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    Hot summer, dead elf

    • Summer is arriving and with it, everything that we nefarious nerds dislike: Sun, air, grass, happiness and ice cream.


      While a few lesser minded individuals in the guild seem inclined to follow the wishes of sub-humans and accompany them in the sun, the remaining brave has put the pedal to the metal and we have been fighting harder than ever in Cyrodiil. Both Chrysamere and Auriel's Bow have suffered uncountable deaths to their elven and mermaid population.



      Continue reading for videos!

    An amazing weekend and an amazing start of the summer. Despite the horrible weather (sun and +30c in the shade) our brave soldiers fight on! Being pissed off at horrible weather and ice cream makes us even stronger!


    Since we are by now so old that we have already experienced the horrors of summer and sun, we have all turned on our air conditioning units on full, closed all windows and curtains and huddled down in front of our LCD monitors we get all the UV-light emission we could ever possibly want.


    The battle of a flag



    The past weekend provided us with a large amount of video material, but to properly brag and not show how many times we died while trying to challenge an entire server of elves and mermaids, here are three more videos that mostly only show us winning:




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