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    • Sinful

      Reporting for duty

      By Sinful, in Guild Wars 2,

      A week and a half has passed since Ginnunga set its foot upon our new home, the server Henge of Denravi in Guild Wars 2. As with any MMORPG-launch there's been a abundance of things to explore, fight, experience and see during our stay and our members have been keeping quite busy in Tyria.
      Besides the obvious leveling treadmill we've been tearing up the Eternal Battleground together with our brethren in Titan Alliance. A few days in we even claimed our first keep!

      It shall henceforth be known as "The Man Keep".

      We won't lie, we've had a pretty successful run in WvWvW so far. The cooperation in Titan Alliance is outstanding and has ensured that we this far haven't lost a single matchup.

      A selection of our latest matchups.

      At the same time we have yet to be matched against our most fierce competitors and remain humble. What we can say is that we're having an amazing time and we'd like to thank both our allies and enemies for alot of memorable fights the past days.
      There's also been some time to go sightseeing, and the only real way to experience the borderlands is from comfortable cockpit of a Siege Golem.

      Just walking ma' pile o' junk.

      We would also like to officially welcome our newest full members Egwyne, Cupe and Akura. We hope your future in Ginnunga is as bright and glorious as Ernestos ego.
      Stay tuned for more madness as we delve deeper into the constantly changing world of Tyria!
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    • Sinful

      Ding 80!

      By Sinful, in Guild Wars 2,

      The servers have been online roughly 80 hours and guess what, Ginnunga got its first level 80! Pettiness like sleep, fatigue or having a real life didn't bother our beloved Calyn who took a early lead in the leveling race and finished an amazing 16 levels ahead of the closest contender.
      Out of the 80 hours the server has been online it took him 63 hours and 42 minuts to reach max level.

      OP Necro is OP...

      We of course took the opportunity to have a chat with Calyn about the game, his leveling and thoughts of days ahead.
      Is there anything you'd like to say Mr "80"?
      Ern is pig.
      What will you do now that you're level 80?
      Search for peaches!
      Ok... Got any tips for the people still struggling?
      Stop slacking.
      He then dissapeared to a waypoint far far away in search for fruit. To be fair he didn't get to level 80 by beeing social, so what could one expect.
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    • It's less than 16 hours till the release of Ginnungas next big adventure, Guild Wars 2. For years the hype has been building, reaching astronomical proportions as we painfully endure the last few hours until we, for real, set foot upon Tyria.
      The servers, for those with headstart, are set to go live at 09.00 CET, but it has been said that they might come up as much as 3 hours early, so get ready to camp that login from 06.00.
      We've all been hit by the pre-release jitters, but what sets Ginnunga apart from the plebs is how we deal with it. Calmly. Focused. But, alas, we are not completely immune to excitement. During the last few days some members have been acting a tad odd, even more so than usual.
      Ernesto is so excited he forgot to go AFK last night, even though "Project Runway" was airing.
      Calyn is so excited he hasn't even cancelled his subscription yet.
      Depraved is so ol.. excited that the staff at the nursing home had to give him a double dose of sedatives for nap time.
      Argee is so excited he wrote an entire post without being condescending.
      Cogency is so excited he found four new hobbies (RC cars not included) to keep him occupied the last 24 hours.
      Ove is so excited he went out, got drunk and asked a girl to roleplay an Asura. She did.
      Drexa is so excited he sounded cheerful once on Teamspeak. Just once though.
      Kunasha is so excited he forgot he was pregnant.
      Meilink is always excited, so it's hard to say if he even knows there's a release coming.
      Llewela is so exited he drank an entire glass of water, before realising it wasn't champagne.
      Howley is so exited he's been naked since the gathering.
      So, as you can see we all have our ways of coping with the pressure that's building. In just a few hours we'll release all this frustration as we storm the servers in search for experience, blood, gold and glory.

      See you in game!

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    • Only a couple of days left until we can all finally set foot on the sands of Tyria and start punching faces.
      While some make use of the long hours of dreadful waiting to get the last tweaks on their builds Qwazin choose a more hands on approach and dug out some Legos.

      Quote: This is a black and white version of the Guild Wars 2 logo. The game is going live in 4 days, and this is my celebration act for the impatient gaming community.
      Check it out here http://brickforest.com/
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    • Cogency

      Gamescom 2012!

      By Cogency, in Guild News,

      Gamescom 2012 is currently underway! Calyn, Coots and Cogency had a chance to go and have a look on day one. Made a few pictures of the booths and stuff, I guess you all know what a computer looks like and the trailers of new games can be found on Youtube so not to many of those. But nonetheless, click the link below for some pictures!
      Gamescom 2012 pictures

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    • Cogency

      Gamescom 2012!

      By Cogency, in Guild News,

      Gamescom 2012! I made a whole bunch pictures, mainly of booths because well, i'm pretty sure you know what a computer screen running a game looks like and footage of the new games can be found on youtube anyway.
      Comments for this item can be found in the newsitem for Ginnunga at Gamescom 2012
      Below a few pictures to get the idea of what Gamescom is and what you can see and do there.

      yay I met Calyn and Coots!

      Guildwars 2 stand, the booth looked very nice but kinda disappointing game wise. Couldnt play and they only had two small screens running the game, they didnt have any devs around either. Guess everyone is busy trying to fix the game!

      Trion people playing Rift and sucking at it! Did notice some new stuff tho.

      League of legends had quite the big booth where many many people were playing LoL, they also had some big Esport area, like the Starcraft one below.

      Apparantly there was also THE BEST SC PLAYER IN THE WORLD there, Calyn got really excited and wanted to touch him, after he told me that I had been looking at the wrong Asian for 10minutes I almost got excited!

      Planetside2 booth!

      We played some Planetside2, that game looked pretty cool tbh! Gonna follow that.

      Firefall, little Planetside2 ripoff but bith more focused on traditional mmo stuff?

      WoW booth, big but empty.

      Starcraft2 booth, loads of computers to play the game on!

      Aion, free to play! Apparantly still going strong(?)

      Weird looking char, no clue, could be Borderlands 2?

      Borderlands 2, they had some closed booth (there were quite a few of those), so you had to get in line and then maybe play or maybe just look at some trailer inside and hear some guy talk.

      DayZ! with the latest mod or something, we saw dogs running around with players. Looked interesting.

      Playstation world! Only thing that looked interesting there were the big comfy seats.

      Ubisoft! Didnt wanna stand in line there either.

      RaiderZ or something, hadnt heard of it, looked like Tera/Aion mix. Some girl did alot of blabla in German to me and Coots and then Coots told her that I'm Dutch and she did the same blabla again in English. She was friendly, she also told us she had no clue what the game was about and was only there to hand out shit. Later on her friend gave us lots of weird shit with logo's on it.


      Boothbabes! or well....the zombie kind, below a few that hadn't been infected yet!




      And the best booth babe ever! R2D2 was whobbling around, attracting more attention then anything!

    • Guildleader of the Year Award 2012 recognizes the best guildleader of 2012 and possibly all time.


      Ginnunga is proud to present an exclusive interview with this years winner.
      Congratulations to the award Ernesto! Our readers would love to pick your brain a little.
      How long have you been a guildleader?
      13 years by now.
      What is your next game?
      We are going to be playing Guild Wars 2.
      Why did you win the award this year?
      It is fairly simple. A great guildleader is easily recognized by his prowess and intelligence. A good guildleader also rules with a firm hand. Forcing the guildmembers to vote for you is a small task, especially since a proper leader ensures that he is the only name on the ballot.
      We have heard that you are often refered to as a King, or simply The King™, when did you first receive this title?
      I first gained my crown when I slayed the mighty red dragon Lord Nagafen in the year 2000. The peasants thought that if they'd refer to me as their king, I would share the treasure. Naturally I did not.

      King Laurent Dragonbane by the carcass of the mighty Lord Nagafen.

      Being such a fantastic guildleader, we presume that you never have any problems controlling the commoners. Would you have any advice to the other guildleaders out there?
      Rule by fear. Kill everyone, all the time. If someone questions you, you have been too slow at killing them. Never react to events, be proactive and ensure absolute dominance from the get-go.
      The guildmembers that survive the first onslaught will love you for your power, but it is also important to keep them in that state, so you do not have to kill more of them. The easiest way to do this is to pretend that you are kind and just. Redistribute some of the taxes that they are caned into giving you. Less than a percent of your wealth is an appropriate number. That way, the silly fools will think that they have economic safety under your wings.
      Ensure to project your power with such force that even your enemies will want to bathe in your radiance. Slaves are very receptive to such things.

      Even the enemies recognizes the authority of a King.

      Classic management theory dictates that one should rule by example, what is your take on this?
      This is actually true, and quite simple for someone of my caliber. Be the first to charge in, be the one that kills the most and punish the weak. The weak enjoys being punished by their betters and since everyone wants to be like me, there is a chain of punishment leading down to the weakest, who hopefully gets punished so severely that they fall down. When they have fallen down, it is fairly easy to take all their possessions and adding it to my personal guildbank and then dispose of the fallen. The guildmembers will happily bury one of their own for a few copperscraps, or for free, if you just threaten them sufficiently.
      Other than being the strongest and the best at everything, are there any other things that a guildleader could do to become Guild Leader of the Year?
      I like to collect symbols of victory and power. A great example was my castle of Oren which came with a pet dragon that I obtained by forcing people to give it to me, as a gift of reverence.

      King Ernesto on his pet Dragon.

      Would you consider yourself a fair and just guildleader?
      Absolutely, I am always right in everything and hence, everything I do must then be fair and just.
      This all sounds absolutely amazing. It must be such a privilege to be a part of a guild led by the Guildleader of the Year 2012. How do I become one of your loyal followers?
      You can read about our Recruitment in Guild Wars 2 and follow the instructions. I am very keen on groveling and long winded letters of declared obedience, so the longer and well written the application, the better.
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    • Yes friends and foes, tonight there will be another stress test! Starting at 21:00 CET, it is time to test the stress!
      Last stress test ended with me wanting to test and look at a few things, ofcourse I forgot what it was.. Leave your suggestions in the comments and help me remember!

    • After Miraxx expressed his love for Ginnunga by getting an awesome tattoo, our own Ove had one done also to further increate the hype for Ginnunga in GW2!


      Now that is what I call dedication!
      View attachment: ove_arm.jpg
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    • Quote: Those of you looking forward to headstart, it will begin on August 25 at 00:00 PACIFIC Time. ~RB2 #GW2
      This would translate to 08:00 UTC, or for our guild, that is 09:00 ERN. This is presuming they mean PST and not actually PACIFIC.
      Source: https://twitter.com/GuildWars2/status/230717628174446592

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