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    The one about the bridge and the oil

    • Over the weekend the guild guested on Auriel's Bow since our home campaign Chrysamere has too many Daggerfall Covenant players currently. We picked Auriel's bow since both Ebonass Pact and All-Mermaid Dominion were locked, while DC only had two pegs.


      It proved to be a good pick and the weekend was one of the best so far in ESO.


      Continue reading for videos and more fun...


    When we arrived on Saturday morning, the entire map was yellow. We decided that since it is not our home campaign, we would ignore keep control, emperorship and elder scrolls. We would only look for fights and let me tell you this for you to believe me later: Fights. Were. Found.



    Bridge to Sejanus

    To bring us the best fortune in battle, our guild hero, champion and legend: Pzar son of Knar was dedicated to suggest our battlegrounds. While he did mostly only say "May I suggest Sejanus?" we quickly found that he was right. All the time.


    South of Sejanus, which was mostly under Ebon-ass control, there is a bridge leading across the river towards Castle Alessia, which was under All-Mermaid control.


    Whenever Sejanus was taken by All-Mermaid, we took it back and let the reds capture it, giving them a spawnpoint closer towards Alessia, so they would be tempted to siege it. This is when we turned the bridge into Bridge of Death™. We have done this many times before, but never with this much success and certanly not against this many enemies.






    443 Mermaids and Ebon-asses were killed during the making of this video.


    After the over 30 minute long battle for the Bridge to Sejanus we allowed the Ebon-ass full access to Alessia, allowing them to take it. This opened up the playingfield for Castle Faregyl and reds were amassing the zerg of the century to tackle the mermaids.


    For us, this was the smorgosbord we had been looking for. Our group of 15 amazing nerds, armed with coffee and meat boiled in wine, went to battle!


    The open field fighting in Elder Scrolls often reminds me of the old days in Dark Age of Camelot, running around in the rolling hills of Emain Mancha fighting Hibernians and Ablions alike, often at the same time. This weekend was all that and more.






    Capo, may I suggest, Faregyl?


    Huge thanks to everyone in this fantastic MMO guild for this weekends madness and fun. You guys make gaming worth gaming.

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    Hi guys,i'm a player of the all-mermaid dominion from chrysamere! i just registered to tell you guys are awsome,hope one day Chrysamere will be full of mermaid ^^

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