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    • What's your character name and how did you come up with it?
      Drexa, or more recently, Drexar (most people who know me just calls me Micke, which is short for Michael in Swedish). It has evolved from Dreakon which was the name used on my old Shadowblade in DAoC (It was actually Sigges name, we traded accounts). First use of the nickname Drexa was in Lineage 2 on my first female character since Dreakon didn’t cut it for a female plus I wanted to personalize it a bit, it was then followed by a bunch of females in various games until we started playing WAR and I had to add an “r” at the end since my awesome Dwarf male Ironbreaker had to have a wee bit more manly name.. Ever since then I’ve been going pretty exclusively for male characters again, so Drexar is now the norm, might even be time to update the forum name at some point.
      For any old-timers who might still be around, I used to be Wizel Wuzz, the hairiest and manliest Halfling rogue ever, back in Everquest, account was then passed on to the current Wizel/Wizul when I started playing DAoC and I have since then given up any rights to that name.
      How old are you?
      I am around 25, born 1980.
      Where do you live?
      Smack in the middle of Sweden, in the ever windy and cold Östersund, a stone throw away from the Midgard Frontier, Jamtland Mountains.
      What MMO do you play at the moment?
      None. I haven’t played much since SWTOR, part of getting older seems to be getting busier with shitty things like work, and for some reason earning money has a larger priority at times. Waiting for Guild Wars 2 though.
      Any other games currently?
      Not really. I did play some Diablo 3, but work schedule prevented me from grouping up and it got boring real fast. I drop in and kill some orcs now and then in Space Marine.
      What was your first computer game ever?
      Tricky question, something on C64 I guess. Earliest game I remember I loved was Moonstone on the Amiga.
      What was your first multiplayer online experience?
      Hmm, I think it might have been Quake, using dial-up straight to a friend’s phone number or something like that, I remember playing it with keyboard exclusively before realizing that using a mouse had some advantages..
      What was your first MMO?
      Everquest back in 1999. I actually didn’t own a computer back then, so I was basically living at Marzaks place, playing Final Fantasy 7 during daytime when he was occupying my (his) computer, and using the computer during night when he was sleeping. It was also on his account I made my first character, but it didn’t take too long until I realized I needed my own account, and a bit later my own computer.
      What is your favorite snack while gaming?
      I don’t really have any favorite snack, anything that is unhealthy and makes you fat is good. If I could I would eat cookies, candy, potato chips, pizza, kebab, hamburgers and fajitas every day, with Coke, Fanta and sometimes ice-cold milk to drink. Sadly I can’t, unless I want to look like Micke the Hutt and get one of those awesome handicap mopeds that all the not so slim people have started to use. Hmm, that would be sweet.
      When/How did you join Ginnunga?
      I joined up back in late 1999 or early 2000 from what I can remember, Ern has put it at -99 so let’s go with that. I don’t really remember how I got in touch with the idiots leading the guild, but I think it could have been due to spending tons of time with Marzak who knew many of the people from playing MUDs with them, Jhurg/Eyke was one of them (Co-founder) along with Snyggve and possibly Ern, plus a bunch of other people who are now too old to be online heroes. It didn’t take long until we were all good real life friends, hanging at Marzaks and Smeek/Plutts place quite a lot up in the Körfältet Ghetto or spending time at our base of operations, Wedemarks Café, which had unlimited amounts of coffee refills and also allowed smoking inside, those were the times.
      Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?
      There are so many… First entering Estate of Unrest in Everquest, the feeling of dread and horror, no game will have that effect on me again, I’m sure, even though I still wish it will happen.
      Failing the last boss in my epic quest for my Ragebringer dagger, and then having my day saved by Ernesto who called on fatty Gwarg and all the Forsaken Realm people he could find that late at night, that was a really great experience. (Just as a sidenote, the quest later then bugged out on the final hand in, I gave away my precious collected items to the NPC and instead of getting my Ragebringer I got absolutely nothing, luckily the GM’s back then were awesome and helped me pretty fast to finally get my reward.)
      Having to get a GM to kick Gakadaf from the game cause he logged on drunk, died and fell asleep, and corpses decayed in 24 hours online time.. The GM gave me cookies if I remember correctly.
      Doublefrosting Paladins down in two hits before the nerfbat hit in DAoC and then overcoming the bitterness of said nerf and still owning the stealth zergs at AMG with Team Hood (Me, Marzak and Hatchet, all shadowblades). Climbing into keeps and delicately perforating peoples arteries with a two-handed sword or axe was also a lot of fun.
      Oh, and for some juvenile Swedish humor, these were great finds, to the left we have the NPC Troll named Balle from DAoC, and to the right we have the somewhat nasty Dwarf NPC in Everquest named Horasug.
      I could go on and on about Dark Age of Camelot, there are so many great memories from that game and I still firmly believe it’s the best PvP or RvR MMO to date, and I will, sadly, most likely continue to believe that for the rest of my life.. Its also a bit sad to lose contact with a bunch of awesome people, Hatchet, Zlorf, Feo Ellery who kept talking about his “Porros” (His Spanglish made early Meilink sound like a professor in the English language!) just to mention a few.
      Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.
      I do actually laugh, I just don’t push my TeamSpeak button while doing it. Maybe it’s a bit like the whole “If a tree falls in a forest..” type of thing though.

    • Have you broken your friends leg while reaching for a can of beans?
      Have you crawled through a supermarket while stealing coke?
      Have you been shot by Tumble while peacefully breaking into a house?
      Have you experienced a zombie apocalypse?
      If not, you probably haven't played DayZ. For those that are unfamiliar it's a mod for the game Arma II which puts you smack in the middle of a apocalyptic zombie nightmare. Humanity has been all but extinct by a virus and the few survivors remaining try desperately to scavenge food, drinks, medical supplies and weapons to survive against the horde of undead scouring the land.
      As if that wasn't enough you live in constant fear of other survivors that want nothing more than to hit you like a pi�ata and steal your hard earned possessions.
      The past week some of us have been living this nightmare. Dying, sneaking, dying, hunting, dying, looting, dying, running, dying and... did i mention dying?
      Led by Dansul and Trenixen our rugged band of survivors have raided airports, hospitals and villages in search for anything that's more helpful than a empty tin can, cause there's obviously ALOT of those around in an apocalyptic future.
      Calyn wanted to make sure i mentioned him "conquering" a castle meanwhile the rest of us were busy shooting stuff in the face.

      A for effort!

      There has also been some rumors about axewielding psychopaths roaming the countryside. These are all lies.

      An accurate depiction of events.

      If you want to scavenge, slay and survive like a pro, don't hesitate to check out http://dayzmod.com/ and look us up. Just don't be surprised when the last thing you hear is the shotgun-blast behind you and Tumble going "Ooooooops".
      View attachment: pignesto.jpg
      View attachment: calyn4.gif

    • I recorded this video of a keep defense in BWE1 and only bothered to upload it now. Nothing fancy, no music or effects, just shows 5 of us Ginnungans against the masses. I messed up some fraps settings I think because it recorded TS for everyone but me.
      Without any further ado, I present - Group Howley vs The Zerg

    • Cogency

      The news!

      By Cogency, in Guild News,

      There is not that much going on, it's just us playing Diablo3, GW2 Beta Events and complaining about all the broken stuff these games have to offer. Of course we are also watching new awesome tv shows, epic movies and looking forward to all kinds of winwin movies in the movie/tv review section.
      We would also like to show how dedicated the great Meriel is to the guild! On the right you can see her magnificent interpretation of our incredibly hardcore logo!
      Also a few points of interest:
      Calyn is back from China and is busy being almost rid of his jetlag.
      Deathstorm is getting ridiculously good items in D3, we hate him for it.
      Ernesto is pregnant, It's probably being boiled in wine as we speak.
      Meilink is promoted Colonel Clueless.
      Dendil is wrong.
      Coots is looking for someone to hike to the gathering with. (call 0800-HIKEWITHCOOTS)
      Janne finally figured out how Diablo3 works.
      Gromit is old.
      So is Meriel.
      Kolapz is showing the world pictures of Croatian people that are in love with Irish people.
      Gromk has a Mac. (lol)
      Netster is trying to find Venus.
      Sammerkand is fapping to a lesbian succubus.
      I have Teh Plan™.
      Katrinn is going to kill Ernesto because he is old and she is awesome.
      Eaglix is making babies. (Maybe he should talk to Ern)
      Drexa is grumpy.
      Naicha is building an aquarium for snails.
      Sarya wants to eat Naicha's snails.
      Civen is M.I.A.
      Gart is bringing wine!
      EVERYONE will sleep with Ove.
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    • What's you character name and how did you come up with it?
      My character name is Nyloth, came up with it after a night of no sleep trying to figure out a way of how to sound badass.
      I think it worked.

      How old are you?
      I'm 24.

      Where do you live?
      My current hometown is Zagreb, Croatia. But i come from much cooler little city of Zadar.

      What MMO do you play at the moment?
      At the moment i dont play anything sadly, my studies take away almost all of my time. + its not cheap to be a student in Croatia.

      Any other games currently?
      Nope, nothing. Sad, i know.

      What was your first computer game ever?
      Uhh, that's a hard one. Well, im not sure if it was the first, but my oldest computer gaming memories are of a game called Dink Smallwood.

      What was your first multiplayer online experience?
      Another tough one. And i honestly cannot remember.

      What was your first MMO?
      I played a free mmo few months before engaging WoW, sadly cant remember the name. It was crap.

      What is your favorite snack while gaming?

      When/How did you join Ginnunga?
      I joined Ginnunga a few years back, had a few friends playing there (Xded, Anhelo) and i really wanted to join since the guild had really good reputation. Luckly for me, i got accepted! Hah!

      Tell us your most memorable mmo moment?
      Ah, there are so many. And i think almost every one includes Ginnunga. First boss kills, fun times with a few guys i love moar then i probably should (you know who you are), and ooh how i loved my WoW arena mornings with Fasti
      Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.
      I am sex on legs.
      No, really now. I am.

      View attachment: nyloth.jpg

    • In a little less then 2hours GW2's first "open" beta weekend starts. Everyone who pre-purchased the game had the chance to download the beta and play!
      Ginnunga will be playing on the Vabbi server. This is just our beta choice for this weekend and is in no way related to our release pick.
      Anyway, goodluck & have fun! Don't forget to say 'Hi' when you see us plowing by!

    • To celebrate our 13th year as a guild, we are holding our 12th annual gathering!
      Members from all over Europe are flying in as usual for this glorious feast of nerds and friends! - The attendance list is filling up nicely and we seems to be getting around 40-50 attendees this year as well! Good show guys and girls!
      The Guild Gathering will take place in Sweden, Östersund between the 18th to 22nd of July.
      Let us make last years gathering in Amsterdam bow down in shame! This will be legendary!

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