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    Ginnungas first level 50

    • It's been a hectit few days to say the least. Since the launch of Elder Scrolls Online we have been furiously questing, slaying, picking flowers and baking bread like beasts. Some of us have been a tad more persistant than others and about three days after launch we had our first level 50.


      If you can't read Daedra and decipher the image, you'll need to read all about it.


    For those feebleminded who can't read Daedra we won't keep the suspense up any longer. Juuuuust a few more sentences!


    As mentioned we've had a full couple days where some have taken their sweet time enjoying the beautiful scenery while some find fun in the intense grind to max level. From the first few levels Qsp took a lead in the leveling race and long looked like he'd hold on to it. A few contenders came up behind, and in a turn of events Sinful overtook Qsp a level or two in the 40's. But where Sinful was easily distracted by the evil lord Ernesto who promised him fun and glory in PvP, Qsp didn't take his eyes of the goal. He sailed on and claimed the questionable title of Ginnungas first level 50 in Elder Scrolls online three days after launch.




    The above isn't actually a picture of Qsp since the servers are down. Instead it's the second place finisher Sinful showing off his glorious ass.


    p.s. The writing in daedra spells "Gratz Qsp".

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