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    TitanFall in Eyefinity

    • It is very hard to convey the feeling with a screenshot, but as you enter a Titan and the explosions start booming around your head, your entire vision filled with the detailed HUD and some AC/DC in the background - That feeling, that feeling is very hard to beat.


    The menus are streched and distorted in Eyefinity, but the game itself looks absolutely stunning.


    The performance is stellar and my computer marched on without a hickup in 6048x1080 with settings maxed.


    The gameplay is very quick and the matches overly short, but there is some fun to be had - and who in their right mind hasn't dreamt about driving a huge killer robot machine? If it wasn't for my Eyefinity setup, I am not sure it would be nearly as appealing as it currently is, but oh my does the game take you into the battlefield.









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    I don't see any black bars? Where are they!!??! WHERE?!"? Run and hide! The black bars are coming!

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    • Just a heads up, I thought the game was a bit cluncky at the beginning. But after pushing through the beginning stages I really started to appreciate the game. So give the game some time if you feel the same ^^ Have fun!
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