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    • Ernesto

      An evening of Keep sieging

      By Ernesto, in News,

      Last night we decided to roam the RvR lakes to try to take back a few objectives and keeps. We gathered up the guild at a quarter past eight in the evening in Marshes of Madness with our minds set to snatch the keep there.
      We headed straight for the keep, ignoring the Battlefield Objectives in the hopes of being able to ninja-take it with as little opposition is possible. The plan worked and the keep fell after just a few minutes, while we ran to take the other battlefield objectives. While taking the last objective we got the message that our keep was under attack. We ignored it since it's quite often buggy and triggers whenever some destruction lad runs close to it. So, we decided to head back to the warcamp to fly to Barak Varr with the intent to continue our conquest, however, when we were almost at the warcamp we saw that the keep was taken. We quickly took a left turn and ran towards the keep and found a large gathering of Destructions in front of the keep.
      The destruction players, which consisted mostly of players from the guild Darkwind took their stand on the keep side of the bridge, so we lined up our tanks in the front and slowly started crossing the bridge. There were casualties on both sides and the fighting went on for quite some time, but we finally managed to take down all their healers and hence their "reinforcements" stopped so we could pass the bridge and break the door.
      We got up into the keep lords room and there were only a few defenders, but thanks to them and reinforcements that came in from behind, they managed to twart our attempt at taking the keep. The destruction players combined with the keep lord and his cronies were simply too much for us to handle.
      We gathered up and made another attempt at controlling the lord room, but we were quickly wiped out so we revised our plan and went at it again. Third times a charm!
      This time we took it a little slower, made sure to take out people from both behind and up in the lord room, while shooting down their healers and nukers up on the platforms in the lordroom before making our charge. We also focused all power on the keep lord himself, while we offtanked the champions as well as we could, which is pretty hard with all the knockback and destruction players whacking you in the face!
      After I do not know how long we managed to wipe out enough Destruction players and they seemed to either have lost a few defenders, or they were just too slow at getting back, so this time we managed to take the keep.
      After the keep was secured, we moved to Barak Varr and claimed the keep and the objectives without much opposition at all. After that, it was getting too late, so we packed our bags and headed of to bed. I love beds. Comfy.
      In conclusion, it was an awesome night with loads of fun with some pretty great fights and I do think we raised our outnumbered (globally) Order banners quite high. We all look forward for future battles just like these! Good fighting!
      View attachment: keep_take.jpg

    • The server list has been announced for Headstart. Ginnunga will play on Karak-Hirn on the Order side.
      Karak-Hirn is an English core server. We feel that this rule set will be the best choice for a RvR game like WAR.
      As it currently looks, we will be launching the game with 35-40 members. We are all a very friendly bunch, so don't hesitate to have a chat in game.
      Looking forward to see you all on the battlefield!

    • Ernesto

      Server for WAR

      By Ernesto, in News,

      We will naturally not go for Ellyrion since that apparently is an RP server, but we cannot pick an official server until we know what servers are available during headstart.
      I will update the link on the right side as well as post a news item when we have the final live server we will play on. Hope to see many old and new friends there!

    • Ginnunga started playing Warhammer during the Closed Beta due to a Guild Beta invite and now we will keep playing sporadically during the Open Beta. Since many of us have already played the game quite alot, we will not be uber active during the open beta.
      The server we picked for Open beta was Ellyrion, which is an english core server. It is very likely, but not at all set in stone that we will play on that server in the live version of the game.
      We have so far gotten a few applications, but all of them have been denied, since we cannot accept applications until the game goes live.
      As it currently looks, we will be launching the game with 35-40 members and most of us will have headstart access. We are all a very friendly bunch, so don't hesitate to have a chat in game.Until GOA fixes their herald pages, we will have a temporary roster available by wednesday night accessible from the web.
      View attachment: warhammer_banner_ingame.jpg

    • Ernesto

      Major Study on MMO players

      By Ernesto, in News,

      I found this very interesting piece on on Raph Kosters blog where the intro caught my eye quite quickly.
      Dmitri Williams has released the first paper from an initiative that I helped get off the ground years ago, before leaving SOE. Basically, SOE gave him full (anonymized) logs of activity for EQ2.
      Some key findings:

      The largest concentration of players are in their 30s
      There are more players in their 30s than in their 20s
      Older players also play more than younger players

      You can find the whole paper at Terra Nova
      As some on this list know, my research group has been working on a joint project with Sony Online Entertainment for the last two years. This collaboration has enabled our team to collect virtual world data on--as far as we know--an unprecedented scale. SOE has let us access the full data logs generated and collected by the world Everquest II.
      This is one of those "be careful what you ask for" moments in science. We asked for everything, and many terabytes later, found ourselves hosting and analyzing massive data on supercomputers at NCSA. SOE also let us do a large-scale survey of their player base. Although there have been good surveys of virtual world populations done in the past, this is the first that took place within the game engine and with the help of the developer. As a result, it does not have the self-selection issues that the first such surveys have had, and the response rate was impressive.

    • Gwarg

      Teron eats dirt!

      By Gwarg, in News,

      After lots of summer slacking we are back in action. Teron Gorefiend eats dirt after lots of ghost practice

      View attachment: Teron_20080819.png
      View attachment: Teron_20080819.jpg

    • I came across an old interview with Sanya Thomas (now Sanya Weathers) that she made for WarCry just after she left Mythic Entertainment.
      For those that do not know, Sanya Thomas was the person that re-invented community management from being just panic damage control, into being a real profession. You can even take university classes in community management nowadays.
      Sanya was, without exagerating, a shining star in Community Management and sadly not alot of people after her has been able to follow. Although the Camelot Herald is still in good shape, most other games or communities seriously lack her professionalism and innovational skills.
      To quote a few highlights of her brilliance from the WarCry interview.
      I think my greatest contribution was I demonstrated that it doesn't have to be that way [ED: emergency damage control]. I used my real name, and shared actual information. I felt that a community is a living entity that cannot be controlled, and deserves respect.
      Sanya, in contrary to most other community managers, was perceived as one of the "good guys", the one who was always on the players side of things and not some company mogul or know-it-all developer that just shut down people if they were complaining, she listened, answered and caressed her "children".
      Good community is a little marketing, a little CS, and a little old-fashioned mud-wrestling on behalf of your players. It's important to work with the whole team to achieve a consistent message, of course, but at the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the community weenie to stand up for players, for player feedback, and for realistic expectations. If that means a few bruises (from all sides), so be it.
      She also, unlike very recent disaster Age of Conan and its community management, quickly figured out that lying, was never good.
      I think I made a good case for truth and transparency. It's so... obvious, but there it is. Players KNOW when you're lying, 99% of the time. That extra 1% is what really causes the trouble, because when they figure out that you lied, AND THEY WILL, payback is hell. I never lied. I fully admit I always tried to put the best possible spin on bad news, though.
      My point is, players were able to trust the Herald - every word on that site posted by me or my team was the truth. Sometimes, circumstances forced us into a position where we couldn't keep our promises, but the moment I was allowed to do so, I went out and let people know the score.
      That was very unusual for an official website of any kind, and it was really groundbreaking of Mythic to foster that. A personal commitment to honesty and ethical behavior is all very well, but unless the people with authority have ethics, you're just spitting into the wind.
      Sanya was a hero, and even the most hardcore vocals respected her. Noone I have ever talked to had a bad word to say about Sanya or her performance as a community manager. Sure, people had lots of bad things to say about Mythic and bugs and whatnot, but the community manager, she was always our quarterback.
      You can discuss the article here

    • Ernesto


      By Ernesto, in News,

      Paul Barnett, creative director at Mythic Entertainment, is currently deep in the development trenches working on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
      He showed up at the Develop conference in Brighton, England to deliver a talk entitled "Lessons Learned from the Frontline of Warhammer Online," which, as one might expect, consists of a number of concise recommendations to other game developers, based on his team's own experiences.
      Read the full article and the 11 lessons at Gamasutra.

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