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    ESO - An abbrevation for awesome

    • It's been long. Too long. Memories of Guild Wars 2 and the ever so quick visit to Neverwinter are distant and the urge to once again charge across unknown lands is growing ever stronger among our aging members. But in this time of despair a faint light was lit. A light that shone with the legacy of great games of old. The Elder Scrolls is going online, and Ginnunga will be there in force.


    Not much is known about our participation and we're currently in the harsh process of deciding which of the three factions we'll represent. If you're not familiar with the three we've prepared a short unbiased presentation which might help you with the choice.


    This is all taken from the official wiki. (No it's not)



    All Mermaid Dominion


    Pointy ears and kittens. Great...


    Ebon-ass Pact


    Let's paint it black and call it a drow. Racist much?




    Wow. Just, wow. Can't explain further, too impressed!



    As you can see we're in for a hard choice and right now we're very torn about where to go. The Elder Scrolls Online is set to launch april 4th, but expect updates leading up til the release.

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