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    • Cogency has been kind enough to supply us with a little teaser from the Korean Open beta.
      You can find the video in our movies section here:
      or of course, follow this fancy direct link and download this awesome little gem of a teaser!:

    • These keys grants VIP access to all the Rift Beta events until launch. The keys are good for 25 uses a piece, so if one do not work, just try the other. Will add more keys as we go.
      Would be swell if you left a comment if you used a key!

    • Cogency


      By Cogency, in News,

      Every now and then you run into a game that makes you wonder why this hasn't been done a thousand times before, because it is just that simple. Magicka is one of those games.
      Magicka is a top-down action game for 1 to 4 playersset in a fantasy world based on Norwegian mythology. You are a wizard and your duty is to save the world from evil! (eventho the game itself doesnt take this job all to serious)
      All along the way to this ultimate confrontation, players will encounter humorous references not only to other high-fantasy games, movies, and books, but also to numerous bits of geek culture that may or may not even remotely fit the pseudo-medieval setting.
      Eventho every mage can dish out some melee attacks, everything in Magicka evolves around spells, elemental spells. There are 6 elements all accessible with the QWEASD-keys. In total you can combine 5 elements in one spell, the effect of the spell depends on the elements you combine. Combine water and fire and you get a steam blow, add some earth and you get some ball of steam. There are endless combinations and enemies that are react differently to certain spells, so you have to keep making new combinations.
      Magicka can be played CO-OP. Of course, we all know how these 'cooperative' game experiences can quickly degenerate, given the right mix of player 'frienemies'. So naturally you can, and probably will, easily end up cooking one or two of your own party members with that hastily-cast fireball spell.
      Besides the adventure Magicka also has a few challenges where the objective mainly is destroying as many monsters as possible and then boast your score to the rest of the world.
      Magicka will offer 13 levels in the main cooperative campaign game, which should keep you busy for a while. Trying to find secret items, new spells, face challenges and "Experience the parody and satire of a clich�d fantasy world!" as they say at Paradox.

    • In an excellent end to our last unofficial Christmas break raiding week we managed to kill Al'Akir and Nefarian for the first time (Al'Akir seems something of a push over, Nefarian certainly is not). Admittedly these are only 10 man raids but it's testament to the groups' composition and ability that we managed this and cleared out the bosses left in BoT.
      This of course gave us more protector tier loot. Back in ICC while our DKs, Druids and Rogues were wearing their threadbare greys our Warriors and Shamans were fully decked out in both main spec and off spec tier loot so please Blizzard enough with the bloody protector loot.
      Moving onto our first official raid of the new year we will be looking towards finishing off these bosses in 25 man and moving on to heroics, several of our members are not fully prepared for that just yet both from a gear and a full understanding of the boss encounters but this will go swiftly.
      Fantastic work today guys, keep it up.

      View attachment: nef.jpg
      View attachment: alakir.jpg

    • Resident World of Warcraft guru and legend Janne has created a nice guide about the Cataclysm dungeon achievements!
      This guide is for the 5 man Cataclysm expansion achievements. All is welcomed to post here, or correct me if I'm wrong. All helpful posts will be added to this topic and credits given to the rightful people.
      All of the achievements are labeled with the dungeon they are at, and are in no particular order of easy/medium/hard.
      Getting started
      While writing this guide (and doing some achievements), the expansion has just hit live and the gear for the group members are mostly green/blue with maybe few epic items. This means, while the achievement may sound too complicated or hard now, the chances are (and will be), that the achievements will get more simple and easy to do as time passes and more epics and tiers find themselves in to the game.
      What you need in most achievements is good and balanced group. This usually means:
      1x tank
      1x healer
      3x DPS
      You can find the full guide here!

    • What's you character name and how did you come up with it?
      Isseesoli. It's Finnish and if you translate it word to word it means "your father was", but it comes from an inside joke amongst my friends, a joke which is basically impossible to explain. But anyways that's why I picked it. All my other character names come from same kind of jokes, never been that much in to "larp"-nicks. Like Oonsaleehot which was my main in the start of WotLK which means "I'm certainly hot" or my current main Saunamajuri, "sauna major", which is the word for the person who is responsible for warming up sauna in parties and so forth. That's a joke about my self as last year I managed to have my sauna on for almost half a year which ended up making quite a nice electricity bill

      How old are you?
      24 in 2 weeks. So 23

      Where do you live?
      Seinjoki, Finland

      What MMO do you play at the moment?
      Got inactive in WoW when my summerjob started (same thing every year) and now waiting for Cataclysm to start playing again.

      Any other games currently?
      I don't actually play that much if you don't count WoW. Well I like FPS games, but haven't had the chance to try new MOH or COD, because my PSU ended it's contract prematurely. Mafia 2 is the last game I played I think, and it was really good.

      What was your first computer game ever?
      First one I remember playing is Keen.

      What was your first multiplayer online experience?
      First game I played in multiplayer mode was Rainbow Six: Rogue Squadron with my friend against AI, but it wasn't online. But it made me realize how cool it's to play with other people. I think the thing for me in online games never has been the "beating other ppl up" -part, but the aspect of achieving something with friends. Soon after that I started playing CS which I then played for next 5 or 6 years before WoW.

      What was your first MMO?
      WoW, never played any other.

      What is your favorite snack while gaming?
      Definently Chili Nuts. I could live without eating anything else

      When/How did you join Ginnunga?
      I used to play in a different server, but got tired to people slacking too much in my guild. I know Mohaiken irl and I knew he plays in a semi-hc guild so in August '07 I asked him if they need a mage and there was a spot. Shame people don't get the chance anymore to go through that interview by Lylar As a funny fact a member who joined few weeks before me, Joketsu, turned out to be my good irl friends big brother. I didn't really know him back then, but now I'm friends with him too.

      Tell us your most memorable mmo moment?
      I have to go with killing Nefarian with my old guild. Such an epic fight and also BWL is my favourite instance. In Ginnunga I think it's killing Kaelthas, also an epic fight with those legendary weapons and the flying. And the yelling in TS right after the kill was remarkable.

      Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.
      Hmm quite hard as Joketsu, Mohaiken and Kupparys know me quite well but; In Finnish school system in the 3rd grade kids are taught handy works with wood and metal and also textile works. In the 4th grade you have to pick either handy works or textile works and as you can guess boys usually pick handy works and girls textile works. But I wanted to pick textile, because the sewing machine was so much fun but my dad didn't let me QQ. Well to be honest later on I was happy he decided for me as you have to go with your choice to the 9th grade

      View attachment: jeejee.jpg

    • Bastion of Twilight is now cleared and that pegs us at 10/12 bosses which isn't too shabby for an unofficial raid week but a pleasant Christmas present.
      I'd be lying if I said all the content is completely on farm yet as we've only done these on 10 man but this should position us well to start picking and choosing between normal and heroics which is what I was hoping for. Now if only more feral loot would drop...
      Oh and before I forget, nice hat ZZ.

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