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    • What's you character name and how did you come up with it?
      Helias is my real life name and Helianna is my daughter's name , never used any unreal names in my career.

      How old are you?
      Almost 40 (yeah laugh all you like , some day YOU will be too )

      Where do you live?
      Athens - Greece

      What MMO do you play at the moment?
      None (My signature has lots of info)

      Any other games currently?
      Travian (Browser game)

      What was your first computer game ever?
      lol, seriously? hmmmm
      "pong" at zx spectrum 48k in 1985?
      Was the father of arcanoid

      What was your first multiplayer online experience?
      Yeah good times, Diablo I in 1996.

      What was your first MMO?
      Dark age of Camelot, best game ever created in this universe.

      What is your favorite snack while gaming?
      Old Holborn and cofee.

      When/How did you join Ginnunga?
      WoW stormeraver i applied at Ginnunga with Helianna my dps Warrior (fury spec) when Damage was da Boss, 10 days after that we killed Nefarian iirc was at 2006

      Tell us your most memorable mmo moment?
      First kill on C'thun ofcourse.
      The screaming and yelling will be never be forgoten
      Good times.

      Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.
      I have profficiency in small axes as you can see from the photo chopping the Easter lamb.

      View attachment: helias_spotlight.jpg

    • It's been an exiting week on Whitefall for Ginnungas already legendary Rift-chapter. The servers got patch 1.4 which among other things brought plenty new fixes, a new 10-man instance, PvP-rifts, new PvP-ranks, updated Warfronts and a new epic quest-line.
      Of course we were eager to experience it all, so eager that after a single weekend of mayhem we congratulated our highest ranked pvp-member this far, Cogency, on obtaining Rank 7!
      With all the new content we of course didn't settle for bashing defiants, we had a hunger for monster blood. Ernesto led a brave party into the new raid instance and a few hours later left with four new scalps.

      Kill-shots are lame, mmmmmkay?
      Seeing as Trion tuned some of the fights in Hammerknell we went back in with our hopes high and promptly one shot the first boss, Murdantix. Not quite the epic first kill we hoped for, it seems like Trion still has some adjustments that needs implementing.

      I lied. Killshots are awesome but Ernesto can't produce them
      We then spent a couple hours playing midwifes to Hammerknells preggo, Matron Zamira. Conclussion: We need to push buttons harder!
      Current progress:
      GSB: 5/5 RoS: 4/4 GP: 4/4 DH: 4/4 HK: 1/10
      We've decided we could use more meat for the grinder and thus our recruitment is re-opening! T2-gear or better, raid-experience is a plus but most of all we're looking for that perfect mix between a fantastic player and someone who fits our misfit family socially.
      Currently looking for:
      2 Mages
      1 Cleric
      1 Rogue/Warrior
      If you're interested please read our official recruitment post where you will find all the info you could ever ask for!
      In the unlikely event that you do have questions feel free to contact Ernesto, Kunasha, Fastas or Pinchy ingame.
      As for applications: Write properly. Write a lot. Spell-check. Trigger our interest! Again, we want good and friendly people that will add to our community, not just the game!
      On that note we also welcome our newest recruit Greydawn! Some of you might remember him from Lineage 2 where he played as Auranoir.
      Until next week my dears, skrbeti za sebe!

    • Ernesto

      Rift Mount: Crocnard!

      By Ernesto, in Rift,

      Korpayne goes ahead and nicks one of the first ever Crocnards after staying up all night doing the quest chain. Rift is not good for his sleep it seems. Good for his croc though!
      Of course, he managed to ruin the quest for everyone on Whitefall after he did it, so he will be quite alone with it for a while!
      We also tried The Drowning Halls for an hour in the middle of the day, but today being Friday, there will most likely not be much more "raiding" today. We did however down the first two bosses (Assault Commander Jorb and Joloral Ragetide ) without any trouble whatsoever, the third one, we wiped like 10 times on because me, myself and I couldn't interrupt quickly enough after Kunasha let me die to the water circles. Thanks Kunasha! Anyhow, that boss was also quite easy so I am sure it will be dead as soon as we get back from the regular Friday/Saturday family/drinking/whatever stuff we always do.

    • Alsbeth never knew what hit her. But we do, it was Drexa!

      If one would say we went in and, just like Dorothy in Oz, dropped a house on Alsbeth, one would be right. After only having seen the encounter briefly, previous reset, our raidforce was so eager to take her on that we cleared GSB in a record breaking 1 hour(!) and then mopped up RoS the same evening just to reach the witch.
      What followed was nothing short of a slaughter. We ran, we carried crystals, we tanked and we smacked her ugly face over and over. Suddenly, after a mere 1 hour, she realized this wasn't going to end well and gave us the loot. Smart choise.

      Since our resident Clerictank was away Polly got her THIRD relic.

      Thus we close the book on the Tier 1 raiding in Rift on Whitefall just one day after the first Tier 2 raid released. We might be old, we might be grumpy, we might have started raiding later then most and we might have Ernesto dragging us down, but by god we're doing something right! Amazing job everyone and a big thanks for many fun wipes!
      But were we content? Did we savor the sweet taste of victory even though we had oceans of time left? Of course not! We went to Hammerknell where we made our first new friend, Murdantix. Our members are still sorting out runes to reach the various caps, but Pinchy decided to try a cunning plan, borderline exploit, that he calls "The Pinch". Below is a recap of the strategy and how it played out...

      "Shhhh, we sneak up and pinch him in the peeeeenus!" 


      "Rezz please..."
      After that monumental embarrassment we spent about an hour ripping into him and walked away with a best attempt of 12%. It would quite likely have been a kill if it wasn't for another one of Pinchys bright ideas, anyone else seeing a pattern...? However, next time you die doggy!
      Til we kill something next, auf wiedersehen!

    • Sinful

      Rift-ing it up

      By Sinful, in Rift,

      Morrisey might think "Everyday is like sunday", so thank god he's is only Jesus reincarnated as a musician and not a raider in Ginnunga because we wouldn't get anything done. This past week our members decided to heed the Sabbath instead of raiding, but despite that, only using two raiddays, we opened a can of whoopass on Herald and for the first time felt Alsbeth up!

      Tumble put on his prettiest Robin Hood-costume to impress Alsbeth.
      We only had time to dip our toes in the encounter but are expecting a swift departure down the river for the Queen of trash in coming raids.
      The preparations for Hammerknell is otherwise well underway and besides stacking up resists several members have been spotted bathing in the Sanctum fountains to acclimatize themselves. On that note we've been asked by GM's to remind everyone that personal swim toys are STRICTLY prohibited in public fountains.

      Calling the toy Cogency didn't help, Ernesto was promptly sent out of the fountain.
      In other news, the coming weekend it's time for Ginnungas yearly RL-gathering! This year it's held in the land of broken dreams and Puff the magic dragon, The Netherlands. All of us who aren't going send our best wishes and hope the dutchies takes care of everyone!
      Til next week, veilig zijn!

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