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    • It's no secret that Ginnunga is aging. During our 15 years as a gaming guild some of our members have gone from young vibrant buttonmashers to lovable senior citizens, barely capable of discerning our enemies on the battlefield from the pigeons they'd much rather be feeding.

      To stop us from all together becoming a home for the meek and elderly we're always looking for fresh blood to fill our ranks. Today it's our pleasure to welcome eight new bretheren into our family.


      Find out who they are, and how they've chosen to present themselves, in the full story.


    It's been a thrilling month and a half in Elder Scrolls Online, not only in Tamriel. As we are as much a social guild as a blood thirsting one we've been searching high and low for those rare specimens who are cut out to be Ginnungans. A special mixture of insanity, social awkwardness and a cute face is required to pass the trial period, and far from everyone makes it. But some do.

    The last couple days we've promoted eight of our trials to full members. It's our most sincere wish that they'll feel as much as home in Ginnunga as the rest of us. That they'll for years and games to come will form bonds and make friends that reach far beyond Elder Scrolls Online. That they'll feel, maybe for the first time, that they've found a online family.


    We asked our newest members to introduce themselves in the form of a picture. The results were... varying, in lack of better words. But nevertheless it's our great pleasure to present our latest members. Welcome them, mock them and make them feel at home.



    ccs-33480-0-82275700-1400149852_thumb.jpgThat's one cute baby vampire!



    ccs-33480-0-66474600-1400149860_thumb.jpgDisturbing, yet arousing. Perfect Ginnunga.



    ccs-33480-0-61739100-1400149865_thumb.jpgDon't get distracted by the bike, his impressive collection of pottery is the real gem.



    ccs-33480-0-75337800-1400149870_thumb.jpgThose dreamy eyes! Can't... stop... looking... into... them...



    ccs-33480-0-88840500-1400149878_thumb.jpgThis may, or may not, be Kristian. He didn't send a picture, but this is how we envision him.



    ccs-33480-0-74102800-1400149885_thumb.pngTaken at a recent LARP Rackiera attended.



    ccs-33480-0-28104500-1400149890_thumb.jpgCome on, who doesn't smear toothpaste on their face now and again?



    ccs-33480-0-15472100-1400149899_thumb.jpgThis is just weird.

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    Varying indeed haha, but still awesome - welcome peeps! I suspect the Storck bike is not just "a" bike, but a some $5000 or more bike? I have a few work mates who are "crazed bikers" :)


    Oh, yes, I'll be turning 60 yo early November lol, but I still find Sinful's description of my "kind" quite loveable. Now, where did I put that loaf of bread...

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    not sure in $ but the Storck bike was in the region of £3000, bit too expensive for my level of cycling fitness

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