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    Ginnunga - A Daggerfall Covenant guild

    • Upon release of ESO, Ginnunga will be playing Daggerfall Covenant.


      To celebrate this, we are showing the fantastic artwork Gustav made for us in February, 2005. We'll also let you in on the process of actually picking the faction, so don't miss the full article.


    We debated for quite some time which faction to pick, but in the end we decided we would be a Daggerfall Covenant guild. Among the methods used were these pictures, which were sent to a statistically sound number of members who would select which faction they felt best represented Ginnunga.



    All Mermaid Dominion









    EbonAss Pact


















    Even though most choose All Mermaid (possibly due to Sinful not being able to spell awesome) the officers decided our members are not in any way to be trusted, so Daggerfall Covenant it is!

    Picking a faction is not nearly as important as picking the right campaign in-game, something we have not been able to find any great information on yet. Afterall, picking the Campaign is sort of like picking your server, so we have to figure that one out quite quickly.

    The artwork (faction pics not included) in this article is made by Gustav in February, 2005 for our Stormreaver section. I was browsing through pictures to use for this article and stumbled upon this awesome piece of work, so I just felt I had to show it again.

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    Great, anything for the Gustav. He's such a good guy and deserves the mentioning.


    Cogency, Gustav used to play a character named Gudrun if I remember correct. :)

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