was in the Paragon level 90s. I was lucky to get out each time, but it was only a matter of seconds.
      I am still mortal and always will be. Death really lurks around every corner. I learned never to make plans on hardcore, as I can be dead the very next click.
      Did you ever feel like giving up?
      The road was very long. Where you need about 2 million experience for the first Paragon level, you need 320 million for the last. If it wasn't for all the people I met and played with I would never have had the courage to go on.
      Therefore I also want to thank everyone who supported me during this long journey. I met a lof of nice people from different countries all over Europe.
      What is the next goal?
      As I said before, I learned not to make goals when playing Hardcore. I will still play this character to try my luck in finding more awesome items, but I also got a Monk ready to be leveled.
      In the end I'd like to get all 5 Diablo classes going on Hardcore, but I don't know yet if it would be for casual leveling or to try another Paragon 100. Only time will tell.
      Any shout-outs?
      I want to give a shout-out to SickChicken for being the first Ginnungan I played with on Hardcore. We went from 0 to 60 together. We did die on the way, but we both eventually got there.
      I also want to thank Dakiestu for the many Paragon hunts we did together. Qanelar also, who joined us for a quick 30 Paragon levels. Both very nice Ginnungans to play with.
      I also want to greet my two closest followers on the softcore side, TheJudge, who is currently Paragon level 99, and Shades, who is 96.
      Foxdies, for being my inspiration when I started playing Hardcore (he had already quit though).
      Trenix, Aganom, Swiftpwns, Zyphi, Archantos, Dendil and the many other Ginnungans (can't name you all guys) who sent me encouraging chat messages along the way!
      Last but not least (not Ginnungans this time) the many players I encountered on this long journey. Specially the Lithuanian people and co on skype and more recently the Germans on TeamSpeak! Definitely a nice community out there.
      There you have it, the words of a true beast. Once again, congratulations from us all!

    • Garta and Llew are planning the activities during the gathering.
      Information about travel alternatives and accommodations can be found in the private thread in "The Gathering" on the forum.
      Insert images of cheese, wine, and naked women running through the burning streets of Paris.

    • What's you character name and how did you come up with it?
      Back in the early 90's my friends started calling me Lynx because I loved climbing and sneaking up on people to give them a scare. So I used that as a gaming nick untill I started playing online games and found it had usualy always been taken. So I changed it to Lyngs. A old family name on my mothers side. Since then my main character has always carried the name.
      How old are you?
      I turned 37 last week. As long as I stay away from teenagers I dont feel old at all. *cough*

      Where do you live?
      I live in Silkeborg, the most beautiful city in Denmark. It is surrounded by large (by Danish standards) lakes and forrest.
      What MMO do you play at the moment?
      Trying hard to find time to play EVE. "Someone" keeps sending me invites for Hello Kitty Online but I just dont have the time.
      Any other games currently?
      Sadly not. It has been a long time since I played anything that could keep my interest for more than a few hours.
      What was your first computer game ever?
      I think it was an early version of pong on a Atari 2600, but to be sure I would have to tab into parts of my brain that hasnt been active for decades.
      What was your first multiplayer online experience?
      If by online you mean the general term that indicates a state of connectivity. Then it was Stunt Car Racer on two Amiga 500's via a null modem cable. If you mean the Internet then it was either Doom or Warcraft.
      What was your first MMO?
      I was a bit late to the MMO genre, considering my age. My first was Jumpgate (twitch based cross between X-wing and Elite/X), followed by EVE and Lineage 2.
      What is your favorite snack while gaming?
      When ever my GF wants to spoil me she lets me play games without disturbing other than to give me a big bag of Katjes - Salty Herrings (salmiac Liquorice). I could stuff my face with those till my gums start bleeding.

      When/How did you join Ginnunga?
      I am a relatively new member. I joined early 2011 as my old community didnt have much interest in RIFT. Some of them joined Ginnunga in WAR and Kunasha told me you guys were awesome. Back then i thought of Kunasha as a person with high standards so I applied. Wink
      Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?
      That is a realy tough question. Jumpgate gave me my first coordinated PvP experience. We were a small group of 8 friends who desided to try and deny anyone passage through a busy system. After spending over a month gathering supplies. We moved all our computers to one of the guys workplace to be able to all be in the same room (for fast communication) and still have great connectivity by that times standards lol. We basicly broke the game for everyone else by killing anyone who entered the system for most of a weekend. Only after the server crashed several times late Sunday evening due to everybody wanting a piece of the action we gave up. I had open blisters in my hand from holding my trusty sidewinder joystick almost non stop for more than 40 hours.
      Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.
      At the age of 17, three friends and I went on a weekend mini-cruise. I was so hyped and looked forward to the trip for weeks. Partying, drinking and getting laid was the plan. Before the ship had undocked I got sea sick and spent the whole trip puking and cock blocking my friends by insisting I would jump ship if they left me alone. Embarassed

      Mr & Mrs Lyngs.

    • We launched the monkeys into space
      Yes it is true, some Ginnungans have started playing Eve. We have even decided to make our own little corp, Ginnunga Industries. [Ginn].
      Everytime I see a trailer or some ingame combat from Eve I get excited, because it looks awesome! But then I try it and die of boredom or get confused.

      The monkeys, ready to launch[/align]
      The start of Eve can be quite overwhelming, there is so much to do and even more to learn. Thankfully us new guys are being carried by some old Eve vets who have been playing this on and off for the past few years. So once you get through this clueless noob start, you start to see the universe that is Eve, and it is awesome...and you can piss off anyone you want!
      It will be glorious!
      To boldly go where no Ginnungan has gone before!

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