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    • What's you character name and how did you come up with it?
      My character name is Meilink, it was the nickname from a friend that now is with the angels. I used this name for first time in Lineage 2, before that my name was Ramzon or Mehrunes Dagon (my real name in elvish). Since L2 I used Meilink and created her sister Yurico and her bro Ramzon and I used Himura as last name. Then I have 3 characters in every game now.
      I have a facebook profile for Meilink https://www.facebook.com/Meilink04 with ingame pictures.
      How old are you?
      Im 30 years old.
      Where do you live?
      I live in Terrassa, Barcelona SPAIN.

      What MMO do you play at the moment?
      Guild Wars 2
      Any other games currently?
      Planetside 2
      What was your first computer game ever?
      My first game was Maniac Mansion, I played on my Commodore 64 when I had 5 years old, after that my grandmother bought an Amiga 500 and I played Rocket Ranger, was a awesome game, then I played all the LucasArts games, after the Amiga500 I got an IBM 256 and played Lands of Lore and more games.
      What was your first multiplayer online experience?
      My first multiplayer experience was with Warcraft II, Age of Empires and Startcraft in LAN mode with some friends, my real multiplayer was Diablo 2 and Return To Castle Wolfenstein and my first MMORPG was Ragnarok Online.
      What is your favorite snack while gaming?
      Well normally I don't get snacks when play because make me fat, but if I have to then I get some popcorns with butter or some chips with jalapeño flavor.
      When/How did you join Ginnunga?
      I joined in 2004 while I play Lineage 2, before that I allways played with Spanish people and dont liked too much because they are bad players!!
      I was looking for more emotions ingame and then I saw a nice human killing migmugs, his name was COGENCY then I asked him to join the guild and after a while he invited me
      Tell us your most memorable MMO moment?
      Big part of the Lineage 2 but I really enjoy when we fight agaist our enemies at Baium stairs or when we got the Giran castle with my golem. EPIC!
      Tell us something nobody in the guild knows about you.
      After all these years here is hard tell something they dont know about me, but let me see.... When a was about to come to Spain. I almost get in jail because I does an internet felony, I stole 100 accounts for connect to internet and one day one of my friends was at home and he use one of the accounts for login from my home by mistake, then the informatic police got my IP and then they came to my home, hopefully the police only discover 5 accounts the rest of the accounts I shared with some friends and teach them how to do to dont get uncovered.
      The police told me that i have to pay 150.500 colombian pesos or i go jail, i paid and then travel to Spain.

    • Ginnunga has moved server host and took the opportunity to switch the software that ran the webpage to a new one.
      The old software was from 2004 and so heavily modified by us it was very hard to manage. I have been hesitant to switch due to the massive amount of work that had to be done.
      We have now pulled 16 hour shifts all weekend to get things up and running. There is still a lot of work to be done while we are restoring full functionality to the site.
      By the weekend, we are ready for you to start submitting feedback - If you start too early, it might be a waste of time.
      Known issues with the new website:
      News aren't yet on the frontpage.
      The layout is not perfect.
      There is too much padding in some areas.
      The headline font is jagged in chrome (Ironic since its googles font and googles browser).
      Attachments are missing but might re-appear.
      Posts with imagelinks to attachments are not working.
      There are no thumbnails.
      All private messages are gone. (They will stay gone, you can export your old inbox on the old forum).
      All access is not properly adjusted yet.
      Many of the static content pages are still missing.
      Some areas of the forum do not have the proper coloring and style yet.
      Some of your favourite emoticons are gone forever and will remain dead forever.
      The theme does not yet work fully in mobile responsive.
      Thread-view might be too wide.
      Avatars are not yet in place - Import will not work for everyone - Grab your old one from the old forum and upload again if needed.
      Titles based on post-count are gone.
      Replacement script to make people who write "u" instead of "you" look silly not yet in place.
      Drexa will be pissed things look different.

    • Greetings people of Tyria, friendly Ginnunga here giving you an update of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of Guild Wars 2!
      As you may know we’ve been busy server shopping. It’s a lot like shopping for a house, but much less fuzz about mortgage, location and you get to share your house with several thousand random people already living in it. So... Ok... It’s probably nothing at all like shopping for a house, but it’s been a equally hard decision!
      Together with our former Titan Alliance-brethren DtD, ELTE, TRF and DiE we finally decided to make Blackgate our new home. Ernesto was sold once he heard they had a ”Unlimited-AFK in Borderlands”-policy meanwhile Cogency fell in love with the roleplayers dancing in Trader’s Forum. Calyn later heard a rumor that there’s a underground miniature-swap happening at Smuggler’s Waypoint every Saturday morning at the break of dawn, so what’s not to love about our new server?

      http://./fa/14422/0/We care, so we make quality pictures.

      We didn’t dwell long on the social aspects of Blackgate but instead headed straight into the WvW-fray. It didn’t take long for us to feel at home when the cries of war sounded all around us and we’ve been plowing migmugs left and right in the name of Blackgate.

      http://./fa/14423/0/Do you even lift?

      So, have we found a permanent home? We’re honestly not sure. After moving there’s been a big influx of guilds and it’s already getting a bit crowded. We’ll evaluate during the coming week and keep you posted.
      On that topic we’re a bit dumbfounded as to why there’s still free transfers almost 2 months in. We’ve seen bandwagoners ruin serverinitiatives all over and it’s honestly makes picking a home hard.

      http://./fa/14424/0/Your mom has more info.

      While playing on Henge of Denravi the queues became unbearable and we often couldn’t field more than a group or two at primetime. That was one of our reasons for leaving and we’d hate to have it happen again. Hopefully ArenaNet will stop this MADNESS soon, or at least restrict it more than they currently do.
      Well, that’s all for now fans, see you all on the battlefield!
      View attachment: gw084.jpg
      View attachment: gw083.jpg
      View attachment: freeworldtransfers.jpg

    • All good things must come to an end, so also Titan Alliance. But as we announce its retirement as an alliance on Henge of Denravi it is not with heavy hearts, but with fond remembrance and anticipation for the future.
      Together with ARMA, DIE, CND, DROW, DTD, ELITE, LUC, PRX, RMA, SOA, SYN, TRG, TRF, ULTD and YAKI we long before launch set up a pretty optimistic goal: to make HoD the most successfull Guild Wars 2 NA server.
      Since the launch of GW2 we've had 30 matchups and not lost a single one. We beat every server, every alliance and every opponent that stood before us. We succeeded.

      Strong Titans claiming a Orb of Power.

      There has been a lot of turmoil following our success, not least on the forums. We've let our actions speak louder than words ever could. We set out with the goal to win, and we won. Everything else is secondary.
      Titan Alliance accomplished its goal and the time as come to let the behemoth rest. For the good of the game and for our own enjoyment. We don't want matchups that are over after three days, we crave mayhem and destruction day in and day out!
      So, what's next for Titan Alliance?
      A couple of guilds have already left HoD in search for greener pastures. Some remain to keep fighting and yet some decided to call it quits in GW2.
      A comprehensive list can be found on gw2guru in the following post:
      What does the future hold for Ginnunga?
      Ginnunga is far from done in Guild Wars 2, but have yet to decide where we'll hang our hat. We're still weighing our options, trying to figure out where we'd have most fun and challenge.
      What we do know is that we've had a fantastic time as part of TA. We've made new friends from all around the world and have constantly been impressed by the level of cooperation and friendship that's been shown. We wish everyone the best of luck in future endeavours and hope too meet again, on either side of the battlefield.
      Rest well Titan, your name will forever bring joy in the hearts of Ginnunga.
      View attachment: gw026.jpg

    • Sinful

      Still #1

      By Sinful, in Guild Wars 2,

      We promised we'd report the results of last weeks matchup and here they are. Sadly the end of the week was a huge anticlimax. After fighting like savages for most of the weekend Stormbluff Isle and Eradon Terrace more or less gave up tuesday evening when we caught up and overtook them.
      Instead of the normal score pictures we thought a graph of how the Point Per Tally (PPT) and total score evolved over the week. FUN!

      Pretty! All credit to MaddBomber83 of the HoD-guild [ESP].

      ArenaNet also released the latest server rankings where ET has been overtaken by JQ, meanwhile Isle of Janthir makes it into Top-5.

      North American World Rankings 28/9
      2143.02 Henge of Denravi
      2047.43 Stormbluff Isle
      2044.01 Jade Quarry
      1987.6 Eredon Terrace
      1778.2 Isle of Janthir

      We'll keep it short and sweet this time, but stay tuned for the next update which might include an epic golem rush, a crazy colombian dashing us to victory and an interview with our beloved guildmaster Ernesto!
      View attachment: 20120921HoDvSBIvET.png

    • Sinful

      The Worlds Greatest

      By Sinful, in Guild Wars 2,

      When ArenaNet today released the official server rankings for Guild Wars 2 one of R. Kellys songs sprung to mind. For those that didn't know he's not only famous for his odd preference between the sheets, but has also made some pretty phenomenal music. And as I'm writing this I can't help to think R. Kelly might also be an oracle. It's extremely likely that he was thinking about the future Henge of Denravi when he composed one of his best songs in 2002.

      I'm that star up in the sky
      I'm that mountain peak up high
      I made it
      I'm the worlds greatest
      And I'm that little bit of hope
      When my backs against the ropes
      I can feel it
      I'm the worlds greatest

      As you've probably guessed by now Henge of Denravi is currently the worlds best Guild Wars 2 server. Closely followed by European Vizunah Square. The full list can be found here:
      https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/pvp/wuvwuv/Current-wor ld-rankings

      Servers tremble in fear when faced with the God Goblin.

      Joking aside, we're humbled by our success. It's been great fun and a whole bunch of really close fights over the past few weeks. Big thanks to our opponents and allies alike, you're making this game tons of fun!
      It's no secret that we, up to the past weekend, had a good run in WvW. Finally this saturday and sunday we were matched against our biggest rivals: Eradon Terrace. Home of Ascension Alliance, Team Legacy and the juggernaut guild Ruin. Saturdays match pitched us against ET and Stormbluff Isles, which we won comfortable. Sunday saw a return of our old rivals, Jade Quarry, and the match became the most epic 24 hour battle so far in Guild Wars 2s short history.
      Ginnunga was part of the crew whose responsibility was Jade Quarrys borderland, where our members fought gloriously for the better part of the matchup. Every supply camp, tower and keep became a battle of life and death as the score during the whole day was dead even.
      JQ and ET decided early on to team up against us, sometimes even assaulting the same keep from different directions. But who can blame them, everyone wants to take down the top dog.
      I won't lie, for a few hours during midday victory seemed far far away. We were in last place, down a couple thousand points and relentlessly being attacked on two fronts.
      But the tide turned.
      After fighting a uphill battle for most of the day our brethren in Titan Alliance suddenly in the afternoon captured Stonemist Castle in a Blitzkrieg attack. Using no less than five siege golems, and a coordinated thief-squad to keep them cloaked all the way to the keep, our allies Synapse obliterated a wall in the blink of an eye. Titan forces poured into the keep and quickly dispatched the lord.
      The capture seemed to breathe new life into our battle weary forces. Suddenly the tally was slightly in our favor and at times by as little as 10 points per 5 minutes we started gaining ground. The cooperation between JQ and ET crumbled and we were quick to use it to our advantage.
      The battle swayed back and forth all through the day. One tally we'd take 60 points, but five minutes later we were neck to neck with ET. But the wind was blowing our way. Come late dinner time we inched ahead, by a mere 4 points, for the first time in the matchup. ET and JQ were quick to retaliate, throwing everything, everyone AND their mothers at us. The last few hours became a fierce battle over the entire map where every objective was crucial.
      The very last hour in JQ's borderland we desperatly clung to our only remaining keep, Dreaming Bay. Our enemies kept coming in a seemingly endless stream from all directions, but we stood relentless on the walls while raining death and destruction on the attackers. Ernestos arrows glistened in the torchlight, Howleys meteor shower lit up the night and Tumbles grenades flew in deadly arches, leaving craters and corpses in the enemies midst. Sections of the walls crumbled around us as trebuchets and catapults continuously bombarded the keep, but just as quickly as a section fell it was repaired and remanned.
      As our supplies dwindled it seemed like Dreaming Bay would fall, but dawn was on the horizon. So we dug in. Shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield.

      Map a few minutes before the end. Dreaming Bay stands strong.

      Finally the clock struck 01.00 am and from Dreaming Bay rose a roar heard throughout the land. We were victorious! We had come back against overwhelming odds, pulling off a win when many considered us down and out.

      As close as it gets.

      Big props to our opponents for pushing us to new heights. We look forward to crossing sword again on the battlefield.
      After the insane fighting on sunday things have calmed down a bit. Ascension Alliance declared they would no longer make a play for the 24 hours-matches and Henge of Denravi has continued it's no-loss-streak.

      Scores from the past few days.

      This friday marks a new dawn for WvW. The 24 hour-matches are gone and instead we'll be fighting a full week in each match up. How this will affect the flow of battles remains to be seen, but you can be certain we'll be out in force, plowing migmugs left and right.
      See you on the battlefield.
      View attachment: bigmatch.jpg
      View attachment: goblin.jpg
      View attachment: scoresefter.jpg
      View attachment: r_kelly_rapradar.jpg
      View attachment: r_kelly_rapradar.jpg
      View attachment: kelly130.jpg
      View attachment: db.jpg

    • At the time of posting, - 3 hours, here are the current rankings:
      North American World Rankings
      2132.171 Henge of Denravi1952.644 Stormbluff Isle1940.189 Eredon Terrace1934.638 Jade Quarry1729.114 Blackgate1700.119 Isle of Janthir1682.879 Sea of Sorrows1646.364 Gate of Madness1633.066 Crystal Desert1564.007 Maguuma1557.434 Fort Aspenwood1528.095 Tarnished Coast1521.522 Dragonbrand1495.801 Sorrow’s Furnace1475.709 Yak’s Bend1453.539 Sanctum of Rall1417.146 Ehmry Bay1349.244 Darkhaven1342.292 Anvil Rock1153.872 Northern Shiverpeaks1082.319 Borlis Pass1079.313 Ferguson’s Crossing917.602 Devona’s Rest639.897 Kaineng  
      European World Rankings
      2105.077 Vizunah Square 1827.692 Riversi 1818.402 Far Shiverpeaks1805.138 solation1719.996 Gandara1671.552 Blackti1635.271 Kodash 1633.805 Augury Rock 1624.561 Gunnar’s Hold1612.615 Elona Reach 1605.675 Seafarer’s Rest1601.157 Ja Sea 1581.806 Baruch Bay1576.863 Arborstone 1537.148 Fort Ranik 1526.325 Aurora Gla1502.309 Unrworld1462.412 Abaddon’s Mouth 1371.646 Ring of Fire1317.791 Drakkar Lake 1316.538 Piken Square1295.069 Whitesi Ridge1196.102 Ruins of Surmia1163.022 Vabbi1107.78 Fissure of Woe1049.734 Miller’s Sound 848.089 Dzagonur  
      Source: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/pvp/wuvwuv/Current-wor ld-rankings

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