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    • Albert Einstein once defined insanity as "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". It's obvious he wasn't familiar with our Nordrassil chapter, and he was also wrong.
      Ginnunga has played a plethora of games, with varying degrees of persistence and success. One chapter which has defied the norm has been the crew on the server Nordrassil in World of Warcraft. Since late 2007 they've kept fighting the good fight. Year after year, expansion after expansion, they've been trudging along. Slaying dragons and demons at a enjoyable pace.
      The calm was somewhat interrupted with the launch of the latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Returning players were welcomed back, and quite a number of ginnungans who hasn't touched WoW in ages and who's never played on Nordrassil, picked it up and filled the ranks.
      The infusion of fresh hungry buttonpushers inspired the leadership. There were initially plans to not raid at all this expansion, but suddenly there was a change of heart. Guides were being posted, a training initiative instituted, requirements set and preparations being made. Ginnunga was going to war.

      Random picture of a dwarf for Coots.

      Normal mode of the first raid instance, Highmaul, was cleared quickly and the progression on Heroic commenced. Boss after boss fell before the might of Ginnunga, right up to the final boss of the instance, Imperator Mar'gok. The fight is on quite a different level and length over the other encounters in the instance, which took its toll. In fact it took a total of 56 wipes spread over 7 or so raids.
      It's unclear if Imperator Mar'gok simply fell over due to boredom or if the relentless assault became too much, but a mere two days before the launch of Blackrock Foundry he finally died.

      Dead, deader, deadest, Imperator.

      The accomplishment earned our brave heroes the achievement "Ahead of the Curve: Imperators Fall", a sign that we're almost certainly not completely useless.
      Kidding aside, well done to each and everyone involved. It was a challenge, and you stepped up. We can now look forward to Blackrock Foundry, where Blackhand awaits! With some effort we should clear this a tad quicker, giving us time for some mythic content.

    • Cogency

      DirectX 11 vs DirectX 12

      By Cogency, in News,

      DirectX 11 vs. DirectX 12 oversimplified.
      Unlike previous versions of DirectX, the difference between the new DirectX and previous generations are obvious enough that they can be explained in charts (and maybe someone with some visual design skill can do this).
      This article is an extreme oversimplification. If someone wants to send me a chart to put in this article, I’ll update.
      Read the Article here:

    • Sinful

      October recap!

      By Sinful, in Archeage,

      Following the disastrous launch things have calmed down in Ginnungas corner of Archeage on the server Kyprosa. Calmed down as in the queues have lessened and crashes are infrequent, which has led to a furious activity in game.
      Since last our naval forces have grown considerably and currently consists of four galleons, three tradeships, three fishing boats and countless clippers. A big thanks to all our dedicated members who have been carrying a seemingly endless amount of tradepacks to Freedich to make new proud captains.

      "Row, row, row your boat..."

      We've delved into the PvE side of things as well by not only slaughtering our way through all available dungeons, but also giving world bosses a go. The Hounds of Kyrios are now on farmstatus which has resulted in Sinful having a full set of Heroic plate armor with Toszi, Clintan and Orodeath gaining new pieces every day.

      Die doggy!

      Hanure the Hunter dies whenever she dares show her face, but is so far being a bitch in regards to loot. We suspect being some kind of kitty crossbreed plays a part.

      At my signal, unleash hell!

      We're eagerly awaiting Auroria and the release of the 10 man instance to further show our prowess against pixels.
      Besides the monsters of the wild we're also battling our gardens, which leads to many questions. What do we grow? Is it worth planting for thunderstrucks? How can we maximize profit? Can Lyngs make more bundles? Will Ernesto ever pick a lemon by himself? It's impossible to know.

      Some prefer planting packs. Legit strategy confirmed.

      All of the previous mentioned activities are of course just a preparation for our main focus, to see our enemies bleed out before us. And there's plenty of PvP action to go around! The seas are ripe with reds and pirates, Freedich is a constant warzone and behind the curtains alliances and pacts are forged in preparation for Auroria.
      November 4th is the release date of the northern continent which holds castles and treasures beyond comprehension. Which guilds will come out on top, and which will be relegated to a life of poverty? The Game of Turds never stops.

      Oh, sorry, was this your tradeship?

      Since last a couple of our recruits have survived their trial period and we've with open arms welcomed Nexi, Toszi, Orodeath, Scaretactics, Zpellcazter and Vigilance as new members of Ginnunga. We hope to share adventures with you for many years to come!

      14 Ginnungans vs A sea of reds? Odds slightly in our favor.

      They however left a vacancy in our trial department which has been filled by Hardedged, Astaria, Jawas, Selin, Centesia, Rayne, Cyrane, Lambee, Rellic and Noway.
      For Ginnunga it's a extremely high number of trials, and we've decided to close our recruitment for the time being. How many of our recruits that will survive to become full members remains to be seen, but we're very happy to have you with us while you're still standing!
      That concludes the october update. Six weeks into the game we show no signs of slowing down and even our most dedicated members are finding new thing to occupy their time every day. Saying this is the best game ever created might be too much, but we're cautiously optimistic that we'll be here at least another month.
      Til next time, see you on the open seas!

    • It's been an intense couple of weeks for the heroes of Ginnunga. A new MMORPG launch is no small affair and one as anticipated as Archeage is rare.
      Sadly plenty of things have gone wrong for Trion, the publisher of Archeage. Too many things to ignore. Even though one would imagine they learned some valuable lessons regarding queue times after launching Rift a couple of years back, it's not unwarranted to say Trion dropped the ball. Or, they rather choked on it, spat it out, the ball landed in a grinder, it got shredded, a donkey then ate the minced ball and later shat it out with its ass protruding over a bottomless pit of agony and tears. And that's holding back on the negative.

      Sometimes we fight pink crystals as well!

      Countless issues aside we're still having a blast. Our members are farming, killing, farming, questing, farming, levelling and somehow find the time to farm some more. It may seem like a chore, but once in a while you get to witness your hard labour bear fruit.
      Together with the german guild Thelyn Ennor we've conducted several hazardous trips to Freedich Island, located smack in the middle of the ocean dividing the three continents. We've there exchanged our farmed gods for a currency which was recently used to buy the design needed to build our first galleon.

      Trade packs are serious buisness ya'll.

      Launching our first big ship was a huge milestone, as it means we've taken the first steps to becoming the powerhouse we all know we can be.

      Building a pyramid requires less work.

      Since we didn't have any champagne for the christening, our resident ancient Sammerkand generously broke one of his farm carts by getting it stuck on a wall, mere meters from the dry dock where we build the galleon. Good job!


      After that got sorted and the trade packs delivered we welcomed the first member of our growing naval armada, the eznan cutter named "Loveboat".

      Aaaaaaalmost done!

      I (Sinful) had a quick talk with the appointed captain of the ship, Sky Commander Sinful, to get a comment regarding the accomplishment.
      – If I ever ever chop another tree it's going to be too soon. My first plan is now to stock up on the required materials to repair the ship, since we will undoubtedly crash and burn within a few days. I foresee much agony over being Ginnungas first captain, he (I) says.

      Maiden voyage to Freedich Island.

      With all the issues that's plagued the launch we're not yet up to full strength, but our members are keeping busy levelling, getting gear at level 50 and preparing the future wars.
      Applications to Ginnunga are open, so if you feel you got what it takes to be a part of our family, don't hesitate.
      Til next time, see you on the open seas, landlubbers.

    • Ernesto

      Ginnunga Server downtime

      By Ernesto, in News,

      On September 17, 2014 at 08:30 ERN, the Ginnunga Server will go down for maintenance. The maintenance will last for no less than 1 hour. All of our systems will be affected.
      Update 2014-09-17 08:59
      Server maintenance is complete and all systems seem to be up and running normally.

    • Some choices in life are hard. Which education should I get? Where will I live? Do I want children? What can I do to make the world a better place? Should I put on pants before going to work? Sorry, we can't help.
      Luckily there are also easy decisions, where it's really not a matter of actually deciding but rather following your heart. Should I be a neonazi? (No) Will I kill puppies today? (Not before lunch) Should I drink moonshine whenever it's offered? (Yes)
      Another such easy choice was which faction to support in Archeage. East vs West. Cats vs Elves. Harani vs Nuian. Hell vs Heaven.
      Seeing as Ginnunga has had a long history of siding with the elven kind, all we really had to do was follow our heart. Those pointy slender magnificent ears, eternal life and the joy of growing old without a beard, how can anyone not LOVE elves?
      There are those who say this hasn't always been the case. Vile villains would have you believe we've hated elves so much that we've mocked these beautiful souls by calling them mermaids, "fags" and "lol worst race ever". Don't believe the haters, here in Ginnunga we're all about the love. Love for the elven kind.
      Thus Ginnunga has decided to wholeheartedly support the Nuian faction. Following this announcement it's rumored that the kittens in the east got so scared that they've been developing a new kind of weaponry to battle the forces of Ginnunga. Our spymaster Calyn managed to find proof of this ruthless arms race and presented it to the high council so that we may expose their evil plans.

      Meow, meow, I'm a crappy cat.

      But we are neither impressed nor afraid. Look at that pathetic creature, IT'S PAPER YOU STUPID CAT! But wherever a kitten mans a cardboard tank we'll be there to poop on it. Whenever they meow, we'll poison the milk, pee in their litter and chop off countless tails. And wherever they gather, we'll bring bags to stuff and drown them.
      See you on the battlefield, kittens, PETA can't save you now.

    • September 16th ArcheAge is being released! Of course we're giving it a go. A bunch of us already pre-ordered the game so we can take advantage of the headstart which starts the 12th of September, along with all the other benefits that come with it.
      First there will be an open beta which lasts four days that starts September 9th, so if you are unsure you can have a look and try the game then!
      More information on faction will follow later.

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