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    The last lords of Calpheon

    • With the help of Sanguine, and a coincidental peace keeping mission by Addicted, Ginnunga was crowned lords of Calpheon in the very last siege of Croxus. In true nerd fashion we say good bye to the server with one last roleplay.


      Read all about it in the full post.


    With the help of Sanguine, and a coincidental peace keeping mission by Addicted, Ginnunga was crowned lords of Calpheon in the very last siege of Croxus. In true nerd fashion we say good bye to the server with one last roleplay.


    Sinful flinched as the bells of Calpheon cathedral started tolling. "They'll never sound the same again, will they...", she thought to herself as the deep sound echoed through the empty streets of the capital.


    Most of the citizens had already vacated on the orders of Calpheons lord, Cogency, the first of his name. A title earned mere days ago in the last siege Croxus would ever see.


    "At least I'll be the only lord who didn't get to own the city a full week! IT'S GLORIOUS!", Cogency had exclaimed after the victory.


    Even though his acceptance speech left something to be desired Sinful couldn't argue the point, it was indeed glorious. For months Ginnunga had been fighting for ever territory, against nearly every guild, only to end up the last lords of Calpheon. And now they'd be the first to ever lose it without bending knee to a foe. Funny how things turn out.


    Suddenly Sinful felt a tremor pass through the tower of the Valkyries Holy college. She was perched upon the towers top, the highest vantage point in all of Calpheon, but she didn't even have to look down to know what was coming. Once you had seen a berserker climbing any sort of structure larger than a barrel of ale it was a memory ill forgotten.




    "That fucking ape", she mumbled with a smile as she heard a familiar voice from below.


    "I'M HERE BABY!", Chimp merrily exclaimed as he with the grace of King Kongs swung his enormous body on to the tower roof.


    "Oh, I hardly noticed you", she replied while not even trying to conceal the giggle.


    She'd never understand how the towering mass of flesh that now sat next to her was at the same time one of Croxus best connected diplomats, but the gods both give and take, she guessed.




    "The bells are heralding the end of the world and you wonder what's hanging?"


    "Well... YES!"


    "Don't change, Chimp. Ever."


    She rose to her feet, ruffled the hair of the giant berserker and without saying a word leapt off the tower. Sinful felt the air rushing faster every second meanwhile the paved courtyard of the college came ever closer. She couldn't breath. Her stomach made a unsuccessful attempt at escaping through her throat. She closed her eyes. Soon. Soon it'd be there.


    As sudden as it was gentle her fall was broken. All around her blue sparks flew, only to disintegrate into thin air.


    "One day I might not be there to catch you", Kunasha calmly stated as she kept her focus on the force field which surrounded the ranger.


    "Maybe, but not today", Sinful replied as she touched ground, pat her friend on her shoulder and with a ever so slight shake on her legs walked over to the rest.


    The entire guild had gathered, this last of days. The lord of Calpheon, who was currently looking for his crown which Ernesto had cleverly hidden in a pile of dung, had ordered the courtyard to be filled with tables and turned into a enormous outdoor banquette to celebrate Croxus demise. Sinful walked the lentgh of the tables, stopping to hug her friends, mockingly faking a punch at Meilink, stealing some salt from Nexi's backpack and throwing a grape which hit the elderly Pyen smack in the face, much to the delight of Cupe who couldn't contain his laughter.


    She remembered how they had all started, not far from a year ago. How they had come upon Croxus in search of adventure and new friends. How the tales they now carried were so much more than they ever could have hoped they'd become.


    They had earned their place as lords of Balenos, Serendia, Valencia and finally Calpheon. They had fought for every territory, against every guild. They had won countless battles, and lost slightly fewer. Made new friends that'd be with them for years to come and said heartbreaking farewells to ones no longer among them.


    The walls of the courtyard were clad in tapestries, decorated by the Ginnunga heart. The hearts almost looked like they were pounding as the fabric moved with the evening breeze coming in from port Epheria.


    As the sun set on Calpheon for the last time on Croxus Sinful grabbed a flask of rum from the table and climbed up on a nearby bench. The courtyard fell silent as she began to speak.


    "I wonder what we would have done back in june if we had known...", Sinful started.


    "If we would have known what it would take. The months spent. The arguments. The losses. Would we have thought it worth?"


    "But then again, we wouldn't have had a choice, would we. We didn't know if we'd succeed. We didn't know where we'd be. But we knew we made a promise. A promise to stand side by side. Shoulder by shoulder. A promise to those who draw steel against the heart. A promise to BlackSerpent, Nesert_Diggers, Potatoe Empire, Coven, Sinnfrei, Rain, Leviathan, Grim, Nephilims, BIRDxOFxDAWN, Ember, ShadowElite, Dishonoured and all others that bled before us... No, we wouldn't have had a choice."


    Sinful raised the flask, knowing full well she'd regret every drop.


    "Tonight we celebrate. Tonight we remember. Tomorrow we draw steel in a new world. For the Heart. For Ginnunga. For the last lords of Calpheon!"


    And suddenly it was all over.




    Ginnunga would like to thank all the guilds and players of Croxus for the past months. Friends and foes alike, it's been a blast fighting with and against you. We look forward to more conflicts, sieges, diplomacy and salt in the new world. We're not sure where we'll end up, but we wouldn't mind if you save us a seat.


    Also a big thanks to the entire guild for their efforts during our stay in Black Desert Online. It's been a longer ride than most of us anticipated going in, with its fair share of bumps, but there's no where I'd rather be than with all of you.


    See you in a new beginning.



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    this is my first photo with u guys  . was a lovely day , really proud of u all   :heart: 
    and it's really good feel when you be in the middle B)  B)
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    A special Ginnunga heart of love for you my dear Sinfui.  :heart:

    For the heart my friends, for the heart.




    It was a glorious evening. The last two siege's have been magnificent. Between Calpheon, Serendia and Mediah, the final curtain closes on Croxus in style that I'd have not dared dream of. Valencia and Balenos went to very worthy winners, none of our competition are more deserving than those they ended with. 

    Bye Croxus, see you on the flip side.

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