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      Ginnunga are fighting for the Nuia (west) faction on the Kyprosa EU server.[/b].

      We have previously played a number of games which can be seen on our interactive guild history timeline and we have ever since EverQuest focused on PvP.

      While it could be argued that RvR/AvA and the likes should not actually be called "PvP", let's just agree on the fact that we like to fight players much more than we like to fight computer controlled monsters.

    • An amazing weekend and an amazing start of the summer. Despite the horrible weather (sun and +30c in the shade) our brave soldiers fight on! Being pissed off at horrible weather and ice cream makes us even stronger!
      Since we are by now so old that we have already experienced the horrors of summer and sun, we have all turned on our air conditioning units on full, closed all windows and curtains and huddled down in front of our LCD monitors we get all the UV-light emission we could ever possibly want.

      The battle of a flag

      The past weekend provided us with a large amount of video material, but to properly brag and not show how many times we died while trying to challenge an entire server of elves and mermaids, here are three more videos that mostly only show us winning:



    • It's been a thrilling month and a half in Elder Scrolls Online, not only in Tamriel. As we are as much a social guild as a blood thirsting one we've been searching high and low for those rare specimens who are cut out to be Ginnungans. A special mixture of insanity, social awkwardness and a cute face is required to pass the trial period, and far from everyone makes it. But some do.
      The last couple days we've promoted eight of our trials to full members. It's our most sincere wish that they'll feel as much as home in Ginnunga as the rest of us. That they'll for years and games to come will form bonds and make friends that reach far beyond Elder Scrolls Online. That they'll feel, maybe for the first time, that they've found a online family.
      We asked our newest members to introduce themselves in the form of a picture. The results were... varying, in lack of better words. But nevertheless it's our great pleasure to present our latest members. Welcome them, mock them and make them feel at home.

      That's one cute baby vampire!
      Disturbing, yet arousing. Perfect Ginnunga.
      Don't get distracted by the bike, his impressive collection of pottery is the real gem.
      Those dreamy eyes! Can't... stop... looking... into... them...
      This may, or may not, be Kristian. He didn't send a picture, but this is how we envision him.
      Taken at a recent LARP Rackiera attended.
      Come on, who doesn't smear toothpaste on their face now and again?
      This is just weird.

    • When we arrived on Saturday morning, the entire map was yellow. We decided that since it is not our home campaign, we would ignore keep control, emperorship and elder scrolls. We would only look for fights and let me tell you this for you to believe me later: Fights. Were. Found.

      Bridge to Sejanus

      To bring us the best fortune in battle, our guild hero, champion and legend: Pzar son of Knar was dedicated to suggest our battlegrounds. While he did mostly only say "May I suggest Sejanus?" we quickly found that he was right. All the time. 
      South of Sejanus, which was mostly under Ebon-ass control, there is a bridge leading across the river towards Castle Alessia, which was under All-Mermaid control.
      Whenever Sejanus was taken by All-Mermaid, we took it back and let the reds capture it, giving them a spawnpoint closer towards Alessia, so they would be tempted to siege it. This is when we turned the bridge into Bridge of Death™. We have done this many times before, but never with this much success and certanly not against this many enemies.

      443 Mermaids and Ebon-asses were killed during the making of this video.

      After the over 30 minute long battle for the Bridge to Sejanus we allowed the Ebon-ass full access to Alessia, allowing them to take it. This opened up the playingfield for Castle Faregyl and reds were amassing the zerg of the century to tackle the mermaids.
      For us, this was the smorgosbord we had been looking for. Our group of 15 amazing nerds, armed with coffee and meat boiled in wine, went to battle!
      The open field fighting in Elder Scrolls often reminds me of the old days in Dark Age of Camelot, running around in the rolling hills of Emain Mancha fighting Hibernians and Ablions alike, often at the same time. This weekend was all that and more.

      Capo, may I suggest, Faregyl?

      Huge thanks to everyone in this fantastic MMO guild for this weekends madness and fun. You guys make gaming worth gaming.

    • VR10 Templar + friends versus The Red Zerg™

      We have been very careful when picking our home campaign. We tried to ensure that there were max one or two other PvP guilds on our home campaign, because we know the impact we sometimes have on the battlefield. It is very hard especially in the beginning of a game, for pickup groups to go up against organize PvP guilds.
      For the sake of realm balance and to keep everyone interested in PvP, we have made sure that we do not stockpile scrolls, we do not take too many keeps - we try to keep the scoreboard balanced and just go for nice fights as often as we can.
      Early on in our campaign Chrysameres history, just after launch, the Aldmeri Dominion took most of the map and we let it be for more than a week while we engaged the PvE and storyline. No rush really, but we did feel a bit of a preassure since the lead was climbing.
      When most of us were Veterans we decided enough is enough and did what we could to reduce the lead and it worked great. Awesome fights and great fun, but the opposition was not yet strong enough to fight back properly. So we applied our careful tactic, to make sure the little ones grew up to be formidable opponents.

      The elves were getting cocky so they needed to be taught that their ears look best in necklaces around our necks.

      After a while, a huge group of VR10 Ebonheart Pact arrived on the battlefield and they quickly turned us into a puddle of chocolate milk on the ground, so we went back to continue with our PvE, since the scoreboard was now more even.
      Few days later we came back with us now also in the high veteran ranks and the awesome fighting began for real. It stayed steady and awesome like this for a week or two, but then suddenly prior to this weekend, Daggerfall Covenant was completely invaded by people, which has quite frankly made the balance in the campaign a huge mess.
      While we still get nice fights and try to avoid helping our own realm take keeps to even things out, the huge zergs that now roam Chrysamere are causing lag and ruining the balance. To even further combat this we have stopped utilizing zone chat to aid our own side, in hopes of the reds and the yellows to build more morale.
      We still want to fight. We will fight every day, but we will not kick someone when they are down. This did not stop us from trying to take on the entire Ebonass Pact though!

      A tide of red washes away the kings best men

      We are truly hoping the balance gets better and the lag gets fixed by either campaign caps or backend tweaks. Until then, we will keep on fighting.

    • It's been just over a month since we first set foot on Tamriels soil. A lot of us were skeptical, to say the least, but couldn't resist the opportunity to once again play with new and old friends, no matter if the game appealed to us or not.
      To say we've been pleasantly surprised would be a understatement. Elder Scrolls Online has delivered a myriad of activities which has kept even our most dedicated members busy for over a month. Not a small feat. Between leveling, dungeons, crafting, guilds, skyshards, achievements, PvP and farming this game constantly throws new things to do at you, and we're thriving.
      That's not to say the game does not have flaws, because it does. Big f*cking flaws that often conveys the feeling that you're not fighting mobs or players as much as the game itself. Bugged quests, loading screens that never end, objectives you can't complete, crafting that doesn't work, scripts that break etc. Some of it can be considered a rather standard part of a newly launched MMO, but some are so amazingly shitty that you're simply amazed that the game went through beta.
      Still, we're enjoying ourselves, which says a lot.

      Such prettyness!

      As talked about in earlier news we've been busy in Cyrodiil, fighting for the Daggerfall Covenant in the Chrysamere campaign. Early on the All Mermaid Dominion took a strangle hold on the leaderboards, rushing keeps and scrolls the first week, which put them far ahead of both us and Ebonass Pact in regards to total score. Ever since we got a chance to catch up in levels and focusing more and more on AvA that lead has slowly, but steadily decreased. Elves are after all no match for orcs, and a few days ago after an evening of intense fighting we finally overtook AD and found ourselves in the lead for the first time in Chrysameres history.

      Realm pride y'all!

      A significant part of our victory is of course our excessive use of baby vampires. You've all read the tale about how Civen of Ginnunga fought his way to become emperor, just to have his guild abandon him. You've no doubt lay awake at night, wondering what happened to the lovable bloodsucker who we carelessly left, just as his dreams came true.
      We reinstated our baby vampire emperor. We came back with a vengeance, crushed our enemies and secured Civens place on the ruby throne, from which he has spread death and destruction with clever use of game mechanics.

      Rare shot of a baby vampire emperor playing the lute.

      But the twists in this story are far from over. Civens reign was glorious indeed, but when our members logged on the morning of may 3rd, the leaderboard had changed. We scrolled, reloaded the interface, relogged and scratched our heads. Civen was gone. It soon became apparent that the tables had been turned. We were the ones abandoned. Our baby vampire emperor dethroned himself, switching home campaign, and thus giving up all previous claims on Chrysamere.
      The reasons are still unknown. Some say the monstrous killing drove him mad, others that the council of baby vampires had him reassigned. Civen himself cites a lack of time and a "angry girlfriend" and that Chrysamere needs an active emperor while he is slacking as the reasons for his departure. We've yet to find a "angry girlfriend" roaming Cyrodiil, but the search continues.
      Meanwhile most of us are busy doing gods work in Cyrodiil we still have some PvE heroes struggling to get through the veteran content. It's rare that an hour passes in guild chat without Sammerkand questioning how he's supposed to kill a scamp or Meilink firmly stating that something is impossible. It's a bit like watching Bambi and Thumper on ice. The rest of us are running, sliding and having a grand time, but behind us Bambi is... Yeah.
      Make no mistake, the veteran zones can be a challenge, but we expect it's only a matter of time before our beloved friends will be skating along with the rest of us. Keep fighting Bambi-brothers, glory awaits!

      Be strong, cap a scroll.

      While there's plenty to do already we're also anxiously awaiting the first content patch. Craglorn, two new veteran ranks, raids and what not is sure to keep us busy, but Zenimax also released a sneak peak on what's to come even further ahead. Among other things a "Imperial City PvP dungeon" was mentioned, and our members got a simultaneous nerdgasm imagining a new Darkness Falls.
      For those that didn't play Dark Age of Camelot, Darkness Falls was a dungeon you had to PvP to get access to. When the dungeon switched hands an enemy faction got access and would come rolling down the corridors, resulting in epic fights and tears. Let's hope ESO comes even close to that.

      The memories.

      We've also been recruiting at a breathtaking pace. Some have turned out to not quite fit our standards, everyone is simply not cut out to be a Ginnungan, but we're making quite few new friends we hope to keep for years to come. With that said we'd like to welcome Samhain, Vankeen and Hilarious Ransoms as our latest trials. Come next news post we should have our first batch of fresh full members promoted, the suspense is almost too much to bare.
      Until next time, see you on the battlefield!

    • Two weeks since our last news update does not mean that we are slacking but rather that we are having tons and billions of fun.
      The only reason I have time to write this newspost is because 100 million people in Europe are having a holiday and the game servers are down for the past 5 hours.
      I share with you two new videos.

      The lizards try to boil us in oil.

      And in honor of Pzar, son of Knar, I do my best to be his warhorn.


    • It's been a week of furious fighting in Cyrodiil and Chrysamere, a shame most of our members have been far to busy skilling provisioning and making crab cakes to see much of the action. *cough cough*
      But there are those among us who have chosen a different path. If you sit quietly in teamspeak during the wee hours and listen carefully you can hear faint footsteps, the fluttering of bat wings and the clattering sound of fangs repeatedly biting into armored throats. These are our demons of the night. The shadow lurkers. The baby vampires. An elite military unit comprised of the most fearless, the smallest and the most made fun of ginnungans. They are not welcome in dungeons, so instead they endlessly roam Cyrodiil in search of fights, blood and honor.
      Out of all the baby vampires one is smaller than all others. Civen of Ginnunga is so small that some mistake him for a misplaced candle. But he cares not, for what he lacks in size he makes up for in fury. During the past week he has climbed the leaderboard at a frightening pace and currently holds the first place by far.

      So what do Ginnunga do when we have a member at the top of the leaderboard? We make him emperor! In a "tactical maneuver" we quickly lost all inner keeps and dethroned the previous covenant empress, Dominatress. Some may say this wasn't anyones plan at all, but we seldom listen to such filthy lies.
      Said and done, we had our chance. Come saturday king Ernesto gathered a mighty warband and swept the lands. Keep after keep fell to the Ginnunga horde and before the sun had even set so our baby vampires could join the fray all emperor keeps were under Daggerfall Covenants control. We had a new emperor, and his name was Civen of Ginnunga!
      Here is where you might say the story takes a turn for the worst. In a stroke of genius our beloved leaders decided that the campaign of Chrysamere was not worthy our attention any more. Instead they were blinded by the promises of fights and gold in the distant lands known as Dawnbreaker. Our members are nothing if not loyal, so we charged straight into the new campaign, drawing blood and taking keeps for a whole new crowd.
      "But, what about the baby vampire emperor?!", you might ask. Yes, what about the baby vampire emperor indeed. Civen stayed in Chrysamere, doning his sparkling new golden armor. But when he traveled to keep after keep to show off the attire of his dreams, did his brethren greet him? Did they stand in rows, applauding his effort and congratulate him on his achievement? No. For they had left. And while a baby vampire emperor is indeed a fearsome enemy, he can't carry the weight of a whole campaign on his pale shoulders.
      With the majority of Ginnunga gone Ebon Ass Pact and All Mermaid Dominion smelled blood. Civen fought like a mad man, but could in the end not stand alone. Tears of blood stained his golden armor as keep after keep fell to our enemies.
      And suddenly it was all over. As the dark elves and nords charged the last emperor keep at the break of day, Civen looked to the east. But there was no Gandalf nor Pzar. There was only death.
      So ended the reign of emperor Civen of Ginnunga, who will forever be remembered as "The Abandoned one".
      Both before and during his reign Civen and the rest of the guild did accomplish some amazing feats, and for our enjoyment the ex-emperor made this video:

      But losing an emperor is one thing, losing a baby vampire emperor a whole other. Ginnunga has thus decided to return to the Chrysamere campaign once again and show our enemies that their victories are but a temporary glimpse of light in the eternal darkness that it means to stand against Ginnunga.
      We will not falter, we will not abandon and we will not rest til Civen once again sits on the throne of Cyrodiil. All hail Civen of Ginnunga, the one who was abandoned, but not forgotten!

    • Hungry for blood Ginnunga set out to right the wrongs in Cyrodiil. Our sunday began just after lunch under the steadfast leadership of Ernesto who in quick succession started reclaiming keeps in the north. Slowly the map turned from horrible pee yellow to a cool blue as our warband swept the land with little resistance.
      The lessons from earlier games have been well learnt. Twenty strong ginnungans repeatedly engaged forces up to four times our size, driving the enemies back time after time in keeps and open battle. Flanking, sneak attacks, horse charges, siege warfare and midget vampire baiting, we did it all and prevailed.
      Backed up by our covenant brothers [Torment] we crushed what All Mermaid Dominion forces there were and come dinner time we had dethroned their emperor Sulfr, who himself also got a taste of Ginnunga steel in more than one encounter. In his place came Dominatress of Torment, a brethren to replace a heretic. The victory spurred our forces who pushed forward and we reclaimed two of the Elder Scrolls.

      The Scroll of Ni-Mohk being welcomed home.

      As the yellow map rapidly changed color the Ebon Ass Pact smelled blood. Up in the North East they began their own march, retaking keeps which had far too long been claimed by the elven kind. But the Dark Elfs are not to be trusted. No sooner had we shown them the chinks in the All Mermaid Dominions armor before they turned on the Covenant. Assaulted from two directions we scrambled to defend our newly claimed keeps, but the might of two factions against one was overwhelming and we began to lose ground.
      One keep still stood strong in the middle of enemy territory, Blue Road Keep. To the south All Mermaids crept up, reclaiming the inner emperor keeps. To the north Ebon Ass warbands roamed the lands, blood crazed after being shown that the war over Cyrodiil was far from over. The supply lines to Blue Road had long since been cut off, but obstacles as such has never hindered Ginnunga. We inspected the map and came to the conclusion that the next big fight would happen at Blue Road, whichever enemy faction would come to claim it. Since our favorite position is smack in the middle of a sandwich we packed up our siege engines and rode for Blue Road.
      Halfway there word came that we were indeed correct. Ebon Ass had already assaulted the keep and as we glimpsed the stone towers of Blue Road Keep in the distance our scouts reported that the inner door of the keep was about to fall. We spurred our horses, weaved our magic and galloped like the wind across forests and hills.
      The postern door had been left unguarded and we poured into the keep. The red shields of the Pact did nothing to deter us, we charged headfirst into the fray and broke their lines just as the keep was about to fall.
      We won the fight, but the night had just started.
      What followed was a defense of epic proportions. Ebon Ass broke the north wall of the keep, their numbers approaching the hundreds. Ginnunga had roughly twenty five inside the inner walls, so odds were slightly in our favor.
      Oils went up all around the inner keep, pouring down on the attackers. Wave after wave of enemies broke trying to assault the main door. As the bodies piled up below us the Pact realized their tactic was flawed. A close up engagement was one they could not win and instead they proceeded to pound the door with siege engines from afar and it seemed like their numbers would win the day. The enormous gate began to buckle under the onslaught of ballistas and trebuchets, so orders were given to prepare for a defense of the lord room. Strategically placed oils were once again set up according to Howleys commands, but this time deep in the heart of the keep.
      Suddenly the gate gave way and a wave of red crashed into our forces. But we were prepared. Oil rained down on the attackers, rings of fire burning their armor and arrows piercing their flesh. As sudden as it had started it was over. We stood on top a mound of bodies, but there was no time to cherish the victory. As we cleared the courtyard of siege engines and stragglers our enemy once again assembled.
      The next assault took us by surprise. Instead of the main gate, Ebon Ass attacked the postern door of the inner keep. The walls of the outer keep quickly filled with enemy siege engines which flang death and destruction onto our forces. We rushed from one side of the keep to the other, moving ballistas, setting up oils and picking off any pact member who dared venture to close to our walls.
      We began to realize that this might be it. With the siege engines out side pounding every inch of our walls we rapidly ran out of places to even place our own, much less break theirs.
      Suddenly a cry went out that the main gate was about to go down. The Pact had gone for a two pronged attack, which escaped our notice. Once again we scrambled, repositioning oils and moving our defenses to the lord room. Once again the enemy broke through. Once again they ran into the grinder. Once again we were victorious.
      After hours of defending our forces were growing weary, but word came that reinforcements were headed our way. The main gate of the inner keep was still open as our scouts reported that The Pact had been engaged by friendly forces. Ginnunga quickly gathered within the smoldering ruins of Blue Road Keep. Orders were given to pack up our siege engines and prepare for a charge. Our enemies sensed it coming and turned, but it was to no avail. To the west Torment crashed into the enemy lines and we charged out to the east. It would seem we were not the only ones weary as we easily crushed the remainder of the army. Blue Road Keep held.
      We then spent an hour clearing skirmishing forces and enjoying the spoils of victory. The day began with one or two ginnungans on the top 100 leader board. At the time of writing we now have 18 in the top 50.

      The war in Cyrodiil still rages on, but sunday showed that the Covenant are a force to be reckoned with in the Chrysamere campaign. The time of Ginnunga has come.

    • For those feebleminded who can't read Daedra we won't keep the suspense up any longer. Juuuuust a few more sentences!
      As mentioned we've had a full couple days where some have taken their sweet time enjoying the beautiful scenery while some find fun in the intense grind to max level. From the first few levels Qsp took a lead in the leveling race and long looked like he'd hold on to it. A few contenders came up behind, and in a turn of events Sinful overtook Qsp a level or two in the 40's. But where Sinful was easily distracted by the evil lord Ernesto who promised him fun and glory in PvP, Qsp didn't take his eyes of the goal. He sailed on and claimed the questionable title of Ginnungas first level 50 in Elder Scrolls online three days after launch.

      The above isn't actually a picture of Qsp since the servers are down. Instead it's the second place finisher Sinful showing off his glorious ass.
      p.s. The writing in daedra spells "Gratz Qsp".

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