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    • The guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic EU (PvP) Empire on the Tomb of Freedon Nadd server.
      The guild section for the guild Ginnunga in SWToR is mainly compromised of old PvP players from Dark Age of Camelot, Lineage 2 and Warhammer. We are playing on the Freedon Nadd server as a guild.
      We will primarily focus on the PvP aspects of the game. There will be no scheduelled events.
      We are very guild oriented and always work for the guild first, our alliances second and our faction last. We as a guild try to do as much as possible together so therefore we do not only track attendance during PvE raids, but we also track attendance for PvP nights, which takes place as often as PvE raids.
      While we do not like fancy labels we find that "hardcore" might not be the best word to describe us, a better word to be used would be "serious". We play to win, but not at the cost of social structure and disorganized laughter.

    • Star Wars: The old Republic.
      Incase you missed it! Lucas Arts, Bioware & EA are releasing this small new franchise called Star Wars: The Old Republic. The first footage we saw a while back left most of us with one thought; omajged that looks horrible. Which resulted in most of us not paying alot of attention to the game, until we got our hands on some keys for the current beta weekend.
      We were surprised, ofcourse it's not the most exciting MMO that we are all are waiting and hoping for with all kinds of new funky stuff that will leave us flabbergasted buttttt...this turned out better then expected. It is a real story-driven mmoRPG tho, which means there is ALOT of RPG blablablabla & blabla going on, every time you talk with someoen there is some cutscene with voiceacting and fancy conversation options. Awesome for the little roleplayer that is hiding inside all of us, horrible for the hardcore dork that wants to race to max level. The graphics are somewhat cartoon'ish, I've been told it is somewhat in the same style as that series "The Clone Wars", its nothing fancy but doesnt look bad at all, I'm hoping this will result in epic settings that would normally with 'Battlefield3 like' graphics be to hard for most computers. The combat was what surprised me the most, I didnt look at any video's or anything before I started to play but when I started to play and especially later on when you get your lightsaber and others have their big laser guns it really feels like Star Wars, you have the lightsaber and laser gun sounds blasting out of speakers while the things seem to go mental on your screen while your charackter jumps, flies and runs from one scumbag to another, which makes it look really action packed. I sorta made it to lvl17 and felt the game only got better, so that is a good sign. Lets hope we'll have something to do when we are max level.
      Anyway! We decided that Ginnunga as a guild will also have a go at SWTOR. The game seems fun and entertaining and will keep some of us busy again for some time. So check back to see what side and server we are going!
      For now, here is a small little movie I made.

    • Hey, so you are now FORCED to use Origin - EA Games spyware client to play Battlefield 3.
      Fine, I _REALLY_ wanna play Battlefield 3, spy on my stuff, keylog my shit, clean my bankaccount EA.
      What I do NOT want, is to register to "Gravatar" to edit my avatar in Battlefield. I _REALLY_ don't wanna be able to access wordpress.com with the same username! NPO THANK YOU WHAT A WORTHLESS SERVICE WHO DID YOU BRIBE TO FORCE US TO USE YOUR SHIT SERVICE TO HOST A FRICKING JPEG.
      Todays juvenile rant over.
      PS. Gravatar is worthless.

    • Ernesto

      Zilas falls over

      By Ernesto, in Rift,

      After a few weeks of being lazy and spending most raidevenings in Rift by making life harder for the defiants, we took a stab at clearing Hammerknell again. To our surprise, content is actually not too hard - if you actually go there and fight it instead of idling in Sanctum, trying to figure our which dye goes best in your fourth wardrobe slot.

      We took in a few new recruits to ensure our longevity in Rift and we spent two weeks to gear them up in Greenscale and River of Souls. Doing old content can be quite boring so we tried to spice it up at times. Best run was a 14-man Greenscale kill. Got a bit tricky with a few people who didn't have any hitrating whatsoever, but down they go as the plumber said.
      Worst part about our new recruits is that they are just as old as us. My PvE progress needs more unemployed university students. Where is my Kolapz when I need him? The thirty plus brigade is weak! Three raiddays a week? Pffft! When I was young we did six! Oh wait. I am still young. Hooligan is the old one. He turned 49. Embarrassing.
      I wish we were all young again. Time to buy Cogency that spa treatment he wanted for his birthday. That should shave off five years for us at least!
      Anyhow, here is a killshot. It is not good. But it is mine.

      During our two weeks of open world RvRing on Whitefall we were getting distraught that our lovely opponents seemed to always log out after a defeat or two, but now when we are back doing a little bit of PvE they seem to climb back out of the woodworks, so I feel an evening of teaching-lessons is in order.
      Team Plow™ go go go!
      View attachment: zilas_killshot.jpg
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