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      By Ernesto, in History,

      We knew from the start that SWTOR was mostly a single player game with a few MMO elements tossed into it. We figured we'd give it a go anyways, and then the PvP zone Illum started lagging just like in Warhammer, or Aion, or vanilla WoW, so then we quite promply quit, after beating the PvE content.
      The best thing with SWTOR was by far hutball which we quickly learned to master and it was a very refreshing take on battlegrounds/scenarios in an MMO.

    • Ernesto


      By Ernesto, in History,

      Rift was a great game. It was polished and ran well on the machines, had copied nearly everything good in WoW pretty much straight off and added a few extra nice features. Trion had done a really good job and we were impressed from the start.
      We knew that this was mainly a PvE game, but we had nothing better to do than to give it a go.
      We did what we usually set out to do and cleared as much of the PvE content that was possible. Admittedly some of the end content was very rough and demanded a significant effort in farming gear, as well as waiting for balancing and bug fixes. Nothing unusual for sure and we do not mind beating our heads into bugs when being among the first to head into PvE content, we just expect it to be fixed rapidly and Trion mostly delivered there.
      The PvP


      Ernesto was constantly better than Argee

      When not doing the PvE raids, we had tons of fun in the scenarios but they had not been bracketed in any way, so what we refer to as "pub-stomping" occurred way too often. It is not fun for anyone when the scores are 500 - 0. One of many things we like in sceanrios and battlegrounds is the inclusion of proper combat statistics. Being able to compete against your teammates as well as your enemies make for fun gameplay, at least for us who are at times, quite competitive. 
      The PvP in the open world was also great. While there were not true objectives to fight over, we had some really exciting fights in some of the dynamic rift events, as well as engaging raidgroups preparing to go on dragon slaying adventures.
      The combat was very similair to WoW and WAR so it was very easy for us to accomodate. The classic assist style combat with holy trinity setups was fun, while not anything new.

      The PvE
      While we do find PvE challenges just as enjoyable as the next guy, we hate to leave people sitting. The system of a fixed amount of people who can join an encounter is not something that suits us well.

      The games easiest boss.
      Combine that with the fact that there was nothing to do for those that had to sit out if there was no room in the raid, made us leave the game. 
      Had there been more to do when not raiding, for example constantly progress in PvP on leaderboards and to obtain extra levels, like DAoC Realm Ranks, or EverQuest AA-points or similair, we would for sure have played this very solid game longer.
      It went well, we were clearing content in a decent pace, the main problem was, just like in any WoW clone, the fact that the raids were designed for 10 or 20 people. What do you do when you have 27 online, or 15? Our membership steadily declined as people lost interest after they had maxed out their PvP ranks and when we could no longer muster 20 man raids whenever we wanted, we simply decided to abandon the game.
      Let us finish of with a reminder that being angry will only get you screenshotted.

      Sometimes people got angry.

    • Ernesto


      By Ernesto, in History,

      Inbetween games we took a stab at the old game Dungeons and Dragons Online.
      Calyn held a diary of our adventure there.
      The Diary of Ginnunga in DDO - by Calyn
      Day 1: Rolled a bard. Seems fun. Dungeons are fun but mobs a bit easy at this level. Ern is afk.
      Day 1: Kunasha logged in really late, apparently he is trying to impregnate his wife so she will finally agree to marry him. Calyn broke something on the game server.
      Day2: I ar so strong, I got some +1 Battleaxe from the Ern and it is very gut. This is best game ever, I will play it for the next 5 years. Ern is afk.
      Day3: Getting moar awesome each day. Traps are lol. Very long extreme difficulty dungeons are very long and extreme difficult. Ern is afk.
      Day4: Cog almost broke his VIP account. Ern led us to some nasty undead-infested place starting with "D", died instantly and I had to drag two miserable bodies through the whole instance killing all that nasty stuff by myself. I think he is afk now, not sure, most of the group seems to be.
      Day4, second entry: We were doing elite adventures today and had the most fun OF OUR ENTIRE LIVES. There were roughly 50 Ginnungas online all being heroic in different dungeons. Then I was mean to Ern and when I came back from a 20 minute afk, no one was there. If anyone finds out which game they are playing now, please tell me.
      Day 5: Group Fail is back in action and doing some elite dungeons with hirelings! Cog is very useful and an acceptable addition to the group. Ern pulled the plug when called out about being the source of all mean.
      Day 5 entry 2: We went into The Pit today. We had no clue what to do, so I looked it up on the wiki. It read:
      "This quest is one of the most tricky ones in the game. Can be painfully long, if you don't know what you are doing. Take a good read at the following before entering the dungeon!."
      So we recalled.
      Then we went to the Blood Road. It said it was a "Extreme Challenge Dungeon" Level 8 and a balanced party was recommended. We were 3 dps lvl 5-6. So we recalled.
      Day 6: The holiday is having a big impact on Group Fail. Cog is pretending to have RL and Drexa is having an identity crisis with his warrior. We got some wiping done earlier today though, so the day was still a success. Ern is not afk. But he is too busy making a fortune on the auction house to be of any use.
      Day 7: Undeads. Lots. Ghosts. Hate them. We drowned today Sad. Still BEST GAME EVER.
      Day 8: So much hate. We did some really nice places that didn't have any undead, but then we got into this really hard dungeon and we had almost finished but there is so much rage now because Cog is angry. He also doesn't bring his own potions/wands. We should send him to the Stormreaver Training Camp.
      Day 9: Server down for maintenance. They are probably reloading all the traps that we triggered this past week. Ern is pig. And not the good kind of pig that tastes yummy. The kind of pig that makes the whole team reroll.
      Day 9 entry 2: Maintenance has been extended multiple times. According to officials, trap triggering has been unusually high during the last week and they are still in the process of reloading them all. I have been using that time wisely to look up builds in case we are really rerolling. I will be a 2barb/2bard/2cleric/2fighter/2monk/2paladin/2ranger/2rogue/2 sorc/2wiz.
      Day 11: Rerolled Sorcerer, I blame Ern for that because he decided to destroy the A-Team, Drexa also played a part. Sorcs are imba. 2 Sorcs are double imba, we just charm the whole dungeon and run through - as long as they are not undead, which we all know are all mid-level dungeons...
      There is no entry for Day 10 because there was some huge nerd rage, and since drama is content that is exclusive to VIPs, you must play DDO if you want to know what happened.
      Day 13: Yeah I skipped Day 12 I think. Was boring. But today we did an epic questline and at the end we had to fight a mean fire reaver boss. Ern, being the baller that he is, ran in and told us to stand back. Fighting the beast alone he threw up a barrier to keep us out of danger and proceeded to battle for 5 minutes, striking blow after blow. When his barrier finally collapsed the rest of the group could enter the battle and one-shot the boss with frost magics, after Ern had heroicly brought him to 95% HP. He is afk now.
      Day 15: I spent the whole Day 14 thinking about what class to play and today I went back to my bard because it is better than both Cog and Drexa combined. Cog is currently writing a letter to Wizards of the Coast, complaining that ogres look nothing like Shrek. A bunch of very strong players joined us today, we can start raiding soon. Looking forward to earning those DK... ähm GPS points. Ernesto has been absent for hours.
      Day 15 entry 2: WE FOUND A MOTHERFUCKING RESORT SPA. Lady Cogril is giving me a massage at this very moment. I'm nakid. She is still refusing to take her clothes off, but I mixed something in her drink, just a matter of time.
      Day 16: My bard rocks. I just destroyed an airship that attacked house D and had a nice boss fight, should've done this quest earlier though as it was a bit too easy. Sorry for spoilers Drexa has been incredibly nice today on guild chat on his fighter. Ern is MIA. Weaksauce.
      Day 16, 2: Cog just clocked Coyle over the head for his own good.
      Day 17: Five unguarded chests are too good to be true. The floor collapsed. Threnal sucks btw, don't go there. Samuel Merrik is a huge incompetent dick. I HATE THIS FUCKING DUNGEON THERE ARE OOZES EVERYWHERE AND IT'S HUGE AND YOU HAVE TO RUN MILES TO REDO IT AND BEHOLDERS ONESHOT YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE DEATHBLOCK RAAAGE
      Day 17, 2: We emerged victorious, but we don't plan on going back there. At least I got a new cloak, it grants me true sight because the original two dungeon masters are guiding me. Yay.
      Day 18: There was some emo earlier today it was pretty nice because I got to emo which is rare but it felt really good. Then we did the Shadow Crypt which was really confusing but I lucked out and found the last room and then I could just wait 15 minutes and scratch my balls while I waited for the rest of the group to find the way. It is hard to adapt to this game coming from WoW, by the way, because here you actually have to stand IN the fire.
      Day 18, 2: Beholders are awesome:
      Open door -> (Combat): You were killed by something.
      Not gonna touch any doors anymore. Could be a beholder on the other side.
      Day 21: (Guild): The guild's Message of the Day is:
      Pregnesto was here
      Day 21, 2: Ernesto just found us two random people to group with that were supposed to be really good and show us how to play. They were older than Ernesto and it really showed. In the future I will bitch less about our fail group if in return I never have to play with randoms again.
      Day 23: Today's entry won't end with Ernesto being afk - it will start with it. While doing this awesome dungeon where Ernesto only had but one responsibility (pulling a lever once the rest of the group was inside a room where we were fighting super evil boss monsters while Ern waited outside, rinse and repeat) he went afk. So we all gathered inside one of the rooms, waiting for Ernesto to activate it from outside, but nothing happened although we repeatedly asked him on teamspeak to start. Turns out he was afk. So everyone started tabbing out, doing other stuff, while we waited for Ern to come back.
      When he finally came back he did what he was supposed to do. Without telling us that he was about to spawn a very angry boss mob on top of us. While everyone was tabbed out. So when we heard the screams of our characters dying in agony, we realized that Ernesto had come back and wiped us. Then there was much rage. The end.
      Day 24: Freed some elf slave from a curse ... which was then put on myself and blinded me for the rest of the dungeon because I took off my blindness immunity googles at the wrong time. Cog took me by the hand and guided me to almost certain doom, so I tabbed out instead, waiting for the others to complete the dungeon so I get xp. No loot for me QQ.
      Day 24,2: I just lowered a bridge when the rest of the group was still on it. Drexa was not pleased.
      Day 26: Cog and Ern went raiding without me. I quit.

    • Ernesto


      By Ernesto, in Guild News,

      Hardcore does not even begin to describe it! At this years gathering, after a pile of drinks, I told Miraxx that he would receive a lifetime membership if he tattoo's our logo.
      Little did I know, that Mr Miraxx does not simply DO drunken craptalk. So, today a message on my phone. A message with an image. An image of absolute awesomeness. No longer is he a mere mortal. Now, he is Ginnunga for life.

      Miraxx goes for lifetime membership.

      Apparently it hurt a little, but since every drop of ink going into his skin, was a drop of legends, it did not matter.
      I smell a challenge coming up for Gromk, who just lost his title as Mr Awesome.
      View attachment: mirax_tattoo.jpg

    • After much consideration and playing together in the final beta event Ginnunga has decided to accept the offer to join The Titan Alliance in GW2.
      The Titan Alliance is a unique partnership of guilds from around the globe with the common goal to be the dominant server in World vs World and also to create a thriving community where there's ample action whenever you log on. This goal will be accomplished by bringing some of the worlds strongest guilds together as a team, with shared leadership, excellent organization and an around-the-clock presence on the battlefield.
      Ginnunga is mainly a European guild. We will fight, bleed and conquer for the alliance during our primetime and let our brothers in America and Oceania hold down the fort during theirs.
      We're very much looking forward to flourish and fight alongside our new comrades in Condemned (NA), Dusk Till Dawn (NA), Shadow of Apophis (NA), Unlimited (NA), Synapse (Oceania) and The Elite (Oceania).

      We'll bring the manlove!

      This announcement also means Ginnunga will be playing on a, yet undecided, American server at the launch of Guild Wars 2. So if you're looking to fight us, bring it yankee-style.
      For more information about The Titan Alliance, its charter and members, visit:
      View attachment: TA.jpg
      View attachment: TAbanner.jpg

    • While Ginnunga held its annual IRL-gathering in Sweden there was also a slightly smaller event taking place. Guild Wars 2 held its third and final beta event and those of our members not getting drunk in Östersund decided to hit up the American server Gate of Madness.

      We came, we saw, we brought Asuras!

      Together with Titan Alliance we fought not only the enemy servers, but also quite a number of bugs, queues and disconnect issues. But that's what beta is for and we have full confidence in ArenaNet fixing things before launch.
      In spite of the technical problems we did quite well and ended up beating Fort Aspenwood and Darkhaven with more than double their individual scores. This MIGHT not be the final score, but you get the drift.


      If you'd prefer to watch the action instead of only reading about it our beloved Civen and Cogency each took the time to make a movie.

      Cogency's PoV

      We're now eagerly awaiting launch which headstarts on 25th August. We might have an announcement before then, so stay tuned!

    • Ginnunga is rolling on a US server with the Titan Alliance in Guild Wars 2.
      The Titan Alliance is a unique partnership of guilds from around the globe with the common goal to be the dominant server in World vs World and also to create a thriving community where there's ample action whenever you log on. This goal will be accomplished by bringing some of the worlds strongest guilds together as a team, with shared leadership, excellent organization and an around-the-clock presence on the battlefield.
      For more information about the Titan Alliance and its members, make sure to check out the charter.
      View attachment: titanlogo.jpg

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    • Today the third and final beta event for Guildwars 2 will start! Ginnunga will be playing on the Gate of Madness server. This is an American server. We will be joining the Titan Alliance for this beta event, to assist them in the European time zone battles!
      This third beta comes with a whole bunch of new funky features. One of the biggest changes is that you will be able to create the last two races, Asura and Sylvari. You can read more about all the other new funky features here.
      Goodluck and have fun!

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