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    • While waiting for the Chrysamere campaign to fill up there is a significant amount of PvDoor being done by the elves, but we are hoping that this way, we will not have an overpopulated campaign. Being outnumbered 5 to 1 seems to make it a fair fight as well. We are still focusing on levelling and exploring the awesome world of Tamriel, but in a few days our kingdom will expand.
      They might steal our keep while we sleep, but we will come back. And we will bring monkeys. Tons of monkeys.

    • First you have to download the addons that you would like. The addons come in a zip format, which basically means they have been compressed to take up a smaller size, as well as organizing it in a folder structure.
      In this guide, we are presuming you know the basics of how to find files on your harddrive and we are describing it out of a Windows 8 perspective.

      Before you start
      Before you start you will need some addons to install! A good place to look is ESOUI. Download one or several addons to a location on your computer where you can find them again.

      Step 1: Locate "My Documents"
      First we have to locate "My Documents" - There is usually a shortcut to it under "This PC".

      In your "My documents" folder, you will find a folder named "Elder Scrolls Online".
      In this folder, you will have one or two folders called "live" and/or "liveeu".
      The "live" folder is for the NA client, and the "liveeu" is if you are using the EU client.


      Step 2: Create or locate "AddOns"
      If you haven't got a folder called "AddOns", one has to be created. To create a folder, you right-click in the empty white space and choose "New -> Folder". It is very important that you give it the correct name "AddOns".
      Once the folder is in place, we are ready to install our addons!


      Step 3: Open the downloaded ZIP-file
      Since I am lazy and prefer to drag and drop, I usually open up another explorer window, by using a keyboard shortcut (WIN+E), locate my downloaded ZIP-file, double-click it and it will expose the addons folder.


      Step 4: Install the addon
      You can now do the final step in two different ways:
      Double-click the "AddOns" folder to open it up, then switch back to the other window and drag that folder into the the addons folder that is open in the background

      or Drag and drop that folder on top of the "AddOns" folder and that will make it extract the files there.

      Step 5: Launch the game and enjoy your addon!
      You are now done and can log into your game. IF you did all this when you were still online, you have to refresh your addons in-game by pressing ESC and then choose Addons -> Reload.

    • What's you character name and how did you come up with it?
      It's Calyn most of the time nowadays, but I've had a bunch of others in earlier MMOs. When WoW TBC came out and I created my Bloodelf Paladin, I originally named him Calin, but when I transferred to Stormreaver I had to rename him. I am not very creative when it comes to names...
      How old are you?
      I recently turned 30, but people usually tell me I look like 23 or 24, so let's just go with that.

      Where do you live?
      I moved to Shanghai a couple of months ago, although I don't live downtown. It's a brand new neighbourhood in one of the districts located a little bit outside, so it's still pretty quiet here and not much traffic. There are lots of small restaurants and shops right around the corner, a big apartment complex on the other side also just got finished so it should get a little busier soon, and there is a subway station within walking distance. From here it takes roughly 40-60 minutes to get downtown by subway, and 10-15 minutes to get to either this district's center or another suburb with a huge mall and lots of nice restaurants.
      What MMO do you play at the moment?
      None really. I was going to play Elder Scrolls Online, but the release timing is pretty bad for me, as I currently have my parents and uncle visiting and my in-laws are coming next week. Also I'm just starting a new job and have a pretty long commute, so there is no time really. I still play a little bit of Eve, but not much.
      Any other games currently?
      Whenever I find some time I play Warlock 2, which is a bit like the old Master of Magic, or Civ. Also the new D3 expansion on the Asia server, and I'm looking forward to Age of Wonders 3 which is coming out in a few days.
      What was your first computer game ever?
      I have no idea, that was more than 20 years ago. I do remember some arcade top-down space shooter that I forgot the name of (like Xenon 2, which I also played the shit out of, but before that), and a bunch of games on the Commodore 64. My first PC was a 286.
      What was your first multiplayer online experience?
      Either Command & Conquer or Warcraft 2 via dial-up. So bad.
      What was your first MMO?
      Meridian 59 on the German servers (104/114), which started back in 1997. It was a pretty small community back then, each server having around 120 concurrent players at the best of times, before other MMOs came out. I played that for 4 or 5 years before I switched to Shadowbane where I played in a German guild consisting mostly of players I met while playing Meridian. We were one of the most consistent guilds on our server back then and did not lose our player-built city until the server shut down. Other MMOs I played a lot were Asheron's Call, and later WoW. I tried most other games, too, but didn't stick around as long as in those games.

      What is your favorite snack while gaming?
      Beer. German wheat beer preferably, but lately it is mostly cheap and terrible Chinese/Japanese beer.
      When/How did you join Ginnunga?
      It was in 2007 I think, shortly after TBC came out. I was getting kind of bored of the tiny German WoW guild I was in at the time and was looking for a proper raiding guild. It was the Gruul video that sold me on Ginnunga, especially the enthusiasm you could hear on TS (Damage mainly). I did have second thoughts and almost bailed when, during the interview with Damage, this weird Ernesto person came in all smug and was like "Hi, I'm the leader of the community blablabla" (I stopped listening at that point).
      Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?
      Too many. First PvP and guild wars in Meridian (full loot, permanent stat loss and criminal system is still the best way to do PvP, sigh). Getting up at 4 AM for city sieges in Shadowbane. Lylar's crazy stories on TS. Oh, there was this one time when we played DayZ where Sinful ran straight into my line of fire, taking a bullet to the head. There was quite a lot of drama then which I could link here if Ernesto had not lost all our posts and destroyed all evidence of that incident, probably on Sinful's request.
      Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.
      I was arrested once.

    • Recruitment

      Fill in an application

      Ginnunga as a guild is conducting our main combat in Chrysamere, fighting for the Covenant.

      We have previously played a number of games which can be seen on our interactive guild history timeline and we have ever since EverQuest focused on PvP.

      While it could be argued that RvR/AvA and the likes should not actually be called "PvP", let's just agree on the fact that we like to fight players much more than we like to fight computer controlled monsters.

    • We debated for quite some time which faction to pick, but in the end we decided we would be a Daggerfall Covenant guild. Among the methods used were these pictures, which were sent to a statistically sound number of members who would select which faction they felt best represented Ginnunga.
      All Mermaid Dominion
      EbonAss Pact
      Even though most choose All Mermaid (possibly due to Sinful not being able to spell awesome) the officers decided our members are not in any way to be trusted, so Daggerfall Covenant it is!
      Picking a faction is not nearly as important as picking the right campaign in-game, something we have not been able to find any great information on yet. Afterall, picking the Campaign is sort of like picking your server, so we have to figure that one out quite quickly.
      The artwork (faction pics not included) in this article is made by Gustav in February, 2005 for our Stormreaver section. I was browsing through pictures to use for this article and stumbled upon this awesome piece of work, so I just felt I had to show it again.

    • The last open beta weekend for ESO is over and the guild has been having a blast. One especially fun moment was the defence of (name) where we first wipe in a spectacular fashion, and then come back and clean the house from elves.
      Click here to view dead elves on Twitch.
      The Twitch link also contains a spectacular wipe if you rewind the video a bit, but also contains a few minutes of running.

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